by Multiple Personality Disorder



Stain around the toilet
Dirt downed in the carpet

Smell of trash in the kitchen
Partly eaten food, rotten

Unwashed are the laundry,
Towels, bed sheet, pillowcase
One clean underwear, barely

My life is a mess
I confess

by the time the time will come
This’ll all be gone

Just in case


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Multiple Personality Disorder

Now I've posted an actual picture

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

A picture that shows how it was BEFORE I cleaned it.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Sorry to disappoint you but…

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



The picture is not of my room, however I’m sure the ones that have seen my room, or seen an actual picture of it, will give testimonial that it closely resembles mine :O)

 I’ve been working very hard at my job for the last couple of weeks, no time to clean, and these visits to iraniandotcom is to empty out my brain so I can start fresh again.  But anyway, this afternoon is soccer day, and by the time I get back I’ll only have a couple of hours to take out the trash, do my laundry, and clean up my place, but before I do any cleaning I’ll take some pictures for posterity, and I might even post one of the actual pictures here.


Isn't it funny in messy

by Hassan Askari (not verified) on

Isn't it funny in messy rooms like this the dresser is always a small piece of furniture separated from a baby's crib furniture set?! I mean these dressers don't have a chance, why even bother to have one and take up "space"?!

Nilo Siavashi

MPD, this room needs cleaning up

by Nilo Siavashi on

Dear MPD, this room really should be cleaned and you already say: 

"by the time the time will come
This’ll all be gone " 

 To get rid of bad smell, boil some turnip.  It is also good to eat when you have a cold or flu. So you will kill two birds with one stone. Hopefully, you are not one of those Iranians who hate Turnip.