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The following is my translation of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s message addressed to the nation on the occasion of the February 14th rally.


Noble nation of Iran,

Greeting and salutation to you.  Following your February 14th glorious march, the great achievement of the nation and the Green Movement that was participated by all layers of people from the brave men and women of the society , formed against disbelief of many skeptics and authoritarians,  your glorious movement was attacked from two sides: on one hand it was attacked by authoritarians who have been eyeing positions, status, and riches of gold and power in the future; and on the other hand, foreigners’ attempts and wave of international jockeys for attainment of their wishes, which both have tried to attribute the Movement to that of Zionism and America and their followers.

This is while the great honor of the Green Movement is in its independence and reliance on the nation’s massive might.  The Green Movement has always kept a distance from foreigners, and its main goals have been revival of values of the revolution and ideals of the late Imam [Khomeini], and the honorable nation’s liberal and diverse demands, and has always tried to pursue its goals by peaceful means, emphasizing on the fundamental principle of the inherent goodness of humans, and recognizing the right of the nation for sovereignty over their own lives, and unabridged implementation of the constitution.  This humble companion of yours, with congratulations for the occasion of the stunning resistance of the people, extends his condolences for the martyrdom of the proud nation’s dear children.

Hossein Mousavi

Tehran - February 15, 2011


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Mr. ET

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I was not upset at all.

Perhaps what I meant to say was lost in the brief Farsi text, hence here is an English one.  I meant to say, I Google-Searched the content of your comment, and the Google Search gave me 10 results, the same text being repeated 10 times in various websites.  One source, multiplied by 10!  I don’t know who else beside Mohammad Javad Akbarin disputes the validity of Mousavi’s message.  I have not searched for that kind of a thing.  It is not my concern.

What I have done is this; in a creditable online media, I saw a message from a prominent leader of the Iranian opposition movement, and I translated it.  If the message is not from Mousavi, as claimed, I am sure we’ll find out sooner or later.  Meanwhile, I assume it is his, till denied by him or proven othervise.

Best wishes to you also,  

David ET


by David ET on

I am not sure where "my comment" has been posted 10 times (and it is not even my comments but someone else's!)? Anyway, don't get so upset!, only because I provided the message about such possibility! I am only the messenger.

I am offering the news (just as I have provided on number of issues here and on iransecular and I have no opinion on the matter just offering differnt views in this atmosphere of news blackout created by the regime .

Best wishes 





by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Thank you for your translation! I appreciate your effort.....I wish Sargort could read it too and learn something here! My favorite part is the last sentence:

This humble companion of yours, with congratulations for the occasion of the stunning resistance of the people, extends his condolences for the martyrdom of the proud nation’s dear children.

     I think he did a right thing to mention the martyrs and sacrifice the demonstrators made.

From his speech, I personally feel that he tries to have a broad appeal to wide spectrum of people.......he mentioned Khomeni as well as liberal and diverse demands.

    I did watch the parliament protest video yesterday.......the video was shown around the world with mullahs pumping fists in the air yelling execution......only IRI's Majlis can do something like that.........because of that, I think the opposition leaders should be ok! The media coverage is their protection!

I read your poetic tribute to Shifteh thru Google translation yesterday....I understand around 70%.......great poem, concise and timely! I want to thank both Shifteh and you!

Multiple Personality Disorder

آقای ای تی,

Multiple Personality Disorder

کامنت جناب عالی به همین یک صورت در ده جا تکرار شده.

من فرض میکنم این پیام از موسوی‌ست، تا زمانی که خود ایشان تکذیب کنند، یا اگر اطلاعات دیگری دارید لطفاً پُست کنید.

David ET

پیام موسوی را چه کسی نوشته است؟! وبسایت کلمه باید پاسخگو باشد

David ET

محمدجواد اکبرین


تا به حال سه تن از نزدیکترین افراد به مهندس موسوی در صحت انتساب پیام به وی تشکیک کرده‌اند. گفته می‌شود در غیاب موسوی و تحت فشار  تبلیغاتی رسانه های حکومت و در پاسخ به اتهامات آنها، این پیام توسط یکی از مشاوران وی نوشته شده و به نام او در وبسایت کلمه منتشر شده است

در شرایطی که به گفته صریح فرزندان موسوی در پاسخ به سایت جرس، خانواده مهندس موسوی مطلقا خبری از او ندارند و نگران سلامتی او و همسرش هستند و مشاور ارشد وی نیز در آخرین موضع گیری رسمی‌اش اعلام کرده که همه راههای ارتباطی با وی مسدود شده است این پیام کی و توسط چه کسی از مهندس دریافت شده است؟

.بر خلاف آقای کروبی که هنوز راهی برای ارتباط با وی باقی مانده است موسوی در حصر کامل قرار دارد

 وبسایت کلمه باید در برابر ابهام های موجود پاسخگو باشد

.عملکرد صادقانه حرفه‌ای و احترام به شعور و اعتماد مردم، مهمترین وظیفه دست اندرکاران وبسایت کلمه است


نگرانی دختران موسوی از وضعیت میرحسین موسوی و زهرا رهنورد