500 years into the future


500 years into the future
by Multiple Personality Disorder

500 years had passed already since the Iranian revolution of 1979, and yet there was no sign that the Islamic Republic of Intergalactic Iran (IRII) would give up its power.  By then it was clear to all that IRII would never conduct its affairs based on a universally accepted democratic way.

In the days that followed the Presidential Election protests of 2009, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) escalated its efforts to achieve two scientific goals.  The first one was to rapidly improve its ballistic technology.  IRI quickly shifted a large portion of its budget and available resources to make lucrative concessions to North Korea and China.  In exchange of those vast amounts of resources those two countries transferred many of their scientific know-how to IRI for building its space program.  As the decade of 2010 was underway, several additional sanctions were imposed on Iran's economy, but without any lasting effect.  Despite a total blockade of Persian Gulf at the Strait of Hormuz, crucial supplies and materials were entering the country through more that 150 small and large ports along 1,770 kilometers of shorelines from Khorramshar to Bandar Chahbahar.  Added to that was thousands of kilometers of uncontrollable land borders in the west, east and north of Iran.

Secondly, IRI succeeded in testing its first atomic bomb, one of several already produced, in 2014 in kavir'e loot.  Mojtaba Khamenei, the heir to succeed the Supreme Leader, made the first announcement of the successful test, with his father, Ali Khamenei, a frail old man, sitting beside him with a gleeful smile on his face, giving him the nudge of approval.  The era of atomic intimidation and annihilation between Iran and Israel, and the West, had started.  It was already well established that the ballistic missiles of IRI were capable of reaching tens of major cities in Europe, and worse yet, IRI had made it clear that in any atomic confrontation all petroleum facilities in the Gulf would be reduced to ashes, whereby effectively crippling world‘s economy.   Mojtaba in the same broadcast, once again, demanded an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people.  But, as all dictatorial powers need for survival, a perpetual external enemy was needed for the regime to sustain itself, to declare itself the protector of the country and the people.  And so the conflict between IRI and Israel lasted for another 400 years till the conflict left its earthly origin and poured into space.  By then, through rapid expansion of science at an exponential rate, several Jewish space settlements were established in nearby solar planets, and as the Jews moved in the neighborhoods so did the Muslims.  The sticky part for Muslims to travel in space was that in what direction to pray while traveling in space, and how to implement squat toilets and running water for cleaning of rectums in space.  Once the problem of prying in space was solved by allowing devote space travelers to enter into a chamber with a 360-degree panoramic view of Mecca there was no stopping establishment of frontiers for IRII.  The chamber, called ghebleh otagh dar sayareh (GH.O.D.S.) had been designed in such a way that without regards to the orientation, rotation, or orbit of the Earth or any spaceship, the bearing of the chamber would be fixed in the direction of Mecca.  The problem with the squat toilet and running water was never fixed to the satisfaction of every anal specifications there was.

When Mojtaba died in 2093, by then 124 years old, kept alive by advances in Islamic medical science, he was buried in the planet Mars and his shrine became the first Imamzaded in space.  His clone, Mojtaba1268, became his successor, and from then on it was entered into IRII’s constitution that another one of Mojtaba’s clone would take over the power when he died, if by then science could not keep him alive for eternity.  Ali Khamenei had also cloned himself before his death, but Mojtaba the First had assassinated all of his father’s clones in a rage, similar to that of Nader Shah Afshar‘s, when he found out that his father had loved his horses more than him.  He also destroyed all of his own clones, and several thousands of his opponents and their clones, to make sure his reign would not be challenged.

By the year 2510 all Iranian inhabitants in far away galaxies had accepted the fact that IRII would never go away, so they lived their lives the way they had always lived it before throughout thousands of years of their history; one day at time, partied till they dropped in the hidden underground modular of spaceships and intergalactic settlements, regardless of what clone was in charge of their government.       


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many LOL's MPD!

by Monda on

Good Work!  If I were to start a group focused on "Taking the Pain with Pleasure", would you help me lead it?

Multiple Personality Disorder

What fun would it be without IRI!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

They are the greatest source of comic relief there has ever been, and there will ever be.  We must take the pain with pleasure.


Jahanshah Javid

Endless misery

by Jahanshah Javid on

If I could write a story about the future, I would use all my imagination to destroy any trace of the Islamic Republic. But you chose to extend our present miseries another 500 years.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Thank you for your futuristic sci-fi piece. Be very honest with you, I am not too worried about IRII...they can do their sharia law and hijab law in another planet, but not on Planet Earth....I just hope IRI won't last too long.....I can't take it anymore!


Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on

Loved it. :) 


Simply Brilliant MPD

by Cost-of-Progress on

Man you must be the answer to what separates the pros from the amatures! 

'First imamzadeh in space" - this is priceless - my hat's off and thank you.





End of IRII

by divaneh on

Excellent Job MPD. Loved the mosque. Here is what happened next.

It was all going so well until the IRI decided to organise a unique Friday prayer in the moon in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the revolution.

All regime supporters were shuttled to the moon and that was when the disaster happened. Upon entering the Galactic Hoseynieh Of Moon (GHOM), the devotees took their shoes off, not knowing that the weights at the bottom of the shoes keep them upright. When they bent during the prayer for the rokoue, suddenly because of the new imbalance their legs went up whilst the heavy helmet on the head rested on the ground. To this day they are all there upside down waiting for the Allah to give them a little tilt.