The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect
by Multiple Personality Disorder

For Want of a Nail - proverb


For want of a nail, the shoe was lost

For want of a shoe, the horse was lost

For want of a horse, the rider was lost

For want of a rider, the battle was lost

For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost

And all for the want of a horseshoe nail


بخاطر یک ميخ - ضرب المثل

بخاطر یک ميخ، نعلی افتاد،
بخاطر یک نعل، اسبی افتاد،
بخاطر یک اسب، سواری افتاد،
بخاطر یک سوار، نبردی به شکست افتاد،
بخاطر یک نبرد، قلمروئی برافتاد،
و همه بخاطرِ یک میخِ نعل


The Butterfly Effect

,Flirtatious, lovely, on gossamer wings

.The butterfly flew into my dark room

,Flitting here and there, finding her bearings

.Perched on my quill-pen, dissolving my gloom


,The dull old mirror, hanging on the wall

Lit up faintly with a luminous glare

And the image of a slender and tall

.Beautiful woman appeared within there


,Awe-struck I watched as her image faded

;Whilst the butterfly in her own glow basked

,As the “Butterfly Effect” abated

:I turned to her and timidly I asked

,Please tell me oh, little butterfly divine“

”?Am I in your dream, or are you in mine


Poem by Peter J. Oszmann


اثرِ پروانه‌ای

طنازی، دلفریبی، بر روی بالهائی نازک،
پروانه‌ای به درونِ اتاقِ تاریکم پرواز کرد  
اینسو و آنسو پرید، جهتش را پیدا کرد
بر بالای قلمِ پَرم نشیمن گرفت، دل‌تنگیم را گُشود

آینهِ قدیمیِ کدرم، آویزان بر دیوار،
با پرتوئی کم‌نور تابناک شد
و نقشِ باریک و بلندِ زنی زیبا
در آن نمایان گشت 

هیبت‌زده تماشا کردم، در حالی که نقشش محو می‌شد
همچنانکه که پروانه در پرتوِ خود لمیده بود
هنگامی که "اثرِ پروانه‌ای" کاهش می‌یافت
بطرف او روکردم و محجوبانه پُرسیدم

اوه، خواهش می‌کنم به من بگو، پروانهِ کوچکِ الهی
من در خوابِ توئم، یا تو در خوابِ منی

ترجمه غزل اثرِ پروانه‌ای، شاعر پیتر جی آزمن  



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Ideal Man

by Latina on

Yolanda and MPD,


Please do  review the following impromptu poem.


Ideal Man


The Ideal Man is not a perfect man

He is simply human, full of flaws

He is kind, compassionate and caring

Excellent sense of humor is a must

Never aloof and always approachable


A hardworking man is always good

If he could only make time

It would be so lovely

Intelligence is of the essence

Easy going would be so nice


Add to it huggable, lovable and cuddable

Passionate and affectionate is also nice

A man that will love one truly

Completely for whom one is

Fidelity is a definite must



by Latina on

I liked the butterfly poem. Very nice.



by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for sharing! I read all the links! Very interesting and thought-provoking! Here is the interpretation of the poem by Oszman himself. Wow! It is an exhaustive analysis!


Sonnet is a very interesting type of poetry. It has 14 verses and the verses rhyme every other line. I don't see sonnets on IC very often! I am not sure if there are sonnets in Farsi. This poem by Oszmann has the exact rhyme scheme of a perfect sonnet! Very beautiful and poetic!

Oszmann is a dentist and a writer. He can write poetry (a lot of sonnets), satires, and proses! Here is a funny poem by Oszmann:

Ideal Man – Ideal Woman

Natalia may like it! :O))

Speaking of Butterfly Effect, Rosa Parks is a good butterfly! Because of the actions of a single person, this country was pushed to move forward!

Khamenei is a bad butterfly (or a moth)! This dude is holding back the whole country! This guy has single-handedly caused havoc in Iran!