Eat and enjoy


Eat and enjoy
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Early this morning President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was gracious enough to grant me an interview out of his busy schedule. We spent 30 minutes talking about a wide array of subjects, but for the sake of brevity I will only give you the gist of the interview:

- As the result of any sanctions imposed on Iran this country will become a stronger nation

- Imam Zaman is managing world affairs and will soon appear and will bring justice to this world

- The recent volcanic activities in Europe and spread of ash in the sky is the result of European countries' cooperation with USA.  He emphasized that if President Obama continues his bullying of the Islamic Republic, the same kind of volcanic activities will occur in the American continent.

I told him we don't see eye to eye in many points but I liked the new coats he has been wearing recently.   Immediately after the interview I went to the nearest restaurant and ordered a sultaani with polo, maast va moseer, torshi, and salad shirazi, ate it and enjoyed it.

I am quite capable of having flashbacks, backward and forth. This part is a flashback to Thursday.  On that day some twenty-two of us, men and women, went for a picnic in paark'e jangali'e cheetgar (Cheetgar Forest Park).  We ate barbecued joojeh kabab, BBQ'ed tomatoes, polo, maast va moseer, freshly made bread, and many other delicious foods, fruits, vegetables, desserts, hot tea, and several different kinds of beverages, and enjoyed it.  While we were there we, not me but others, danced our heels off.  A couple of women of the family took off their head scarves while they were dancing and singing.  Other people around us in the campground seemed not to care what we were doing, other than looking around and enjoying the pleasant day.

Flashback to the same day earlier, when we were entering the park, I saw many young couples sitting on park benches, touching, holding hands, gazing at each other's eyes, and hugging.   Nobody seemed to care what they were doing.

After we were done with our picnic we picked up our stuff and loaded them in our cars, but before we left we congregated around one of the cars, opened the back hatch door, blasted music in the air, and danced some more, not me of course.   I am phobic to dancing in public.  I am sure there is a name for it, but I enjoyed the event regardless of my fears.   Overall it was a great day.  The weather was perfect.   It sprinkled a little bit, but it never developed into a full blown rain.   I wish Jane Goodall was there with us that day so I could kiss her again and talk to her about chimpanzees.

That evening I experienced the worst traffic jam I have seen during this entire trip so far.  Thursday nights seem to be when everyone goes out.  The air pollution became unbearable and I had difficulty breathing.  Most of the dilapidated Paykan automobiles have been replaced with newer model cars, but not the Paykan pick-up trucks.   Newer model cars, and city buses, must be the main reason why air quality has improved so drastically, relatively speaking.   I have finally figured out how the kart'e sookht (fuel card) works. Every passenger car is issued a card for fuel.   It is for three months, 100 liter per month.  The card has liters on it, not money. You give the attendant the card, he pumps the gas and tells you how much gas you used, you pay it at 100 toman per liter, till your card has nothing left on it at that rate, after that you pay 400 tomans per liter.

Today I took a segregated bus to go visit two museums; I'll tell you about it later, but for now I want to tell you I was looking at those gorgeous women in that segregated section with awe.  Several beautiful women from different ethnicities were all sitting in one place, and I was looking at them and smiling, and they were looking at my dental braces and wondering what the heck is wrong with that guy!   And O yeah, the bus fare was 150 toman, which is paid after you get off the
bus.  I gave my brother 50,000 toman (thinking it was 500 toman) to give to the driver. He looked at me and wondered what the heck is wrong with me.



Thank you in advance for any comments you may leave here. I am unable to answer your comments at this time, but I do read them.


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Anahid Hojjati

TellItLikeItis: don't be jealous, your blood pressure will go up

by Anahid Hojjati on

"Friend", you are in serious need of getting a life.  why do you care so much about what I write? Believe me, there are other issues in the world besides what I wrote and rewrote.


زمین تا آسمان فرق است...


بین ریاکاری و دروغگویی محض تا `کریتیویتی`. شما گفتید با خانم
کاویانی مساله دارید چون ایشون از همه دعوت کردند تا در مورد ایران و
آزادی و غیره بنویسند و شما آمدید او‌ با نام خود نوشتید. اما حالا که
م.پ.د با اسم مستعار از خوردو خوراک و خوش گذرانی در ایران مینویسه ایشون
تشویقش میکنند و روی بلاگ هاش کامنت میذارند. حالا اون کامنت شده قندو عسل
در مورد نوشته‌های م.پ.د.   بد و بیراه‌هایی‌ هم که از روی عصبانیت و
نداشتن منطق و کنترل نثار من کردی حالا شده قند و عسل خطاب به م.پ.د.   نه
اینکه م.پ.د. شایسته قندو عسل نیست، هست، اما این از ریاکاری تو کم نمیکنه.

برو دلت خوش که `پاپولر` هستی‌ ل.او‌.ل

Anahid Hojjati

Tellitlikeitis; Be creative not jealous of others' creativity

by Anahid Hojjati on

so you miss my comments that were not namohtaramaneh to MPD and Nazy but Expressions of difference in opinion, and now you are lying about my comments.

My advice to you is to get a life and be creative not jealous of others' popularity and creativity. This is what I had written earlier to you albeit with stronger language. With my advice to you, I am the real Tell it Like It Is.


با دسته کورا طرف نیستین آناهید خانم


دیروز جای این ۲ تا کامنت پایینتون، ۲ تا کامنت تلخ و‌ غیر
محترمانه به بنده، خانم کاویانی و م.پ.د.  بود. اول با نقطه ادیت شد حالا
کاملا بازنوشت شده. این کار نه صادقانه است نه کارگر. بعضی‌‌ها مثل من هم
خوندند و هم اونا رو برایه ایمیل کردن به دوستان کپی‌ پیست کردند. واقعا
جای تاّسفه


“Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause.”

by TellitLikeitis on


Anahid Hojjati

Dear MPD, will you write about air travel in Iran?

by Anahid Hojjati on

 I am curious about air travel in Iran.  Are the airplanes over there old and air travel dangerous? If you get a chance (wrong word) to travel by air in Iran, please elaborate about how you liked your travel and how smooth the flight was.


آخه بد تینتی هم حدی داره


خانم شما چه کار خوردو خوراک مردم داری؟ مگه لقمشو از دهان تو
کشیدن بیرون؟ اصلا میشه بگین خودتون چه خدمتی به ایران میکنی‌ که از مردم
خرده میگیری؟ هیلا صدیقی نیستی‌ که شعر پر معنی‌ مینویسه، بعدم جونشو
میگیره کف دستش دکلمه میکنه... تویه ایران اونهم!تو ارریکا نشستی به درون
مرزی او‌ برون مرزی هی‌ میگی‌ لنگش کن.

حالا اگه کاری کردی که ما اطلاع نداریم بگو ما هم بدونیم لطفا.

Anahid Hojjati

Farnoosh: I like MPD's stories, andpoems. His satire is biting.

by Anahid Hojjati on


Farnoosh: I have nothing against MPD. As a matter of fact, MPD is one of my favorite writers on IC.  I enjoy reading his poems, short stories and I like his satire.


Great series Multiple Personality Disorder!

by Farnoosh on

I love your travel notes! Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us. Pictures will be great too.

Anahid Hojjati:

Why are you so hostile to MPD?

Anahid Hojjati

Dear MPD, try all kinds of foods and then read a fatehe for

by Anahid Hojjati on


dear MPD, try Dolmeh kalam, Delmeh bademajan, dolmeh gojeh farangi, dolmeh ghasam hazrate abas and dolmeh dome khoroos.  Also fish cooked in abadani style; mahi sobor, is great.  Do you have access to that?  This morning, someone was talking about ghalye mahi.  Also dal adas is a must.  From rashti food, try baghela ghatogh.  Also shirini danmark ra faramosh nakon, and read a fatehe for those killed in recent months of unrest after eating each of these lovely food.

Nazy Kaviani

Love the photo!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing your joyful days with us, MPD! What a nice photo! It is good to see two young people in close and uninhibited proximity of each other! You made me laugh MPD. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your stay. Don't forget the homemade foods, please! There is plenty of Chelo Kabab happening around here! Eat some koofteh and dolmeh and other hard-to-make foods!


very funny

by divaneh on

It seems like soon your trousers would not fit your waistline. With reference to the volcanic activities in Europe, it is in fact caused by the Europeans having Hanky Panky, just like the earthquake. Apparently god as no other way of communicating with us.


nooshe joonet, khosh begzareh, taa meetoni...

by Monda on

deed bezan ke injaa giret nemiyad va so and so forth aziz.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

I hope you enjoy the company of friends & family, delicious foods ,desserts, sweets...

Have a good time, and be safe.




by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Your article is super interesting.......reading AN's comments is very similar to reading Pat Robertson's comments......both of them like to link current events and natural disasters to God's plans or God's wills.....

   I am glad that people are not afraid to display affections in public, yeah!

I am not sure what new coats AN is wearing....I know he likes to wear soccer jackets a lot!

   I am really jealous of the museums you visited...Is that possible for you to do a photo essay or just the photos from Iran when you are back?......that will be you know a picture is worth thousand words.....I am a museum fanatic!

Look forward to your next blog!

Enjoy your family reunion and please give my regards to the brave Iranians!

P.S.   It is funny that your "train tracks" puzzle people over there..:O) ....I guess, just don't grin too much! :O)

bajenaghe naghi

Multiple Personality Disorder jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Thanks for your latest blog. Very funny as usual. Your phobia of dancing in public is nothing like my phobia of watching people dance in public. But that is another story.

I, like you, get really confused with Rial and Toman. Last time I went home I hated to go out and deal with the money that my brain refuses to understand. Isn't it simpler to  just stick to one? Either Rial or Toman?  I personally prefer Toman since it has less zeros.

Looking forward to reading more.