I have a dream


I have a dream
by Multiple Personality Disorder

I had a dream I was in a dilapidated public bath house with toilets and shower stalls, where the locks on the doors didn't work well, so people would come and go as I was trying to urinate and take a shower.  The place was dirty, stinky, and damp.  The piping system was old and the plumbing knobs didn't work well.  I wanted to use the toilet before taking a shower but there wasn't much privacy.  It was a mixed gender place, so I wasn't comfortable doing it in front of others.  Maybe I was in Switzerland, you know, where people don't have any inhibition about their bodies, but there was no direct indication where I was.  People didn't look Iranians, so I don't believe I was in Iran.  They don’t have mixed gender bath houses over there, not even in dreams.  Not that they have it in the USA!  Not even in dreams.

I then was taking off my shirts, jackets, and sweaters to take a shower but there were layers and layers of clothes I was wearing, and they were tight, so I had to pull them off me with some effort.  Get the tight sleeves out of my hands, well mostly out of my right hand.  Take off buttonless shirts over my head.  There were some shirts that I forgot to unbutton the sleeve cuffs and they were stuck to my hand, well mostly to my right hand.  A man came in and criticized me for being an irresponsible citizen about everything.  It was a general statement.  He was with kids, but nothing specific about them.  They took off in the bath house, running away playfully, while the man stuck around complaining.  I, very calmly, asked him what he meant by calling me irresponsible, while I was still trying to take off my shirts.  He went on making general statements.  He had a camera with him, and with it he was getting wet, sometimes water pouring on his head, but he didn't seem to be concern about it, yet he went on complaining, most of it I didn't understand.  So, I pressed on him to be specific.  He finally said one of the things I was irresponsible about was that I didn't lock the door.  I told him I tried to lock the door the best I could but the latch didn't work well, and it was not my fault that the place was dilapidated.

I asked him again what else I was irresponsible about.  After trying to beat around the bush again he finally said I was piling up my cloths over the patrician, which was leaning precariously.  I told him the hanger hooks were broken.  The conversation with him ended, but I was not yet naked.   I went to look for a soap bar in and around some public sinks.  When I finally found one I grabbed it and turned around to go back to my shower stall but I saw some women checking it out, so I had to tell them it was already taken.  I was getting tired of taking off my clothes so I began to pull them off of me with more vigor till I woke up.

My hand was stuck in the bed spread and I had to urinate very badly.  When I was in my deep sleep my mind was trying to wake me up so I free my hand and use the bathroom.  It was weird.  I have these kinds of dreams often, in bathrooms where floor is wet and slippery and any time I want to void your bladder I have to stop because I might fall in the toilet.


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I cannot imagine how can

by JoeAnne on

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Dream Hot Line

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I was trying to

by Anonymouse on

I was trying to urinate and take a shower

Are you a urinator?!  Just kidding! 

Speaking of bathrooms and showers in Iran.  That is one of the most annoying things to get used to.  You end up taking a shower every other day at best, usually every other 2 days.  I just don't know why.  It is worse when you look at people you start estimating how long has it been since they had a shower!  I mean you look at these good looking girls (and guys) and you say; hmmmmmm?! Once a week is norm and you can literally smell it away ;-)  Remember Samad? He used to say I had my shower 2 weeks ago!

Also, lately the latest bathroom "design" is to combine the shower and the Iranian toilet.  I think to save costs and not have a tub.  So for all intent and purposes they're encouraging people to become a urinator!  No kidding.  I mean what else are you going to do when you're taking a shower, with no shower curtain, and the toilet is a foot away flat on the floor?!

Everything is sacred.

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on