I am afraid

I am afraid
by Multiple Personality Disorder

I Am Afraid

I am afraid of your absence,
and more of your presence!

Not having you will wreck me,
and having you will break me!

When you’re not around no one I want,
and when you are, it’s “you” that I want!

Without you my colors are dusky,
and at your side I am gray!

Your farewell draws me to madness,
and your hello causes me stress!

Without you I am yearning, I profess,
and with you I am restless!

Without you I am wearily done,
and with you I am on the run!

Stay with me, in my awareness
Leave me at my presence

I've gotten used to your absence


Footnote:  "I am afraid" is my adaptation of a Farsi poem that has recently appeared here on iranian.com, and in several other websites, without the name of the poet being verifiable.  See here for the original Farsi poem.  Also, the Blog Image is by Leonid Afremov.


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by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

   Thank you for the great translation of a very sophisticated poem.................I read the poem last nite and I wanted to find more info on the poet....but wikipedia only has the poet's bio in German....that is a bummer....

This poem conjures up the image of love, separation, loss, divorce, or bereavement....the sweetest verses are:

When you’re not around no one I want,
and when you are, it’s “you” that I want!

The blog painting reminds me of the contrast between the light and darkness! very cool!

This poem reminds of this country song:


Thank you for the great translation!

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Sweet .....What a nice translation and I love the painting too ..