The Heat Is Gone

The Heat Is Gone
by Multiple Personality Disorder

The Heat Is Gone

At last rain finally came
Behold!  Torrent rain on world's febrile frame
Tired of injustices of sweltering heat,
with sound of thunder,
sky's silent bowl finally shattered

From menacing clouds,
it finally rained cats and dogs
Heat's mighty claws,
which held the land in chain,
finally lost its grip in disdain

Thirsty, delirious plain,
swallowed drops of water with crave,
awakened by the rain

Trees danced again,
life flowing in their vain, 
their branches utterly strained

Land was no longer in constrain
Life renewed itself again

Footnote: The original poem by Mehrban.  Blog Image, "Landscape at Auvers in the Rain", by Vincent van Gogh.


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Beautiful translation

by Monda on

Yet standing strong on its own.



by Mehrban on

You made me feel as cheerful as the thirsty field in the rain.  

I am so humbled by your skill to translate from Persian to English and vice versa.  Your translation is a strong poem on its own with a strength and viability that comes from you and not the original poet.  Thank you! Thank you!



by yolanda on

A super cute "Rain" song by Googoosh! The dancers look Oriental to me!



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Yeah! You are back! Long time no hear! Thank you for translating this great poem. I love the imagery, the personification, and metaphors in the poem! The poetess is very imaginative! My favorite verse is:

sky's silent bowl finally shattered

Wow! very visual!

Here is a rain poem with great visual background, it looks like kids' paintings:

A rain song by Omid. He has a heavenly voice:

A rain song by Shajarian:

Thank you for your great translation!