Dream of Flight

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Dream of Flight

This year, the sun struggles,
to pass the light through clouds

Everything is washed away by the rain,
and whisper of a song is heard in between dark clouds

Hope in utter hopelessness,
flaunts its rays like rainbows,
so we’d forever remember the smiles

I see particles of a radiant dream,
of a time when people laughed
Joy, is ever lasting memory of victories

This year I fly with you,
at time of hope,
at moment of blossom
And you, with a promise,
to carry the sun through darkness of clouds,
to pass through loneliness,
and of being afar

In this narrow path,
a passage, in the thins
of thick clouds,
is perceptible

With hope,
like a mother,
nurture my soul

Gently, gently!
My eyes turn to yours,
and I feel your smile
Feathers cove my form
My dream takes the shape of a flight
Like birds,
I fly



The original poem in Farsi by Abarmard >>>



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by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for this non-Farahani blog! Very refreshing!

Wow! Abarmard is a poet, too! I guess, I am the only person on IC, who is not a writer, not a cartoonist, not a poetess, not a satirist, not a novelist, not a pianist, not a photographer, not a translator, merely monolingual..........This site needs good writers like you, Nazy, Fair, Divaneh, Ari, Monda, Dr. Noury, Natalia.............etc!

Thank you for the translation!

P.S. The 4th verse from the bottom:

Feathers cove my form

Is that "cove" or "cover"?

Multiple Personality Disorder

What a shocker!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I was pleasantly surprised to read a tender poem by Abarmard, and as such I could not stop myself from attempting to translate it.  Abarmard himself is an excellent English writer and I hope he does not mind my intrusion.