Tony Blair's Estekhaareh


Tony Blair's Estekhaareh

Bush invaded Iraq because of Bible prophecies. It turns out, his partner in crime, former British Prime Minister of the alleged sane world is as crazy as he was. Tony Blair and current man of "peace" in the middle-east (apparently calling for bombing Iran qualifies you for the job)   , a "true friend of Israel"  (so was Bush by the way, which makes me wonder if Israeli leaders only consider religious crazies as their "true" friend) often "read the Bible" before he took "really big decisions", and that includes the bombing campaign against Iraq back in 1998. 

The former British Prime Minister's former press secretary spilled the goods recently. In his recently published diaries he says:

Tony Blair had a "wobble" on the eve of his first bombing mission against Saddam Hussein after a late-night reading of the Bible, Alastair Campbell writes in his diaries serialised in today's Guardian.
In a powerful illustration of the impact of Blair's faith on his actions, Campbell writes that a New Testament story about Herod and John the Baptist prompted prime ministerial jitters hours before the launch of an Anglo-American bombing mission against Iraq in December 1998.
Campbell, who famously dismissed questions about Blair's faith by saying "we don't do God", admits in his diaries that the former prime minister often read the Bible before he took "really big decisions".




Doesn't this make you all feel warm and fuzzy inside? Knowing two former leaders of the alleged sane world were nearly as crazy as their counterparts in the middle-east?




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Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

yes a rather scary bunch them 'sane' ones...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is a certifiable nut and a liar. That puts him in good company with Khomeini. Blair lied to the British people with his stupid 45 minutes WMD thing. Then went after Andrew Gilligan for exposing him and wrecked BBC's credibility. 

I like to see where bible tells people to lie and kill. Blair is a psychopath and insane. As are most religious nut jobs as far as I am able to tell.



by J.S. on

War crimes can´t be commited by the ¨sane¨ world leaders! They are always ¨sane¨ and lead the free world against crazies.

Niloufar Parsi

what a surprise

by Niloufar Parsi on

nutty western leaders. shock and horror. never thought it possible. etc.

oh btw, aren't both bush and blair war crimes suspects?