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When will it be again the day, my beloved
Journal of separation closed, folded

When will it be, much pained and sorrowed, freed
New way of life, constructed
With high and low of this world
If you could, dealt, tolerated
Or each time I want you, God forbid!
Make excuses and evade much, deny me

When will it be, your face turned away, angered and vile’d
Elsewhere, way of love and place found

When will it be, with much devotion, come to me
With coquetries, and elegantly statured

When will it be, hundred times anxious’d
give life, soul, and glamour’d

When will it be, in the lyrics of a good song
image of dance you’d become

When will it be, wanting, silken bed
In my embrace, be placed

Happy, like waves of kisses
your lips’ buds, opened

Near a shore, like the lighthearted
peacefully in heaven rested

Radiantly roused,
ecstasy of the dreamed remembered

At time of departure, with heart grieved
Your shoes, brought to wear, on your feet

Sweet kisses, remembered
To meet again another day, promised



The original Persian poem by Manouchehr Saadat Noury

The Blog Image, In Bed The Kiss 1892, by Henri Toulouse Lautrec


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Sharareh Golshani

MPD jaan

by Sharareh Golshani on

what a great job translating it!  wow...I read your version before the Farsi one and it was amazing...a little sad but I fell in love with this verse

When will it be, in the lyrics of a good song
image of dance you’d become


Thanks for a great post  :)











Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Thank you Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi,

The credit for the original Farsi poem was given to Doctor Manouchehr Saadat Nouri in the Blog Summary, but not in the body of the blog itself.  I will add it to this page as a footnote in the near future once this blog drops off the featured list.

Thank you for reading and your comment.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

     Thank you for translating Dr. Noury's Persian poem. The poem is sad, sweet, sentimental, and romantic at the same is a little abstract to me to certain extent ...I also learned a new word coquetries.......

     It is always great to visit your blog! Thank you for your contribution to IC!

Take care!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

MPD khan very nice to have the same feeling of from the original persian to the English version with a slight change  good job.

My personals are platonics the ever lasting one with no needs of expression.             Maziar

Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi

متن اصلی همین شعربه فارسی

Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi

نگاه کنید به متن اصلی همین شعربه فارسی  که متا سفانه ام. پی. دی ، منبع شعر و نام شاعر را فراموش کرده یاد آور شود
Please view the original Persian text of the poem by Dr Saadat Noury. Regrettabaly, MPD forgot to refer to the Original Source://




by Latina on

Amazing! I like this poem very much.

solh va doosti