Revolutionary Guards are terrorists, but it's founder can teach in the United States


MPG reports
by MPG reports

The decision for the United States government to potentially classify the
Islamic Republic's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist entity is
seen by the Marze Por Gohar Party as a positive development. The Islamic
Republic's own constitution clearly states the aim of this entity under the
heading of “An Ideological Army” “... and so the Islamic Republic's army, and
the corps of Revolutionary Guards must be organized in accordance with this aim.
They have responsibility not only for the safeguarding of the frontiers, but
also for a religious mission, which is Holy War (JIHAD) along the way of God, and
the struggle to extend the supremacy of God's Law in the world.” One of the major
organizations tasked for actively leading, arming, training and financing
terrorism following the above mentioned constitutional mandate has been the “Ghuds
Force” of the revolutionary guards which has been behind countless conspiracies
and terror activities from
Lebanon to Iraq to South America
. The Revolutionary
Guards, or Pasdaran in Persian, have a free hand to essentially conduct any form
of operation as they see fit whether it be their monopoly on the illicit alcohol
and drugs market, rerouting Iraqi oil during Saddam Hussein or their importation
of luxury goods as well as arms import and export and etc. through their
exclusive and uncontrolled piers along the Iranian coastline in the Persian
Gulf.. As such, the Revolutionary Guards can by no means be deemed a
conventional branch of the armed forces. The Pasdaran have their own army, navy,
air force and in addition it's members are free to serve in parliament
concurrently, which is why this they cannot be classified as a branch of the
armed forces.

However, while the reasoning behind wanting to brand the theocracy's
Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization is sound, and while economic
sanctions on this monopoly trade, industrial and financial empire will have
tangible effects, the fact that the

United States has repeatedly allowed
terrorist elements of the Islamic Republic to enter the
United States
is puzzling to say the least. Mohsen Sazegara, the founder of the very same organization the US government is seeking to potentially label as a terrorist entity is now a visiting scholar at Yale where is he is busy trying to wash his hands clean of his responsibilities in the creation of this “Ideological Army.” The person responsible for creating the force that led to the
American Marine barracks attack in
is teaching at a prestigious American
institution while at the same time
administration is contemplating calling his
brainchild a terrorist entity. The Marze Por Gohar Party is on record urging the
American government to deny his visa as a Los Angeles Times article can attest to.

The son of another founder and long time leader of the same Revolutionary Guards
during its worst period of killing Iranian opponents of the regime and hostage
taking from among Americans in Iran and Lebanon, Ahmad Rezai, was allowed in the
US and promoted as a regime opponent for several years, while he claimed that the
IRGC was originally just an Iranian “patriotic” army and his father, Mohsen Rezai
was nothing but a well meaning patriot. At the same time, his father, now the
secretary of the powerful Expediency Council, said last year that if anyone has
any legitimate concern about my son's statements in

America, he should talk to
the Intelligence Ministry, which will take care of the problem, insinuating that
the son was on an official mission! Ahmad Rezai returned to
in 2007, and
soon after became his father's office director according to Peyke
news service.

The American government even urged the Islamic Republic to release a former
regime intelligence officer, Akbar Ganji from jail. The fact that this person
was responsible for torture and execution of Iranians during his illustrious
career evidently mattered little. In a country where even dissident journalists
are prohibited from leaving the country, Ganji was able to secure permissions to
go on a public relations world tour, and again the

United States government was
only too happy to issue Mr. Ganji a visa to visit.


United States government should take heed and begin to intensely scrutinize
any current and former official of the Islamic Republic wishing to visit the

so as to prevent embarrassing scenarios such as the above where the
United States

is contemplating labeling an organ of the Islamic Republic a terrorist organization while allowing its members to visit the States.

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live


Compiled by the Foreign Policy Council of the Marze Por Gohar Party


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