The angels came

The angels came
by Multiple Personality Disorder

The angels came

The angels came last night

They walked into my dream
I heard someone scream
I saw a man, “Supreme”
The Leader of an evil regime

my dream, last night,
it wasn’t a bad dream
It was not a dream of fright,
It was a dream of hope and delight

I saw so many angels
So intelligent, so polite
Different shapes and sizes
Full of surprises

Some of them were old
they were imprisoned,
I was told

Some of them were young
Once they were unjustly hung

Some of them mourned
Executed, their first child born

Some didn’t want to blindly obey
So they ran away
To lands far, far away

Some, had broken wings
Just like us, human beings

Others never got a chance to fly
I wanted to hold them, kiss them
But I was afraid I would cry

I saw one angel limped with pain
On her feet there was a mark of a chain

Everyone tried to keep a smile on their face
They all walked with an air of grace

They were neither defeated, nor angry
They were full of love, full of mercy
In my sleepy ears they whispered softly
The greatest gift is azadi

I woke up
I figured,
azadi was not so cheep

This dream I will keep

Counted sheep

Went back to sleep


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by Latina on

I was unaware of how well your poetry has advanced. I have been gone too long.

Very well done!

 solh va doosti


Nazy Kaviani

This is really beautiful,

by Nazy Kaviani on

This is really beautiful, MPD.

Your fears are well-placed. In my dreams, I have held and kissed those angels several times since last June, and they have made me cry each and every time.

This poem is a poignant tribute to the victims of last year's uprising in Iran. Thanks for the soul, MPD.


Yesterday I had your dream

by Esther on

Thank you for keeping it, and also for sharing it!



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

      You wrote at least 3 dream-related is amazing you are able to remember your dreams so clearly.......for me I can only remember up to the moment before I wake up from my dream....

     Your dream/poem is very touching 'cause it summarizes Iranian people's sufferings...I really like this part:

Others never got a chance to fly
I wanted to hold them, kiss them
But I was afraid I would cry

You are right that:

azadi was not so cheap

thank you for sharing!