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Microbiologist Doctor Ali Hoseyni Khamenei subsisted by feeding on the life essence, blood of living persons.  He kept his victims in dark, damp, and cramped dungeons; the three most infamous ones being Kahrizak, Avin, and Rajai-Shahr.  Although bloodsucking demons have existed throughout the Iranian history, especially in an area immediately to the north-west of Kavir Desert, and another in the north-east region of the country near Turkmenistan-Afghanistan border, Doctor Khamenei’s ruthlessness had surpassed them all.

Doctor Khamenei was born in Mashhad, the Mecca for such creatures, although many Mashhadi people are themselves victims of such beasts.  From an early age he was fascinated with properties of blood, however he was in his sixties when he began systematic study of divine-microbiology and bacterial infection of blood.  By the time he was seventy years old, having studied behavior of microbes for at least ten years; he had become the most prominent bloodsucking authority in recognizing social, political, and cultural microbes.  And so, it was in October 2010 that he announced to the world that the Iranian nation was infected with at least three different types of deadly microbes, sociali bacteria, politica bacteria, and culturales bacteria.  As a cure, he announced widespread use of an ancient antibiotic called ‘Amputatio Membrorum Antibiotic’ (amputation of limbs antibiotic).  So a new reign of terror began, first in the city of his birth, and then it spread to Yazd, Hamadan, and Mashhad, where soon bakers in those cities had to learn how to make candies with only one hand, as the result of their right hand being amputated to save their lives.

Doctor Khamenei’s assistances are werewolves, wolf-like animals that have the ability to shape-shift themselves into human-like creatures.  This transformation gives werewolves superhuman and unlimited strength, cruelty and monstrosity.  Some werewolves, once dressed in human clothes are called Plainclothes Security Forces, others maintain their wolf-like beards and are called Basijis, a third group is simply known as Thugs.  Even though werewolves are equipped with their own beastly fangs and claws, which could easily tear apart any man without much effort, they prefer to carry with them razor blades, knives, daggers, swords, and guns.  Is 2009, when Doctor Khamenei’s blood supply was dwindling, werewolves were the main entities packing his dungeons with new victims.

Many believe the Iranian people have been placed under a curse, “The curse of the Full Moon”.  That is when people see the unseen, the faces of humans on the surface of the moon, and so they are mesmerized into believing and acting without much logic.  The latest occurrence of these types of seduction, on a mass scale, manifested itself in the late 1970’s when people sighted the face of another well-known doctor on the moon, another microbiologist by the name of Doctor Moosavi Khomeini.  Doctor Khomeini and Khamenei are not related to each other by blood, but blood that they have sucked.  But, many westerners are so confused with the similarities of the two names that they believe these two bloodsuckers are the same.  Let it be known, they are not the same.  Doctor Khomeini, although he was a prominent microbiologist at his time, at the end of his life he failed to cure the Iranian nation of its microbial infection before he passed away from having lost his ability to digest sufficient amount of blood to sustain him.  But Doctor Khamenei, having learned from the mistakes of his predecessor, is still in a great blood digestive health, and as such he is hellbound determined to suck the blood of Iranian people till he is 99 years old, at least.

Having said so, soon I’ll be typing with my left hand fingers only, having lost my right hand to the ‘Amputatio Membrorum Antibiotic’.

Footnote: Blog Image courtesy of Red Wine.


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Happy Khalloween MPD

by divaneh on

Or perhaps happy Khalloweenei. Very much enjoyed your creative blog. I also loved Red Wine's poster which is as perfect as usual.

13th Legion

This is more like the creep

by 13th Legion on

13th Legion

I agree with Azarin

by 13th Legion on

the poster with all the vamp babes is way to good and cool for khamenei, hayef e Dracul ;)

Multiple Personality Disorder

Thank you Yolanda,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

And I must say you're very ingenious yourself, for having discovered me :O)

Your comment is also very ingenious!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker Dracula seems haunting

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I have never seen this movie before.  If I get a chance I shall watch it, although the suicide of the queen didn’t make any sense to me. Why would she believe a letter that was mailed, from an arrow, by the enemy?  Where were her minders to protect her?  How did the Turks get so close to the palace, while they were fighting elsewhere?  How did they know where to shoot the arrow so it would be picked up by her, and her only?

How come she had so much blood on her when she drowned in the river?  And, why didn’t they wash her before the king saw her?  Did’t they have mordeh shoor?  What was the benefit of ending such a letter to her?  No wonder the Turks lost the war.  They were too busy writing letters instead of fighting the war.  But anyway, why didn't anyone hold down the king till he got over his grief?

Good grief!  I mean, the music is great, the scenes are chilling, but the story is unrealistic.  On the other hand my story is so realistic.  You don’t believe me!  Watch this:



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    What a creative and seasonal/timely blog! You combined real life events with Hemotology (blood-sucking :O)), Zoology(werewolf transformation), Microbiology.....this is definitely your trade-mark blog which is sad and homorous at the same time.....

I can relate to this part very well:

Doctor Khomeini and Khamenei are not related to each other by blood, but blood that they have sucked.  But, many westerners are so confused with the similarities of the two names that they believe these two bloodsuckers are the same.

    As a non-Iranian, it is very hard for me to tell these 2 bloodsuckers' names apart......of course, I can spell the names......but I when I watch TV, I have no idea the newscaster is talking about Khomeini or Khamenei...the 2 names sound so similar.......I have to use contextual clues to figure out.....

You are absolutely right that:

Doctor Khomeini and Khamenei are not related to each other by blood, but blood that they have sucked.

Khamenei took up Khomeini's cape (or mantle in the blog photo) and continued the blood-sucking business!

    I like your whole blog very really had to rack your brain to put politics and blood-sucking together seamlessly...but I hope Khamenei won't last until 99 years old.......that will be too long......I can't take it any more....

    I envision that Khamenei's funeral will turn into the biggest ever national protest/celebration........celebration of the end of an era.....the end of the tyranny! If freedom can come before his death, that will be even better!

Thank you for your ingenuity!

Happy KHalloween!

P.S. I hope you won't lose your right hand!

Azarin Sadegh

My favorite Dracula

by Azarin Sadegh on

My favorite Dracula is Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker Dracula!


This first scene made such an impression on me...since I never expected that I was about to see one of the most tragic love stories...I never thought that Dracula could be such a loving lover! Incredible movie...with haunting music! Unforgettable!

And this blog you are talking about Dr. Khameni the criminal microbiologist, as if your talking about my beloved Conte Dracula (especially with that misleading poster...sigh sigh) 

Come on, dear MPD jan-e aziz!...Don't mess up the respected reputation of vampires with a character like Khameni! 

Khamenei is no scientist, no religious man and no vampire...There is nothing godly/demonly about him...He is just a petty dictator, a little man with murderous wants.  That's all!