Islamic Republic's flag taken down, Iran's flag raised instead

MPG reports
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MPG reports

This regime has and never

by MPG reports on

This regime has and never will represent Iranians.neither will its flag.
The question remains who is denial?


You are in denial.

by ali.taaba on

You know what the problem is dude? You are all in denial. Whether you like it or not the flag of Iran is the way it looks now. Regardless of the "Allah","Shir o khorshid" or any other “Sar-e-Sag” that it has printed on it, it represents Iran. So grow up and widen your activities to help IRAN.

MPG reports

حزب مرز

MPG reports


You may read more about Marzeporgohar activities both inside and outside Iran at

Down with Islamic Republic

حزب مرز پرگهر


Wow dude, you told them...

by Q on

You must be so proud of yourself to spend your time and money changing flags at a car dealership when your home country is about to be nuked. Bravo! Way to "serve" Iran with your "activism."