Look at me

Look at me
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Look at me


Look at me,
look at me,
I need your glance
If falling in love is crime
If love is sin of mine
look at me,
I am sin from head to my toe
look at me like the first time
Like when your eyes met mine
And your lips touched mine
And I in that ecstasy dreamt of eternal love


Do you remember that day that I danced,
and with each pick on the instrument,
I twisted with a hundred coquetry,
so you’d approve of my beauty,
so I’d sit in the corner of your heart?
Do you remember I smiled like a child,
and I said,
look at me,
look at me,
look at me that I dance,
look at me that I turn?


Look at me,
amongst crowds and law
amongst plaintiff’s cry
amongst lecture and taunt of the judge
amongst cursing of the vilified
bitter looks of the sad
and in the ferment of news-seekers’ eyes
my eyes see no one or nothing but you
not even I see myself but you
so perhaps your glance becomes kind again
coddles this perturbed fevered body of mine
that is tired of chains and walls
Love is still in my veins
still in hopes of luster in your glance


Dawn comes and hangman calls my name
Once again moment to meet comes again
I see you from afar
again waiting like the first time
hanging rope dances in the morning breeze
It’s time for another dance again, it seems
and I want you to take me back again
Look at my last dance
Watch flight of love
It’s for you this twist and turn
look at me when I dance
look at me when I twist


Footnote: for original poem by 'divaneh', please see here >>>


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Naser Mohammadkhani

by Simorgh5555 on


Naser Mohammadkhani

You do not have a conscience, so appealing to it makes no sense. I sometimes wish you had one so that the blood of this innocenet woman you have taken from this world eats at it every second of each passing day. After 8 years of leaving this women to rot in prison you could have listened to your innier voice and do something , just something to help this women of whose innocence you were aware of. But no, she was your whore and would die for you.

You despicable awaful man.


Thanks for the perfect translation MPD

by divaneh on

Dear MPD, thanks for your beautiful translation that has preserved the poem so perfectly. Just one very little suggestion, perhaps the very last verse would read "Look at me when I twist".

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks MPD

by Maryam Hojjat on

for your great translation of this tragic event.

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on




by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for the great translation! This poem is tragically beautiful! What a timely and a great poem by Divaneh! I am touched! You and Divaneh make a great team! The poet must understand human Psychology and interpersonal relationship very well to write such a touching poem! The blog photo matches the poem perfectly! The photo says all: the guy has absolutely no feeling left for her! None! How can the guy be so heartless?

I just read tonite that the lady got a crush on the guy when she was only 13 years old...unbelievable!


for me, the saddest verse is:

I want you to take me back again

the guy had opportunity to persuade or beg his children and mother-in-law to forgive this lady and give her 2nd chance of life........I have no idea what effort he made to save this lady's life....probably none....he is probably still very upset that the lady revealed he is a drug addict! 

He watched his son end this lady's life in front of his very eyes......he did absolutely nothing to stop it after hearing this lady begging for sparing her life! ......This whole saga is more tragic than Shakepeare's tragedy!