Iran, a reflection: I confess


Iran, a reflection: I confess
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Iran, a reflection: I confess

Everyone knows I’m guilty
I confess
I meant well,
but I’m a sinner never the less 

To the Supreme Leader:
To our beloved founder,
Our Master,
I confess
I’m an old teacher and a taxi driver
with a bad bladder
I'm also a party-goer
An opium smoker
A tweeter
A booze drinker
A complainer
To our beloved leader,
I hope you’ll become an Imam
Sooner than later
My sincere confessions I offer
I became an agitator
Friday Prayer,
I haven't gone there since last year
Instead I became a Bahai supporter
I confess my sins without a lawyer
I'm not a liar
I stole from the coffer

To President Ahmadinejad:
Your Excellency,
I confess
There was no conspiracy
Fair and square you won the presidency
Please have mercy
I promise
I'll never again drink Zionistic Pepsi
I'll never again say your wife is NOT sexy
I promise
I'll never again call you a monkey
A chimpanzee
Your Excellency,
Have mercy
I'll never again hang my degree inside my taxi
I'll never again talk about democracy
I now believe in your halo
Halo; halo; halo;
I can see your halo
Standing in light of your halo
halo; halo; halo
I can see your halo

And, Holocaust I now deny
The Jews didn't die
It was all a lie
In the ovens they DID survive
It was all a lie, lie, lie

And, Imam Zaman will appear soon
Out of his time-and-space cocoon
In the middle of one afternoon
No one then will laugh at your cartoon

To the Honorable Prosecutor,
I confess
If you ask me questions, I will answer
I’m a hacker
I sleep with a hooker
But, I'm also in love with Burt Lancaster
I met him in Manchester
For him sometimes I get a boner
Other times I’m just a jerker
I know how to speak English
That makes me an spy for the British
Instead of “Roses of the Prophet Muhammad” I ate Danish
For ten years I spied for the Kurdish
Then I became politically greenish
But my beliefs were rubbish
I was foolish, childish

To judge of the court,
I make it short
Green movement I no longer support

To the people of Iran:
I confess my guilt to those who’re concern
I’d like to say
I have a wife
but I also lived with my mistress hooker in sin
I gave her my sperm
I was frequenting an illegal cavern
And I loved all things Western

I had a plan
To overthrow the big man
When it failed, to the Turkish border I ran
Thank God I was caught
To Kahrizak Prison I was brought

They didn't treat me badly
For lunch they gave me hamburger with Islamic Pepsi
Every afternoon they gave me a cookie with coffee 
The place was a beauty
 No one was pushy
I didn't lose my sanity
With clear mind I want to confess
I'm not under stress
I'm guilty
Guilty as I confess

I don’t want to be whipped, certainly
I hate stoning, undoubtedly
I hate to be hanged by a crane, admittedly
I hate firing squads, surely

I want to live, badly 


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Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Your humor filled look at the situation with confessions is unique, remarkable, and extremely potent. Intelligent and funny as usual, engineered to provoke thought, increase awareness, and manage to make us smile all the while.

I happen to know that images of people killed and hung and flugged are not particularly your area of tolerance, and I know that such scenes affect and move you to the point where your thoughts and poetry have to write themselves before you can breath again. Such is the tortuous life of a writer, my friend. The end result from my end of the table, stated quite selfishly however, is reading sparkling writing every time. Thank you.

Anahid Hojjati

MPD, your poem has nice musicality

by Anahid Hojjati on

Great poem.  It has message, musicality, energy and imagery.  Especially message and musicality are excellent. All sentences are nice.  One good section is:

I had a plan
To overthrow the big man
When it failed, to the Turkish border I ran
Thank God I was caught
To Kahrizak Prison I was brought

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Excellent work MPD! ....But I have to confess that I don't know if I should laugh or cry!