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ترجمهِ انگلیسی ترانهِ "الکی" از محسن نامجو

Translation of the song "Fake" by Mohsen Namjoo,,,



From my arrival nothing was defined, (a fake facade, a fake facade)
my feeble life never refined, (a fake space, a fake space)
this voice of mine never crossed the superstition expanse, (a fake voice, a fake voice)
The pebble was found,  it was not nullified in my hand [1], (a fake air, a fake air)

What profit from our coming and going! (a fake fall, a fake crash)
Pain and remorse! As soon as we blinked an eye,
when the agent arrested us, O boy! He wasn’t fooled, (to the fake God, one to the fake God)

Though the donkey made a felt hat out of the agent’s head, (a fake hat, a fake hat)
the whole scene was of offering of soup [2], (fake resolutions, fake resolutions)

Will you give me a week’s break? (fake joys, fake joys)
With those Paolo Rossi’s goals I had fun [3], (a fake goals, a fake goals)
Gormeh Sabzi is my lover’s cooking specialty [4] (fake herbs, fake herbs)

Oh! Decade of the sixties was very fun, (fake nostalgia, fake nostalgia)
There was manhood in the old days, (the fake figures, fake physiques)
when we were children, there was homemade bread, (fake flavors, fake flavors)
but now men just have the mustaches, (fake mustaches, fake mustaches)
Have you ever gone to the intellectuals’ addition? (fake intellectuals, fake figures)
Have you ever gone to the intellectuals’ subtraction? (fake pieces, fake pieces)
Have you ever gone to the intellectuals’ multiplication, intellectuals’ division? (fake whitewashes, fake whitewashes)

Have you ever had dinner with the president of Westinghouse? (fake moments, fake moments)
Have ever tantalized anyone? (fake coughs, fake coughs)
They are enemies with us, we are good, they are shit, these fake
Westerners, these fake Easterners (fake illusions, fake
Have you ever seen a woman who reads Paul Ricoeur? [5](fake sciences, fake sciences)
Have you ever been with a woman who reads Paul Ricoeur? (fake hurly-burly, fake hurly-burly)

A fake air, a fake space, a fake air, a fake space
Get out of town, to change your surroundings, fake roads,
rivers, plains, fake hills, fake hills, fake creations

(Walking under the rain, laying on the sand, these all was fun being with her.  What wonders our love’s world had!)

A fake troth, a fake happiness, a fake troth, a fake happiness

Whatever I say is for your own good, girl! (fake claim, fake claim)
What kind of anguish is this that you don’t anguish anymore? (fake nags, fake nags)
You are more successful compared to others, (fake proclamations, fake proclamations)
You must try not to get behind the convoy, (fake leads, fake leads)
You must try to let go of everything, run, keep running to the end, run
to the end, the end ... (the fake end, the fake end)

Translated by yours truly, MPD © 2012.

For the Farsi version of this poem, originally blogged by Nazi Kaviani, see here.


الکی، از محسن نامجو


از آمدنم هیچ معلوم نشد، (یک نمای الکی، یک نمای الکی)
این جان نزارم هیچ پالوده نشد، (یک فضای الکی، یک فضای الکی)
از سطح خرافه این زبانم نگذشت، (یک صدای الکی، یک صدای الکی)
گل یافته شد به دست من، پوچ نشد، (یک هوای الکی، یک هوای الکی)
از آمدن و رفتن ما سودی کو؟ (یک هبوط الکی، یک سقوط الکی)
دردا و ندامتا که تا چشم زدیم،
مامورکه گرفت ما را، بابا، خیط نشد، (به خدای الکی، به خدای الکی)
خر از سر شحنه یک نمد ساخت ولی، (یک کلاه الکی یک کلاه الکی)
سرتاسر صحنه آش نذری بود، (نیت‌های الکی، نیت‌های الکی)
یک هفته به من مرخصی میدی؟ (لذت‌های الکی، لذت‌های الکی)
با اون گل های پائولو روسی حال کردم، (یک گل‌های الکی، یک گل‌های الکی)
دستپخت عشقم قرمه سبزی بود، (سبزی‌های الکی، سبزی‌های الکی)
وای دهۀ چهل خیلی با حال، نوستالژیا، (تالژیای الکی، تالژیای الکی)
ایام قدیم مردونگی بود، (هیبت‌های الکی، هیکل‌های الکی)
وقتی بچه بودیم، نون خونگی بود، (مزه‌های الکی، مزه‌های الکی)
مردا حالا دیگه سیبیلشو دارن، (سیبیل‌های الکی، سیبیل‌های الکی)
تاحالا جمع روشنفکرا رفتی؟ (روشنفکرای الکی، چهره‌های الکی)
تا حالا تفریق روشنفکرا رفتی؟ (تیکه‌های الکی، تیکه‌های الکی)
تا حالا ضرب روشنفکرا، تقسیم روشنفکرا رفتی؟ (ماستمالی‌های الکی، ماستمالی‌های الکی)
تا حالا با رییس وستینگهاوس شام خوردی؟ (لحظه‌های الکی، لحظه‌های الکی)
تا حالا از کسی دل بردی؟ (سرفه‌های الکی، سرفه‌های الکی)
اونا با ما دشمنن، ما خوبیم، اونا عنن، این غربی‌های الکی، این شرقی‌های الکی (توهمات الکی، توهمات الکی)
تا حالا زنی که پل ریکور بخونه دیدی؟ (دانش‌های الکی، دانش‌های الکی)
تاحالا با زنی که پل ریکور خون باشه....؟ (هوی و های الکی، هوی و های الکی)
یک هوای الکی، یک فضای الکی، یک هوای الکی، یک فضای الکی
از شهر برو بیرون، فضات عوض شه،
جاده‌های الکی، کوه‌ها، دشت‌ها، تپه‌های الکی، تپه‌های الکی، خلقت‌های الکی
(قدم زدن در زیر بارون رو ماسه‌ها دراز کشیدن، اینا همه با اون صفا داشت
دنیای عشق ما چه‌ها داشت)
یک وفای الکی، یک صفای الکی، یک وفای الکی، یک صفای الکی
من هرچی میگم واسه خودته دختر! (ادعای الکی، ادعای الکی)
این چه جور، این چه جور جفائیه که دیگه جفا نمیکنی؟ (زِر زِرهای الکی، زِر زِرهای الکی)
تو نسبت به دیگران موفق‌تری، (نسبت‌های الکی، نسبت‌های الکی)
باید سعی کنی از قافله عقب نمونی، (سبقت‌های الکی، سبقت‌های الکی)
باید سعی کنی همه چی‌رو ول کنی، بدوئی، بندازی بدوئی تا انتها، بدوئی تا انتها، انتها...، (انتهای الکی، انتهای الکی)



Mohsen Namjoo's Song on youtube:


Paolo Rossi, World Cup 1982, Italy 3, Brazil 2




1-    gol ya pooch is a game that does not require any expensive equipments, vast spans of open spaces, or too many rules to play.  All is needed is a few idle men, divided into two group, one of whom hides a small pebble in his fist and the other group tries to guess where it is hidden, by giving instructions to each individual player to play with their closed fists, switching around an imaginary, or the real pebble, in their fists. The guessing group first eliminates some of the empty fists before guessing where the pebble is hidden.

2-    During many religious events, funeral services, and family crisis a specialty made soup is prepared and offered to needy.


3-    Paolo Rossi is an Italian soccer player.  At the height of his career he scored three goals against Brazil in the 1982 World Cup.


4-    Gormeh Sabzi is popular Persian cuisine made of various vegetables and herbs.


5-    Paul Ricoeur, (27 February 1913 – 20 May 2005) was a French philosopher.



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Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

your inventions were rather  touching and humorous. I hadn't replied earlier because I thought I ought to dig out the rest of my dictionaries (meaning of life is in them! lol!) to find something to reply.

yeah, fat chance, I myself am still waiting. (it's all in blocks piles and whatnot, but I will scan something appropriate for you, as soon as I can. )

Multiple Personality Disorder

Artistic experiments

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Well, I know Namjoo was a visiting artist at the Stanford University, but I don't know whether he still has the residency at moment or not.  I know artists like to do experiments with their craft.  Maybe those English songs were produced while he was at Stanford.

Strange things happen when two strange worlds collide.




by yolanda on


   Thank you for your translation! I was tied up with work for the whole week, finally I got three days off! You and Namjoo should hit it off....according to wikipedia:

He (Namjoo) also writes poetry, and sometimes uses his own satirical lyrics in his songs blended with the classical poetry of Hafez, Rumi or Saadi.


Here is Namjoo singing in English:


Here is Namjoo singing in English with traditional Iranian approach, it cracked me up:


OMG! Very emotional guy!

Thank you for sharing!

Multiple Personality Disorder

In that case I have to invent my own word

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



بدبخت پیشینسرا شده!
بدبخت به دردِ پیشینسرائی مبتلا شده!
بدبخت تا صدای گوگوشو شنید پیشینسرا شد!
صد سال هم تو این مملکت زندگی کنیم آخرش پیشینسرائی‌مونو از دست نمیدیم!
دو پُک علف بکش پیشینسرائی از سرت بپره!
بیچاره احساسِ پیشینسرائی میکنه!
خوش بحالت که هنوز پیشینسرا میشی، من که دیگه یادم رفته.
دیشب خوابِ ننمو دیدم پیشینسرا شدم.

Tiger Lily

Ta' muchos verri verri, MPD

by Tiger Lily on

Thanks for the info. It was a pleasure to hear the female vocalists. Sounds like a really cool concert!

I'm patting myself on the back for spotting the phrases. ;) 

Interesting about the translation. You see, ghorbat, has to do with "strange or foreign", whereas nostalgia is to do with the past. *

*now this is going to bug me, until I find out exactly what the root of all this is. ;)



Multiple Personality Disorder

nostalgia, nostalgic

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



دلتنگی برای میهن
احساس غربت


Multiple Personality Disorder

Dear Tiger,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

This song, Aleki (Spurious), was recorded from Mohsen Namjoo’s live concert in Stanford University on February 13, 2011.  Although Shadi Yousefian, of the Eendo music band, has performed as a backing vocalist for Mohsen Namjoo in the past, in that particular night she was not present.  The backing vocalists were Dina Zarif, Tannaz Jafarian, and Serwan Tabbak.

During the concert, Mohsen Namjoo also sang from Khayyam and Rumi poetry.   As noted, in the song Spurious some words and phrases have been borrowed from the two great Persian poets.


Tiger Lily

MPD, our truly, thank you. Just sth I noticed

by Tiger Lily on

at least two phrases are nicked from Khayyam and Rumi. I'm a stickler for spurious things. ;)

This Namjoo is beginning to grow on me. Is the female singer one of the EenDo?

P.S. what's the Persian word for 'nostalgia', please?

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

MPD, you are absolutely brilliant! I love your translation of Namjoo's lyrics. Reading it in English, it is so clear you got the complex references Namjoo makes, despite the simple appearance of his words. Ba ejazeh, I will share this one, as this is no "spurious" translation! Thank you.