Get an education: who is Fatemeh Alia?


Get an education: who is Fatemeh Alia?
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Fatemeh Alia (فاطمه آلیا) was nominated by Ahmadinejad on Sunday to be the next Islamic Republic of Iran's Minister of Education.  She is the same person that about a year and half ago declared that "...Simon de Beauvoir (سيمون دوبوار) Street in the west part of Tehran should be renamed after female martyrs, or the first woman martyr at the dawn of the Islamic Revolution..."  Simon de Beauvoir was one of the most famous female writers and philosophers who was influential in the French, and the world, literature, but the street was not in her name, it was named after Simon Bolivar (سيمون بوليوار).  Apparently back then she was not yet prepared to be the next Minister of Education, otherwise she would have done her homework on Simon Bolivar, the Liberator of Latin America, who was instrumental in the defeat of Spanish Monarchy in Latin America, and is beloved in that part of the world by at least six different countries.  Simon Bolivar is definitely a man, and not a woman, and apparently Fatemeh Alia in her rush to push forward her Islamic feminist agenda had failed to check his private parts. Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela who is a great fan of Simon Bolivar, had asked the Iranian authorities to name one of Tehran's streets after Simon Bolivar in exchange for his installation of a statue of Omar Khayyam at the National Library in Caracas.

Fatemeh Alia is one of the most conservative female Islamo feminist minister candidates Ahmadinejad could have come up with to fool the people into believing that the regime is capable of granting equal rights to women.  She is the one that said men's abusiveness towards women is not harassment.  She is the one who has said on the record that the philosophy of polygamy at the end is beneficial to women, and women should try to lay this issue in its proper bed.  As a devoted Shiia Muslim, she is in favor of temporary marriage between men and women (not to be confused between men and sheep).  She believes that Imam Zaman frequents Iran's Parliament, and not only visits Majlis members in their bed but also while they're passing laws for their constituencies.

Her department is incorrectly listed as Ministry of Education in western media, however in Farsi it is called (وزارت آموزش و پرورش).  The correct translation should have been Ministry of Education and Nourishment.  The intent here is not only to educate the so called ignorant masses, but also to nourish them in the way of living under the yoke of the Islamic regime.  Under her leadership all male teachers will be encouraged to have four wives, and female teachers will be encouraged to take four husbands, no wait a minute I got this one wrong, all female teachers are encouraged to be married to a man that has at least three other wives already, if she wants to get any salary increases.  All female students will be required to get married at the age of nine if they eventually want to get a high school diploma about nine years later.

One of her first orders as of the new Minster will be to build taller walls around female schools, and to color all classroom widows black; to be sure no men with dirty minds and dirty eyes would set an eye on the female students.  The new female uniforms will be all black chadors, and no more nose jobs will be allowed, unless the person who wants to get a nose job will be willing to get married right away to an akhondzadeh right after her nose wounds are healed and she can breathe throw her nose while sucking on this rosary.  All curriculums that require use of two eyes will be declared un-Islamic in all-girls schools; so therefore not to hinder the progress of female students under her administration all binocular-microscopes will be replaced with monocular-microscopes.  All none Islamic educational books that show anatomically correct pictures of female human bodies will be replaced with Islamically correct anatomical bodies, i.e. female bodies will be covered from head to toe.

There will be an increase in the amount of how much Islamic none sense can be crammed in a student head, so beside the usual religion studies, there also be other extra curricular activities on such subjects as how to spot faces of Imams on the surface of the moon, how to detect haloes around the head of the Islamic Presidents, how to eliminate poverty with distribution of potatoes and gain votes at the same time, how to lie without blinking an eye, and how to join the basiji apparatuses and shoot people with immunity.

Okay, I'm out of here.  Over 750 words; that should be enough to describe the woman.


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Dear MPD

by yolanda on

Thanks for digging out the statistics, which is a very powerful piece of information. Apparently, between the age of 0 thru 64, there are more guys than girls......... Above the age of 64, there are more women than men. It makes sense 'cause the world-wide trend is that women tend to have a little longer life expectancy than men. I am not trying to insult guys, just want to be honest here. The statistics tells us that polygamy is not necessary, but Fatemeh seemed to suggest that polygamy is some kind of compassionate practice, with that, all the women can have chance of getting married and being taken care by is bull! I am pretty sure this lady knows the statistics better than me. She just wants to defend every word in Qur'an.

This lady is in her own world, she acts like that everything she says "makes perfect sense" to herself. I think it is not easy to reason with her 'cause the way she was raised and indoctrinated! She reminds me of the dude with a hat in this video:


  Her brain is wired differently........if she wants her hubby to have 4 wives, that is OK and nobody is going to stop her, just don't talk about the "benefits" of polygamy on behalf of other women!

Thank you again for your very enlightening article and statistics! Great job! I learned a lot here!!!



Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

According to the following demographics of Iran, there is no justification for polygamy in Iran based on sex ratio.  Even after the devastating Iran-Iraq War the male-to-female ratio in Iran is about 50/50 at all different ages.  Also, Iran has a young population, median of age is 27 years, and literacy rate is high among Iranian women.

Fatemeh Alia’s justification for polygamy based on male casualties in wars is based on religious teaching and not based on scientific facts.  In a small tribal community of let’s say 1000 adult males and 1000 adult females, which of that let’s say all the adult males are recruited into a war and 750 of the men die in that war, the sex ratio drastically changes to 4 women for 1 man, but in a vast country like Iran were the population is highly mobile and people easily move from small villages to large cities the overall sex ratio remains close to 50/50 in most localities.

Fatemeh Alia will not succeed in trying to perpetuate her ideas, because young educated Iranian women will continue their struggle for gender equality. 

Age structure
0-14 years: 22.3% (male 7,548,116; female 7,164,921)
15-64 years: 72.3% (male 24,090,976; female 23,522,861)
65 years and over: 5.4% (male 1,713,533; female 1,834,816) (2008 est.)

Median age
male: 26.2 years
female: 26.7 years (2008 est.)

Sex ratio
at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female
under 15 years: 1.05 male(s)/female
15-64 years: 1.02 male(s)/female
65 years and over: 0.93 male(s)/female
total population: 1.03 male(s)/female (2008 est.)

definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 80%
male: 86%
female: 73.0% (2003 est.)

(Source: Wikipedia)


Dear MPD

by yolanda on

Thanks for the link. I read the whole article in Payvand, it is kind of dry, humorless, and full of ideology. Apparently the lady is deeply religious and lives her life according to Qur'an verbatim. Her view is very hard for me to accept: women don't need to get employed in Iran, women in the West fare worse than the Iranian women, there is nothing wrong with polygamy.

The last paragraph said that polygamy is necessary 'cause too many guys died in the war. There are not enough guys to marry all the girls.

   My question: Is the women/men ratio really off in Iran? not 1:1? I am not sure if it is polite question. I know many people died in the I/I war. Sooo sorry!

I was wondering if the lady is using the war as an excuse to justify the polygamy in Qur'an.

The lady seems to be married 'cause Payvand's article calls her Mrs. Fatemeh Alia.........

Initially I thought this lady could be a trailblazer or a pioneer, but after I read your article, I can just forget about her!

   Thank you for writing your article with humorous approach and I look forward to your next article or poem.



Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

It's hard to find a biography for her online, so I don't know if she is married or not, and if she is how many wives her husband has, but here is link to a newsfeed about her, and an interview with her from 2007:


Thank you for reading.


Thank you

by yolanda on

Thank you for your article, which is very informative and facetious! I can't believe this lady condones polygamy. I thought all the girls hate polygamy! I thought polygamy only occurs in the countryside, not in the big cities. I was wondering if she shares her husband with 3 other women?!  She is crazy!!



che khabar e

sure had me fooled :-)

by che khabar e on

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I have no problem inserting Farsi text in the "Body" on my blogs, I just copy and paste and it's a done deal.  It does not mess up left or right alignment of the English text.  I think the problem you're talking about is when posting a comment, that's a different story, everything gets screwed up in that case.


A complete mad house.

by Mehrban on

What else can I say?  



MPD jaan you're the expert in mixing Persian and English fonts!

by Anonymouse on

No one does it better in this website.  You are now such an expert that put them in paranthesis!  Ajab kalaki hasti!  Don't rub it in ;-) I can't even get a damn period to end a sentence correctly and you use paranthesis, what's next?!

I think if the cartoon is based on her actual quote it'd be her way of saying we should think that is the extent of our women's problems.  Like when his boss Ahmadi said 15% is really the extent of inflation and our economy's problem ;-) 

Everything is sacred.

Multiple Personality Disorder

ebi jaan,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Thank you Azarin for providing the correct spelling of the name Simon de Beauvoir.  I should've provided it myself as a footnote.  I had translated that part of her quoted remark directly from Farsi into English without providing the correct spelling of the name.  I think the way I had it before, the name was more comical looking coming from Fatemeh Alia, but I went ahead and changed it with the correct spelling but also added the Farsi text of her name in parenthesis.  Good thing you know French, that way you know how to read and pronounce these French misspelled names, or words.  

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I loved the cartoon...and Fatima's confusion between Simon de Beauvoir and Simon Bolivar - considering the fact that she is the next minister of Educaton...LOL - is just priceless! 

Thank you MPD jan for this fun blog!

ebi amirhosseini

MPD Aziz...

by ebi amirhosseini on

"that should be enough to describe the woman. "

Yes it is.Lol.


Ebi aka Haaji