IRI regime is gearing up for more violence


IRI regime is gearing up for more violence
by Multiple Personality Disorder

During 16th of Azar demonstrations, some pictures of Khomeini were torn.  Whether this act happened because of some individuals or it was a calculated act by some segments of the movement in general, to shift focus form Khamenei to Khomeini, or it was a combination of both, is not yet clear to me at this point, however it is clear that his pictures were torn, it has been broadcasted in Iran in seda va sima, and published on paper and in electronic media.  In the aftermath of what has happened; mouthpieces of the regime are calling for more violence against the protesters.

Four Islamic Student Unions announced today that there will be mourning in all university campuses throughout the country, "to condemn the violation of inviolability of the Image of the Great Founder of the Islamic Revolution."

Shiraz Seminary of Clergies (حوزه‌هاي علميه شيراز) issued a statement, "...some internal elements of America and Israel, with rudeness, have proven their elegance to the enemies of Islam and Qur'an, and have injured the hearts of the devotees of the image of the Guardianship..."  It continues to say that in solidarity with the absolute Guardianship of the Jurisconsult, the Seminary, with nationwide coordination, will go on a strike.
Ghazvin's Friday Prayer's Imam, Ayatollah Barikbin, in his last Friday's sermon, stated that "The honorable people of Iran will not tolerate these kinds of violation of inviolability (of Khomeini), and your servant in this place condemns this act, and people must respond to those responsible for this act, and they will.  They have to learn from miserable Sadam that this Order is a Divine Order, and we must be united and allied so we could overcome difficulties; so foreigners would not dare to be so bold.  Certainly our adolescences and youths in their gatherings must respond to these contemptuous acts."

Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Yazdi, the head of the Council of the Grand Society of the Theological Teachers' of the Scientific Seminary of Qum ( آيت الله شيخ محمد يزدي رئيس شوراي عالي جامعه مدرسين حوزه علميه قم), issued a prospectus declaring "...a small number of people in disguise as students, violated the inviolability of the magnificent flag-bearer of resistance against global oppression; meaning this act of insult against the Source of Emulation and the Leader Excellency of the Global Shia, His Highness Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini (RA) [بزرگ پرچمدار مبارزه با استكبار جهاني يعني مرجع و رهبر عاليقدر جهان تشيع حضرت آيت‌الله‌العظمي امام خميني‌(ره], has pained the hearts of dear Iranian people and the admirers of Imam Khomeini (RA)  in the entire world...  With the strongest condemnation of this shameful act the Society of the Theological Teachers’ of Seminary of Qum request from the responsible authorities that the instigators and the antecedents of this enormous crime must be dealt with outmost swiftness,..."

We'll see what happens next.

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Ali9 Akbar

Good use for his picture

by Ali9 Akbar on

my son needs a target for practice   



Shazde Asdola Mirza

Why tear Khomeini's photo, when you can use it for toilet paper?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!



by shushtari on

would use his picture as toilet paper.....

this sob was a bloodthirsty, illiterate akhoond who is burning in hell right now...


and the mouthpieces of the vulture mullah regime claim people of iran actually revere this animal???!!!!


look what they did to the pictures of the poor shah, after all he had done for iran.....


this is the beginning of the end for the akhoonds and they know it 



Khoda bebakshe you who are supposed to speak the words of Allah

by OmidKarimi on

Four Islamic Student Unions announced today that there will be mourning
in all university campuses throughout the country, "to condemn the
violation of inviolability of the Image of the Great Founder of the
Islamic Revolution." 

One picture gets torn and you call for a mourning... 100 young people get raped, killed, burned, axed.. and you accuse them of a Bilderberg Zionist plot..


I guess this is what happens when your education level only stops at the Quoran.



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The more these bastards

by Cost-of-Progress on

clamp down on people, the sooner their demise will come. Soon, they, their supporters and their sick religion will become but another dark page in the long and bloody history of our great nation.  

Let's hope we learn from our mistakes.





Another Backfire

by divaneh on

This is evidently done by the regime to give it an excuse for cracking down the opposition. It is interesting to see their inability to learn from their mistakes. They used the divinity of the leader (faghih) only for it to backfire and for people to cross the line that was not crossed. Now they brought up the “taboo of disrespecting the big totem". Only for the people to cross another line and for the totem to fall down. What they cannot understand is that no tool could help them to defend the indefensible.


At some point in the

by benross on

At some point in the development of the movement, one would expect that Khomeini himself would be targeted. Whether it was precipitated by IRI agents for a crack down, is irrelevant. It was bound to happen.

Now I don't see any drastic change in the situation, in which the local leaders where always accused of being anti-regime and they were always denying it. What is more relevant in this situation is, that Moosavi and all other local leaders are political Moslems to the bone. They proud themselves for their accomplishments in IRI and they always justify their actions by giving Khomeini as the example and source of inspiration. Now even if the local leaders where exactly what they are accused of being, meaning a complete defectors of IRI and its ideas, how could they possibly express themselves under that pressure of IRI?

Which brings me back to my familiar tune. The Iranians abroad should mobilize and organize themselves. Soon. The freedom of expression should come from where it exists.


Sign of weakness

by Gordzad on

I think the whole act was played by the IR agents in order to use whatever faith and respect people may have left in Khomeini. The fact that it was shown in TV and played by the IR propaganda machine points to the whole thing being planned by them. It is to be considered a desperate act. They have to find something against the students and others asking for more freedom and there is nothing left but the image of Khomeini himself. The question is how much the young generation care or respect the guy who brought hel to Iran. Hopefully, it will backfire and make people realize that it actually is a good deed to tore and burn his photo.



by yolanda on

 Hi! MPD,

     Your blog is full of big fancy words like magnificent flag-bearer,  inviolability, and Source of Emulation . It is the 1st time I have read those words. Apparently the guy is treated like a God over there! It is amazing that people have to mourn over a piece of torn poster.........I think the torn poster is just an excuse for them to crack down....IRI has realized that Iranian people dare to break the taboo and challenge the existence of IRI.......IRI is pretty desperate......

I am praying that the violence won't escalate!

Glad to see you back after a week of hiatus! :O)

Thank you and take care!!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


So much for democracy- the new BOT

by Fair on

That is right- the so called "botshekan" has now become the "bot", whose image must not be violated:

violation of inviolability of the Image of the Great Founder of the Islamic Revolution


What a load of BS. The "Great Founder" has founded a terrorist system which rapes innocent girls before they are burned to death- all for asking "Where is my vote?"

And meanwhile, the image of some dead dude who died old and senile 21 years ago is not to be tolerated?

To hell with this system and its "great founder" and all those who deny anybody's right to do whatever they want to a picture. As far as I am concerned, one hair of one student who has been arrested, tortured, and raped today for daring to stand up for freedom is worth a million criminals like Khomeini. I would burn his picture and spit on it a thousand times a day, like I would any mass murderer's. What did he bring my country besides destruction, isolation, ignorance, and slavery.

Death to Dictator.

Irani Meemirad

Zellat Nemipazirad