A Baby to Die For

A Baby to Die For
by Multiple Personality Disorder

A Baby to Die For

Babies die
They drown, or shaken to death
They die of losing their breath

They don’t know how to fly,
fall off places too high,
and die without saying goodbye

Some are beaten to death,
others cry till they die

Some are killed by deadly fungi,
by diseases,
their names so hard,
I cannot even try

And others, choked to death,
by colorful objects left nearby

Sometimes a hand,
wrapped around their fragile neck,
too tight,
or else, merely suffocate eating a bite

And still, others die while others stand by

Many die of drinking toxic dye,
or die because water wells are dry

Pollution kills,
so they die playing on top of polluted hills

Babies die
Airplanes, explosions, and fiery crashes,
buildings burning down to ashes,
Death and war, they cannot defy

They cannot survive a sinking boat,
nor a car wreck,
or a sword put on their tiny neck,
ready to cut their tender throat


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Thank you,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Yes Yolanda, the Blog Image is from this year's Muharram; Ashura's theatrical enactment.

The incidents in the poem are from what I have read in the news in the past, although not necessarily all of them happening to babies; for example the one about sinking boat is what I remembered from the death of six school girls who drowned when the boat that they were in sank in Tehran City Park in 2002.  Although in that incident nineteen children were saved, many more could have been saved if there were safety measures at the park, bystanders knew what to do to save lives, or help had arrived quickly.  I was going to provide links for each one of the incidences but I gave up on it.  

Bavafa, I agree, children who are incapable of giving consent should not be used for such horrendous scenes.



by yolanda on


   Is the blog photo from Muharram? The content of your poem is universal, though! Actually it can be a tribute for UNICEF!

This line:

And still, others die while others stand by

reminded me of the incident that a Chinese todder got run over by 2 vans......18 passers-by ignored the badly injured girl and let her bleed to death on the street. I watched the video on IC...very disturbing!

Thank you for this touching poem! Thank you for drawing attention to the most vulnerable and defenseless bunch!


Disturbing picture indeed…

by Bavafa on

One that no child should ever be used in a charade, specially to a role play a murder scene as horrendous as this one



  To use a child to inflict emotions of a centuries old history primary for political and sectarian advantage


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory