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To Mr. Naser Sarmadi Parsa, the torturer

Last night I went to a place called The Hillside Club, in Berkeley, California. Strangely enough this club was originally founded by a group of Berkeley women who wished to protect the beautiful hills surrounding the area, but last night there was talk of protecting another beautiful place, protecting a nation, its soil, and its soul from people like you. Protecting an entire nation from ruins caused by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr. Houshang Asadi was the guest speaker at the club. I am sure by now you know who he is, since you seem to have lost your prominent position in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy in Tajikistan over publication of his book “Letters To My Torturer: Love, Revolution And Imprisonment In Iran”. He spoke freely about what was on his mind; Love, Power, and Torture. The power in Iran is now at the hands of your Brothers, who employed you, to the embarrassment of the rest of us, to be in the position of ambassadorship. You were the one who tortured him years ago; but, at the end you did not break him. You did not break the love that was in his heart. The love for his wife that kept him going for six years in prison, many parts of it in solitary confinement, is still there, and so is the love for his country and his people. Unlike you, and people like you, who are full of hate, he is full of love. His resolve for a better future for Iran is stronger than ever before. His feet still burns with the pain you inflicted on him decades ago, but he is not a bitter man. On the contrary he is full of zest for life and a better future for Iran.

Up to recently he might have been another one of your tortured victims, forgotten in your ruthless mind, but now the tables are turned on you, thanks to the ‘the information age’. By now your family knows what you did to him when your job was to break people, karet khoord kardan’e mardom bood. Your children are now aware of what you did for a living. All those year you brought zolbia bamiyeh to the table, they know where the money to pay for it came from. But, this is me talking. Houshang Asadi himself cringed at getting your family involved with your dirty deeds. Nevertheless, you have been identified; Mr. Naser Sarmadi Parsa. Your pictures have been found and published. Your address has been discovered. Your neighbors know what you have been doing for the last thirty years.

Your daughter has a Facebook page, she has been contacted via her page, and She KNOWS you are Brother Hamid. In the Internet Age the world has become a small place, Mr. Naser Sarmadi Parsa. There is no place for people like you to hide anymore. So now, you have three choices. You may tell your wife and children that this is all lies, fabricated by the Great Satan and the Zionists. Yes, as usual blame your evil deeds on others. Or, you may choose to justify your filthy existing on the so called fact that God is on your side. That everything you have done has been for the good of God. Yes, once God is on your side, all acts of evil are justifiable, according to people like you. Or, here is the option I recommend for you, and people like you; admit to what you have done and ask for forgiveness. Iran is in the path of enlightenment. Multitudes of Iranians are working restlessly to change the medieval way that’s been governing the Iranian society. Rest assured, in the new era of enlightened Iran, you will not be tortured, as you tortured others. You will be tried in a just court, with a just jury, with a lawyer of your choice to protect your rights. You will be given a fair trial, and once found guilty you will serve your prison term knowing in the new enlightened Iran you will not be tortured. That’s me talking. Houshang Asadi has already forgiven you, since he is full of love.


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Multiple Personality Disorder

Condemn all acts of violence, including torture…

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I’m sure the regime had “good reasons” to torture Mr. Houshang Asadi; all despotic regimes do.  But, torture must be condemned categorically.  Please do so, and then we can progress further.


چه کسانی تیغ زنگیان مست را تیز کردند؟


قبل از هر چیز اشکال در جامعه‌‌ای است که اجازه می‌دهد افرادی (مانند هوشنگ اسدیِ)  با چنین کارنامه‌ی‌ آلوده
ای، قبل از تعیین و تکلیف با گذشته ی ‏خود و روشنگری در باره ی دستگاه تواب سازی رژیم جمهوری اسلامی، دوباره تریبون‌ها را به دست گرفته ... درس اخلاق و آزادگی بدهند




by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for the great open letter!

1) The touching part is that the love for his wife kept Asadi going 6 years in prison.....I am glad that he made out the prison alive and reunited with his wife...... and witnesses to the world IRI's terror!

2) Wow! The erstwhile torturer had a prominent position at IRI's embassy....It is sad that they let cruel people work at embassy...but, I am glad that the guy lost his job after Asadi published his book!

3) You have a very good point that those IRI lackeys feel that God is on their side......AN feels that God is on his side.....

Yes, once God is on their side, all acts of evil are justifiable....

4) Several days ago......a pro-IRI blogger on IC wrote about breaking people's neck......it really sent chills thru my spine......apparently it does not bother him a bit.....'cause he feels God is on his side, all acts of evil are justifiable......

5) Thank you for this great English blog!

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks MPD

by Maryam Hojjat on

Great letter to a criminal. 


Nowhere to hide in the connected world

by divaneh on

Once you are identified, the whole world will know in a few days. Thanks for this informative blog MPD jaan. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"Houshang Asadi has already forgiven"

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Good for Houshang, as he is now spiritually free from his torturer.

However, in the matter of crimes like torture, the society too has the right to try and judge the likes of NSP.