Essay topic: Which one is better, knowledge or wealth?


Essay topic: Which one is better, knowledge or wealth?
by Multiple Personality Disorder

In the name of Shinto.  With permission from my caring and honorable teacher, and greetings to my heroic and kind classmates, I will begin my essay.

Of course it is clear and logical to all that knowledge is much better than wealth, if knowledge is practiced wisely.  I will elaborate.  With wealth one can travel from our village to town and buy ice cream, and buy an airplane ticket and travel anywhere in the world he wishes.  With wealth one can buy a computer, and instead of fishing all day, one can watch foreign movies and have fun talking in chat-rooms and playing games.  In short, wealth is fun but knowledge is more important than fun.  To gain knowledge one has to do homework all the time, memorize poems, learn math and arithmetic, and at the end when one finally gets a bad report card he gets an ample reprimand from his honorable teacher, and an ample reprimand from his noble parents, but knowledge is essential for us to live.  Wealth is fun all the time, but knowledge is madness sometimes.  I want to become a knowledgeable man one day, but my father says I have to be wise first.

My mother, the honorable Akiko, says if I drop a 20-Yen coin in my piggy bank every day, when my whiskers come out I will be a rich man.  But, my father says my mother has a lot of patience, like a sleeping volcano, but from time to time her breaths comes out from a hot place.  I do not know what my father's intent is, but for all I have seen, my mother does not seem to be full of hot air.

My uncle, the honorable Masato, was saying the other day that if a man is rich he can go to the Wonderland in town and play all day, ride the carousels and ferrous wheels, and then eat pizza and go to coffee shops.

My father is a heroic man.  He was a fisherman before the sea took everything.  He says when he was a boy, about my age; he studied hard so one day he could go to a university in town.  He wanted to get a job in the big city, somewhere away from the shores, but his father, my grandfather, the honorable Hisoka, drowned in the sea and my father had to abandon his studies to help the family.  He tells me, study your math and science and become an engineer, a good engineer, not like the engineers who built the power plants.  My father says, in the big cities there are many knowledgeable men without wisdom, so their good intent turns to evil.  They think they have figured out everything, but without wisdom knowledge is worthless, he says.  Nature might wait patiently for one hundred years but then it will destroy everything the unwise knowledgeable men have built.

Uncle Masato says most big cities are built on higher grounds, so they do not get flooded, because rich people keep their money in the big cities and they do not want their money to get washed away.  He says in the big cities they construct strong building so they will not fall down when ground shakes.  He says did you see any tall building fall down.  That is where rich people keep their money, he says.  I do not know.  Otsuchi looked like a big city to me, but Otsuchi is gone now.  Uncle Masato says when you grow up get a good job in the big city.  We will come to visit you when the village gets flooded again.

My father says when you go to the big city to study there won't be anyone else left in our family to catch fish.  He says when he was a boy at first he did not want to grow up to be a fisherman.  He says he did not like the smell of fish, but now he knows there are things in this world that smell worse than fish.  He says knowledgeable people in the big cities make bonfires that stink like a pile of burning poison.  The bonfires get so big that they can no longer be extinguished, so the bonfires make huge black smokes and stink up the whole world.  When the unwise knowledgeable men in the big cities cannot put out the fires they get moody and give orders to others to do something about the fires before everything in this world burns up in flames.  Your ancestors have lived in this village for thousands of years without burning it up.  You have to be very wise to be able to survive for thousands of years in the same place without destroying it, he says.

I do not know what my father's intent is, but my intention is to study my lessons and when I grow up go to Osaka to get an education in the university, and when I come back I will catch all the fish in the sea for him.

Conclusion: We conclude from this essay that people with wealth have a lot of fun, but with knowledge and wisdom people do not have to get moody and give orders; that means they have to be wise first then knowledgeable.  Therefore, in my humble opinion, wise knowledge is much better than wealth.

This was my Essay.


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Multiple Personality Disorder

Thank you all kindly and Happy Norooz to everyone

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

May we all have a great and prosperous year ahead of us.


Thanks MPD

by divaneh on

A big happy Norooz to you and all other friends.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Nazy, for revealing the original message. I agree with you that

if this catastrophe happened to the Japanese, it could happen to anyone and claim even more lives.

In 2003, Bam earthquake was mesaured at 6.6 and killed 66,000 people....there was no tsunami!

In 2008, Sichchan earthquake was measured at 8.0 and killed over 80,000  people...there was no tsunami either.

When I was young, I experienced a 7.8 earthquake....I felt the jolt.....I was not at the epicenter......this earthquake killed a quarter of million people, 250,000.......there was no tsunami either.

Japan's 9.0 earthquake killed very few people.......most of casualties are from tsumani........but the death toll is still lower than other countries........lower than the Indonesian earthquake/tsunami several years ago, killing 230,000 people!

I hope they can conquer the nuclear disaster.......the world can learn something from this tragedy!

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

If wealth can enable knowledge acquisition then wealth is good!

You said it best. Wise knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. It is matured knowledge.

Mind is to body as knowledge is to wealth. They are all realized in a human being. I would say they are more a duality than a dichotomy.

One of the chief glories of mankind: the will to learn.

Knowledge gained in today's world is mostly task-specific and not enough general.

Master the fundamentals before embarking on the specifics.

Knowledge is what you need to live up to your own intellectual capacity; it is something you keep, augment, and relish over the years.

One piece of knowledge gained leads to another.

"All knowledge and wonder (which is the seed of knwoledge) is an impression of pleasure in itself." (Francis Bacon)

"The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds" (John F. Kennedy)

To know how little you know is the birth of intellectual maturity.

Hoarded knowledge has been compared to the water in a pool without an outlet, liable to stagnate unhealthily if it does not mingle with other streams of thought.

Verified knowledge is the enemy of doctrine and ideology.

It is impossible to believe that people who are individually ignorant can be collectively wise when they come to the ballot box.

"To understand everything is to hate nothing." (Romand Rolland)

"Knowledge is power." (Francis Bacon)

Knowledge of a certain kind can lend a considerable boost to someone climbing the ladder to success. It forms the basis of judgement because knowing what has been done in the past helps a person to know what to do in the present.

Broad knowledge is the food of sound reasoning.

Knowledge is the only real antidote to fear.

Knowledge is perhaps the only source of satisfaction that grows with age.

Knowledge might blossom into the crowning glory of age, the state of being wise.

Wisdom has been defined as the ability of knowing how to use the knowledge at one's command, and not everyone has that ability.

"Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness." Sophocles

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

So, after I read Yolanda's comment, I thought, oh, let me check to see whether Google Translate has successfully reconstructed the English words I gave it last night! This is too funny! So, here's what my original comment was:

Dear Multiple Personality Disorder:

Your story is so sad. "Sad," of course, is the story of this time.

I believe there are no engineers any better than the Japanese. I believe there is no nation that has better work ethics or teamwork than the Japanese. And I think if this catastrophe happened to the Japanese, it could happen to anyone and claim even more lives. I am so sad for their loss, but I know that if one nation can pick up the pieces and re-build itself with flying colors, it would be the Japanese.

Knowledge is wealth.

Thank you.


With permission from the honourable blogger

by Rea on

Used to think knowledge was important. Changed my mind with age.

Short was my essay. ;o)



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

     Wow! Japanese blog picture, Japanese names throughout the entire essay..........but the writer is Iranian! :O)........This time, your writing style seems like children's explain complicated concepts with kid's language and you avoid using the big words like nuclear reactors......very interesting!

This part really cracked me up:


He says he did not like the smell of fish, but now he knows there are things in this world that smell worse than fish.  He says knowledgeable people in the big cities make bonfires that stink like a pile of burning poison.  The bonfires get so big that they can no longer be extinguished, so the bonfires make huge black smokes and stink up the whole world.


good job!

Wow! A lot of people commented in Japanese! Actually I read posts thru google translator....interesting comments!

Here is a Tsunami relief song in Japanese:

The most famous Japanese folk song "Sakura"( Cherry Blossoms)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

م پ د بسیار عزیز ...‌ای بزرگوار مرد.

نوروز بر تو و بر عزیزانت فرخنده باد... الهی که همیشه چو خورشید بدرخشی که خیلی‌ کارت درست است.

با سپاس فراوان...

شراب قرمز.


Multiple Personality Disorder

Asante kwa maoni ya aina

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Hakika kilichotokea katika Japan ni janga binadamu, ambayo sisi hawajaona mwisho wa ni bado.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

あなたの話はとても悲しいです。 "悲しいことに、"もちろん、今回の物語です。




Azadeh Azad

非常に面白い, LOL

by Azadeh Azad on


) 叫び; 歓声,




by oktaby on