Lost in translation, Ahmadinejad's latest remark

Lost in translation, Ahmadinejad's latest remark
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Once again it is confusing (to the people who don't speak any Farsi) what Ahmadinejad said in his latest remarks in the opening of a housing project a couple of days ago.

Here is what he said in Farsi: مرده‌شور خودتان و میز مذاکره‌تان را ببرد که دنیا را به لجن کشیده‌اید

Here are some possible translations in English (I am sure there are many other interpretations):

Your undertaker and your discussion table should be taken away because they have dragged the universe into mud.

May the undertaker take you and your negotiation table, since you have dragged the world in mud.

Death be upon you and your consultation desk because you have soiled the universe.

The diener must take you and your conference table because you have mired the macrocosm.

Take yourself and your interview desk to a deathwash since you have drawn the universe into sludge.

You and your conference table must be wiped off the muddy world since you have done so.

[The leaders of the United States of America] must be buried by the undertaker, along with their negotiation table, since they have destroyed the world.

The United State and [all] consultation desks [within it] must be taken by the diener, since [the USA] has muddied the entire planet.

[The world must be managed with love and care, and the American leadership] and their negotiation tables must be taken away by the undertaker [for burial] since [the way the world’s economy was managed by the corrupted capitalist system in the last 100 years was unfair].


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He should

by amirkabear4u on

stick to his mother language, i.e. hebrew !!!!!!!



by yolanda on

Dear MPD, 

    Thank you for your translation! I hope we have more good translators and interpreters. AN has a quite high profile in the world and he stole the show in New York...he hopped from TV show to TV show and interview to interview......a lot of his outrageous comments have become front page news...after he returned to Iran, he made more controversial comments.......it is good to translate his comments correctly.

    Thank you for your blog! I always learn something from your blog or have a good laugh! This time, I learned the word "mortician" in German: diener....gosh, that is pretty deep stuff...wow! You are trilingual: Farsi, English, and German!

Please take care!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Dear Farah Rusta and Mehrban,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



Farah Rusta, I love your translations, especially the "morgue-wash".

Mehrban,  Ahmadi-in-a-straight-jaket!  I love it. 


It can also mean that

by Mehrban on

I have no idea how to run the State, I have no idea how to respond to the pressures of the sanctions and I have little to take to the negotiating table so like many other corrupt politicians I am playing the populist card.  Ahmadiina -straight- jaket, Khar khodeti.

Farah Rusta

Here are a few more suggestions

by Farah Rusta on


Biblical translation

Verily thou and thine council shall be baptized in mortuary for miring the world.

Technical translation:

You and your whole negotiating team and their fixtures (including desks, chairs, microphones, note pads, pens, mineral water bottles, cups, and laptops) will receive a morgue-wash (three tiems in accordance with Islamic traditions) for polluting the the earth by semi-solid slimy material precipitated by sewage treatment.

Politically correct translation:

Negotiations are terminated due to environmental issues.



Multiple Personality Disorder

Dear Yolanda,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

None of those translations is any good.  I think this is want he means, "We don't like you and your negotiation table, since you have ruined the world already."



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Finally you have a blog in English.....Yeah!!!

     As a non-Farsi speaker, I have no idea which translation is closest to AN's Farsi version...:O)).....but all of them sound funny: negotiation table, conference table, interview desk, discussion table, consultation desk......

    AN is over emotional.......he can't even spare an innocent "table"!

AN is a good fodder for comedies and comedians' routines!

Thank you for sharing!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Vanish from page of time

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

...as if they were never uttered.

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

The last one is a translation by an apologist translator.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Shazde, I have a new name for Ahmadinejad

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I did a Google Search and no one seems to have thought of it before, or at least if anyone has I didn't find it.  Ready?  Here it is, Ahmadinajackt.  Get it?  Ahmad-in-a-jacket!  So, I want to stake my claim on it right here.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

I'm itching for a fight - come and scratch!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

from the "Ahmagh to Adam" dictionary


Not the last one

by divaneh on

I think the last one is too clever for him. As a matter fact I would completely agree with that last statement if you replaced the burial for retirement.