I am the Father!


I am the Father!
by Multiple Personality Disorder

I am your father.  Come join the dark side.  We are multitudes.  Come join the thugs, the forces of evil, trained to defeat my enemies, my disobedient sons and daughters.  Come, come my children.  We will build an evil empire and spread our haltered around the world.  We will show them what we're capable of.  Come join me, I am the absolute power, the Supreme, the Leader.  I will lead you to the darkness.  Together we will create a world were men can not speak their minds freely.  Come my children.  Follow me blindly where no man has gone before, where voice of dissent will be crushed ruthlessly.

I am your father.  My father a fanatic pimp.  My mother a pious whore.  From inception I was trained to hate all that is good.  I will not tolerate opposing views.  I select and elect my emissaries, my ambassadors, my ministers, the president, the parliament members.  My power is absolute.  My army is ready to strike at any moment's notice.  I will crush dissent, you will see.  Come join me my children, where your loyalty will be rewarded with heavenly ecstasy.

I am your father.  If you only knew the power of the dark side.  Come with me, it is the only way.  Together we will defeat those who speak against us.  We will break their bones and their skulls.  We thrust daggers into their hearts and make their mothers cry in pain.  We will hang them from cranes.  Come with me that I am the father.  We will send them to their homes, and if they don't obey my orders we will blame them for the violence.  We will crush them with batons, clubs, and chains, and if they don't obey me we will make them bleed even more.  We will bring troopers and evil forces from our allies from other lands to do the killings.

I am your father.  Come join me in the name of the darkness, where hate begets hate.  Come with me my children where I have a plan to turn this nation into darkness, where no one is allowed to hold hands, to sing songs of freedom, to dance to the rhythm of liberty.  Together we will silence them.  I have a plan.  We will kill the Godless, and then the hypocrites, the deceivers, the malignants, the pretenders, the spies, and the children.  We will strike fear in their hearts and we will rule over them.  We will imprison their leaders and torture them till they confess their loyalty to me, or they will rot in dungeons.

I am your father.  The Supreme Leader.  The Absolute Power.  I am the all-knowledgeable, the best there is, the excellent, the first and the last word, the head of the nation, the highest of the highest, the incomparable, the leader of the lost herd, the perfect example of God's power.  I am the ultimate force, the unsurpassable, the superb, the totality of supremacy, the omnipotence in jurisdiction, the authority over all authorities, I am the birthright, the command, the order.  I am the dominance, the privileged, the regency, the ruler, the superior, the endowment, the gift, the virtue.  I am devoid of errors, the righteous, the pure.  I will surrender to no one.  I know no weakness.  I am unyielding.  I am the power, the ascendancy, the hegemony, the rule, the law.  Follow me, I am the way.  I will lead you to the darkness.

I am the Father.    


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rosie is roxy is roshan

Azarin, write a poem or a story for her and for us.MPD

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I think you will feel better.

If you can't maybe just do stream of consciousness, automatic writing.

You will soon feel many things.

And this is good.


MPD; you always get irritated when I suggest what you should do.



Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I wrote this blog yesterday morning before watching or reading any news from Iran.  I had not seen any of the video clips of Neda, who died in front of cameras.  I didn't want to follow the news till later when I was finished with the blog.  The blog is about Khamenie's Friday Prayer speech and what he was getting ready to do.  A friend called me while I was in the middle of posting the blog to tell me about the horrible news from Iran.  I still didn't want to watch any video clips; I can not watch disturbing images of people being shot or hanged, or animals being beaten to death.

Last night when I came home after being offline for a while, I saw the video of the "Girl shot dead" for the first time, and I agree with everything you say in your comment.  Other than initially sobbing for her death, I feel dead already, emotionally dead, numb to the core, but I'm sure this devastation will in someway surface itself soon.

Azarin Sadegh

I'm sorry...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear MPD,

Usually, I'm easy to laugh, the same way I can cry easily. Usually, your blogs make me laugh, or think, or at least smile.

Tonight, I read your blog, and I think something is terribly wrong with me. It should be a kind of disease. I might be dead already. At least part of me. I read "I am your Father" and remembered Neda who died live on Youtube in front of her father's eyes and remembered her last gaze, and then...I couldn't laugh or even smile, and I'm sorry for my comment...



I hate dart too, but who is

by the real bambi (not verified) on

I hate dart too, but who is impersonating "bambi" here?!



by bambi (not verified) on

I don't like Darth Vader with power! I don't! I don't like him, MPD! I don't like him here and there. I don't like him in Shemran! I don't like him in Tehran! I don't like him in Iran! Say! I don't like him anywhere! And I would kick him in the nuts. And I would kick him in the butts...and I would kick him in the guts. I don't like Darth Vader with power!

Thank you! Thank you, MPD

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on


funny that picture doesn't look like you.



by 1 hamavatan (not verified) on

Hi dad!!

:-) No thank you I am OK , I hate the "dark side".



by minadadvar on

Wow!  You describe IRI and Khamenie beautifully.


Nilo Siavashi

MPD, it is incredible the way you chip at Khamenei's facade

by Nilo Siavashi on

Dear MPD, you have a way to reduce it to what it really is.  Khamenei is evil and Ahmadinejad is "joojeh Hitler"



by Princess on

What have we done to deserve you? Just wait, we WILL disown you!

You are very talented MPD. Very well done. Thank you.