Ahmadinejad's Bull Shit Norooz Message


Ahmadinejad's Bull Shit Norooz Message
by Multiple Personality Disorder

I admit I do not know Arabic, so when I began to read Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Norooz's good will message, from get go I had to stop and try to figure out a way to translate his beginning statement into Farsi.  At first I thought the sentence was a surah from Quran, so I did the usual word search in some of the websites that offer free translation of Quran with the added capability to do specific word search, but my effort was fruitless, since it turned out that the sentence in question is not from Quran.  So then I tried Google Translate.  After doing some minor tweaking of the words, this is want my understanding of the sentence, according to Google translate, is meant to mean:

"O! Allah, hurry the arrival of vagina, wellness, victory, and make us the best associates and supporters of those who were martyred in his hands (در راهء کُس شهید شدن)"

Finding "vagina", "victory", and "wellness" encouraged me to read the rest of his statement.

Blah, blah, blah,... "Humans also have winter and spring.   Blah, blah, blah,...  (حركت كمالي فقط و فقط از طرق حبل الله، حلقه واسط بين زمين و آسمان امكان پذير است )  "Movement towards perfection is only possible through Tether of Allah, the interface ring between earth and heaven."  Again, I could not find this (حبل الله) anywhere in Quran, maybe it’s there, maybe not, but what he is saying is that perfection is only possible through an interface between earth and heaven.  Don't you think so?  So, for example, I always want to make my love making techniques perfect, but I always fail, but fortunately I now know why.  I need to move somewhere between heaven and earth to get it perfect.  And now I know when he talks about vagina, wellness, and victory he must be talking about those things in that specific place between heaven and earth.  It must be lovely up there.

"The Winter Human has an appearance of a human being but in reality he is frozen and fruitless... Up to today human society has lived in winter... spring of human achievement is only attainable through the establishment of monotheism and justice in this world by Imam Zaman."  Really!  These are fighting words!  There are so many billions of people on this planet, most of them are not Jews, Christians, or Muslims, or all of them combined.  Most of them are none monotheists.  But, most of them are, in the eyes of Mahmoud, sinners.  They worship idols, however most of them are the most peaceful and loving people in this world, so how this "peace-loving" Imam Zaman is going to convert these people to monotheism!

"Imam Zaman is the perfect spirit governing the universe... "  Really!  What happened to God, Allah, or Yahweh!  "This era is the era of Imam Zaman's appearance... The belief in this truth and abundant hope... is the rule of the world by Imam Zaman."  Really!  I wonder what he is going to do to Norooz when he'll rule the world.  Oh, here is my answer, "Norooz is becoming universal."  Hallelujah!  I guess we don't need Imam Zaman's help then to make it universal.     

"In this election, new methods of humane and true democracy and good governance to the people were seen by the people of the world."  I don't think so.  I think what they saw was murder of innocent people.  They saw people dying right in front of their eyes, they saw torturers and murders getting away with... well, getting away with torture and murder.  They also saw thugs beating the crap out of people, and let's not forget there are rumors of people, men and women, being raped under custody.  Is this what you're talking about when you say "new methods of humane and true democracy, Mr. President?"

"Today our nation is very happy, more loving, more determined, and stronger than last year and will always move towards their high goals."  You got that part right, and they are going to keep on doing it till they kick your ass out of Office.

Okay, (حوصلم سر رفت).  How much bull shit do you think I can take in one day?

Footnote: Here is the real translation of what he said in Arabic at the beginning of his statement about Norooz:

"Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam Al- Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness."  It’s clearly not from Quran.

May God help us!  (If there is one)



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No Fear

LOL ..

by No Fear on

Me and Mina are the only two who have stayed with the topic at hand. And that was Ahmadinejad speech.



by yolanda on

Hi Anahid,

     I agree with you! Thank you!

Anahid Hojjati

You come to read one of your favorite writers' blogs and ...

by Anahid Hojjati on

Is it only me who gets annoyed when I come to read blog by one of my favorite writers and then on the thread, I get bombarded by the comments of usual characters.  Give it up No Fear and game lady, your excessive comments on every blog are not welcome.

No Fear

Mina ...

by No Fear on

I did not know you meant using the word "Truthful " , Literally.

Honestly, I can't name a politician that is " truthful " by your definition.

In politic, when we regard a politician " honest", we mean he is true to his words and to those who voted for him. This breaks down to a politician promises before an election and his fullfillment of those promises or at the very least, a genuine attempt to address his campaign promises. I regard Ahmadinejad as a straight forward and in your face politician who truely believes in what he promised Iranians before election and has one of the best records in addressing our country needs.

" Honest " also means "not corrupted" in  politics.

But i did not mean he is truthful.  No one is. A truthful politician is an idiot politican.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Thank you all for reading

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

... and have a great Norooz.


Great post. This is a very

by vildemose on

Great post. This is a very scary little man. Does Khamenie believe in this Mahdi Messianic insanity?



by yolanda on

Hi Mina,

    I agree with you 100% that:

"Truth" and AN are like oil and water.

That dude is a pathological liar.......I recall AN said that Iranian women enjoy the highest freedom in the world......right after the election, AN told Christiane Amanpour that Iran is the most stable country in the world when million people marched on the street protesting........AN could lie without blinking and acted like God is on his side...


No Fear

by minadadvar on

Thanks for your response. Those who know me well, accuse me of being independent to a fault/too individualistic.  

AN/Khamenie are the faces of this criminal regime.  AN may not be financially corrupt, like Rafsanjani.  But he freely uses his influence in many other areas,  to safeguard his postion, not the well being of people.  Why do you think, he has put all his family members in charge?  

Again "Truth" and AN are like oil and water.  Since you claim to be so well informed, you must know about, all the stupid and delusional statements that he has made.  And,  you still call him truthful?!!!

He is either a shameless liar or a mental case.  My guess is that he is both.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

What bothers me about nuclear debate: clueless people

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Nuclear debates are very detailed not only in regard to law but also in regard to science. Look at the featured article on the home page today. An atomic symbol on Iranian land outline. They aren't even bothered to use Ahmadinejad's scary scary face for boogeyman effect. 

American people don't even know their own branches of government, but they sure know that Iran is bad, should be "controlled" and even attacked, based on the words nuclear, isotope (maybe 1% of the population knows what this is!), and Islam.

Sick of it all. Oh and they send their sons to die over this bull shit (we're allowed to say this now! thanks Jahanshah.) The motto of the USA Should read: In Lockheed Martin we trust

No Fear


by No Fear on

The people of Iran are being punished because ;

They did not want any compromise on our nuclear research and wanted a hardline approach after khatami's epic failure.

They were fed up with corruption by politicians whom we have seen enough of their poor management results over the years.

They chose Ahmadinejad to represent them and to adopt a hardline policy toward these issues. This gamble , specially during Bush administration term, has paid off and we have not compromised on any of our country's rights.

This was the wish of our people and Ahmadinejad is only the messenger.

Over 30 percent of the population which voted green, wanted some sort of compromise on the nuclear issue by some sort of dropping our pants down, they wanted to play it safe, while Ahmadinejad played it how a true Iranian throughout our history has played it.

No compromise over our legal and natural rights.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ahmadinejad has really turned the world upside down

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This one man! This one Iranian man. I can't believe it. 

I think his reaction to the media attention is interesting. He ignores them! If only the people who think he has so much power could do the same. 

Instead of focusing on the people with the real power, they have made AN their target. Waste of time..... waste of energy, and it's really quite sad if you think about it. The people of Iran are being punished by media and nations because of him?! How stupid. How utterly dumb. This is not smart, especially if these nations are interested regime change. You'd think with all the resources and education, the media in the West could do a better job. Instead, they have resorted to recycling the same story over the past 5 years. Ignoring a country of good, talented, and education people just to focus on one guy who barely as any power. Epic failure, unless you count the lead up to Iraq war.

No Fear

Mina ...

by No Fear on

You said,

AN and "Truth"?  The guy does not know what "Truth" means.  He is a habitual liar.

I believe quite the opposite. He has been one of our honest straight shooters in Iran's recent politics. Don't let mainstream media do your brain processing for you.

Your accusations for rape and torture is also unfounded. No one from Ahmadinejad administration can order anything like that. It seems that today, every shit that happens in Iran is his fault. Who do you think is spreading these propagandas?

The infamous Kahrizak prison is under the Judiciary branch of government which Ahmadinejad has NO constitutional right to interfer with it. However, on few occasions you have blamed this on Ahmadinejad, why?

Don't allow yourself to become a pawn in this game of propaganda and deceptions which taints our politic. Ahmadinejad terms will end soon and you probabely won't hear from him again.

The ones you should worry about are those who hold permanent positions and have ruled over Iran without being accountable.

Ironically, these are the bunch who want Ahmadinejad gone as soon as possible.

I wonder why?


no fear!! "Truth be told"?!!

by minadadvar on

AN and "Truth"?  The guy does not know what "Truth" means.  He is a habitual liar.

I like your old avatar a lot better.  The new one says "Rape/Murder/Torture". 

Your choice.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh I remember the days

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

When Jahanshah Javid would email me if I used this useful word BS. Finally people are lightening up here. 

Dear MPD: there's no god! we're on our own, i'm afraid. and so is ahmadi.


Granting good health to Imam Zaman?

by divaneh on

What does he mean? How much better can it get than living 1400 years without any health problem. And who does he think he is, asking god to give good health to Imam Zaman. I got bored too. I liked your first version better.

Red Wine

خدا لعنت کند آنان که برای ایران بد میخواهند

Red Wine

خدا لعنت کند آنان که برای ایران بد میخواهند و بدان بد میکنند.

دوست عزیز از خواندن نوشته شما بسیار مسرور گشتیم.سپاسگزاریم.



Nowruz is no mystery to us

by MM on

Nowruz has existed in Persia for more than 3000 years.  Having survived the vicious attacks of this regime for the last 31 years, my guess is that Nowruz will survive for millenia to come.

Only a dictatorship regime will have dark secrets and will try to present them to us as Spring-time mysteries.  His speech bored us, at least me and MPD (you and the other two-faced Persian excluded).

No Fear

Observe and learn ...

by No Fear on

An astute and shrewed observer of Iranian politics, knows about the importance of the arabic quotations at the begining of any political speech.

Up until recently, this was the language of the political elite and the usage of these arabic sentences ( Which most of our people could not understand ) carried its own weight and had to be examined in its own context.

Sometimes, the speech was so vague and general ( meant for public consumptions ) while the real course of action was hidden in a Quranic verse at the begining of the speech. Get it?

Many political analists knew about how Quranic verses have been used as a form of hidden communications among the elites. This could also be used as a strong arguement for their case if the verse is from Quran. It basically prevents any critisism from opposite opinions if you could back your case with a verse of Quran.

This was then ...

Now, We have Ahmadinejad who is not playing this game.

The arabic sentence that he used for the Nurooz, has been the same sentence that has been used for most of his speeches. Truth be told, Ahmadinejad has never had a good relationship with the religious elite in Iran. He does not speak their language and does not respect them as much. His government has the lowest rate of religious participants in IR history. This does not imply that he is against them, but it does show that he has reduced their grip on administrative power.

Ahmadinejad is a populist politician and he has challenged the elites numerous times.

Maybe he is refering to some hidden language some where....

He did mention at the begining of his speech that Spring is full of mysteries and secrets.

Why would he say that? Is this the best description of Spring?

Just a thought ....    hmmm


پرشن الک دولک


You proved to us that you are a staunch IRI sympathizer and blindly follow your marching orders, whether the orders come from AN, VF or the other Islamists.


yes Yolanda - AN ain't all that

by MM on

The last sentense by MPD is telling how the speech is recieved by us (folks who like press-tv exempted):

"Okay,  How much bull shit do you think I can take in one day?"



by yolanda on

Hi! Mr. Yingyang,

     Nobody forces you to come here. I am sure that Press TV will welcome you with open arms! Press TV will not delete your posts!



by yolanda on

Hi! MM,

   So I gave AN too much credit! :O)

Obama spoke Farsi in his Nowruz speech....while AN spoke Arabic in his speech......so everyone tried to be bilingual for a moment!


I think i proved myself right

by persian_yingyang on

A foul worded blog title with a foul minterprestation of a Shia religious prayer --"vagina.."

and who gets to praise it and laugh at it first.  Folks that clearly enjoy foul and nasty language.

i;m not pointing any fingers but i think i have atleast proved my earlier statements.



No Yolanda - AN most likely does not know Arabic

by MM on

However, just like we remember a saying/proverb while talking, these guys have these predetermined verses in what we call "pulling a verse out" to make their arguments sound legitimate.

the saying is "ayeh dar aavardan"


I cannot believe you took time to partly translate hajviyaat (mumbo jumbo).  Now, I know that one of your virtues is patience.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Long time no hear! Wow! So AN is bilingual! It is good to know! LOL! He sounded like a mullah and astronomer 'cause he talked about the Heaven and Earth interface, OMG! I really don't understand why he had to speak Arabic when the sentences are not from Koran.....Did he want to show off or what?