Freedom of Expression: the IRI style

Freedom of Expression: the IRI style
by Multiple Personality Disorder

"For Iran, freedom of expression series"

Well, it said "The body of your Blog entry it too short." so I added these words to it to make it at least 10 words long.  whoopydoo!!! 


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Just one Cruise missile, just one

by AMIR1973 on


Five monkeys in turbans (The Chief Monkey is the one in the photograph on the wall). I mean, just look at those ugly faces. Just look at them. This is the "khavas" of the Rapist Regime. Why, oh why, can you never find a Cruise missile when you really need one?


You are a mind reader MPD

by divaneh on

You should be the professor of Akhond Studies my friend. Thanks for the good job. Had a good laugh.



by yolanda on


    Your picture reminds me of chemical element "Lithium"......Khamenei is the nucleus, while Rafi, Larijani, and Jannati are the 3 electrons orbiting around the big boss.......OMG! All eyes are on Khamenei......

Thank you for sharing.......I can't tell it is a photoshop 'cause it looks seamless.


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