Medicine is on the way


Medicine is on the way
by Multiple Personality Disorder

The following is my translation of another one of those condolences messages from yet another one of the official figures in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but this one through sophistry of the language and worthlessness of poetic content, in comparison to the straightforwardness of the need for construction of earthquake-resistant buildings and infrastructures, is yet asking the victims of the latest earthquake in Iran to be patient, because the poetic “medicine” is on the way [source]. 

But, what is most significant about this message, which is the reason it grabbed my attention in the first place, is that it comes from Mr. Farhad Daneshjoo, PhD , the President of the Islamic Azad University [source], an academic, who is said to have a doctorate degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in construction and seismic, although his doctorate degree has been disputed by some [source]. 

Farhad Daneshjoo, who despite the meaning of his last name does not seem to be eager to seek any real scientific knowledge, is the same man who was expelled from England at the time of Ayatollah Khomeini's Fatwa on Salman Rushdie's death sentence for burning a bookshop selling the book, “The Satanic Verses,” published in 1988.  Daneshjoo is the same man whose elder brother, Kamran Daneshjoo is the current Minister of Science, another scientific mind, and his other brother, Khosro Daneshjoo, is a member of City Council of Tehran, a council member surely worried about an earthquake event in the capital.  And also, another academic, Parisa Daneshjoo, is the sister of Farhad Daneshjoo[source].

So, what did Farhad Daneshjoo learn in those supposed university classes?!  Here is a man in charge of 1.5 million of the brightest Iranian university students, multitude of them willing to dedicate their lives to the progress of their beloved country, and thousands of them among the most intelligent and hardworking students in the world. 
And, what is the message in Farhad Daneshjoo’s condolences message?!  Detachment from the reality of life in some of the most forgotten places in Iran, detachment from suffering of the people, detachment from understanding the most fundamental need for a wall to remain upright in the smallest shake of the ground, detachment from understanding why a roof would collapse when it is attached to the wall below it with clay and straw, detachment from understanding that God does not have anything to do with the failure of man to understand gravity. 
This man, Farhad Daneshjoo, with this kind of condolences message, should have studied poetry and literature instead of wasting his time on Civil Engineering, for in science the laws of physics are merciless, contrary to the belief that God is benevolent.  Buildings will literally come down on one’s head like a ton of bricks when they are structurally inadequate, and no amount of poetry, sophistry of language, and appeals to God for mercy, compassion, and benevolence would prevent falling structures from killing people, and once killing and injury is done with, no amount of charity and goodwill will bring back the dead, and heal the maimed and those who will suffer for the rest of their lives, because those whom they have loved will never again hold them in their arms.

So, Mr. Farhad Daneshjoo, the one who supposedly has a PhD in Civil Engineering, the one who is the head to an educational institution in Iran, the one whose job is to educate the youngest and the brightest people of the nation, please use this horrific opportunity to educate us, instead of feeding us more absurdity about the benevolence of God.  The childish assertion that God has any role in these kinds of calamities could possibly continue forever, but it is urgently needed to be said that in the “corrupt western countries,” in an earthquake event of the same magnitude as the one in Azerbaijan, sometimes not even a single person would have died, or at the most a couple of elderly people died, not because of falling debris, but as a result of heart attacks they suffered due to the stress caused by the earthquake event, and those “corrupt western countries” would meticulously keep a tally of the dead and injured for statistical considerations.  Yet, in Iran, the precise numbers of the dead and the injured are hardly ever obtained, and human life in the country is so worthless that soon after this latest earthquake, the rescue mission to find survivors is called off, too quickly, because the “wheels of fortune have many such plays,” as you call it; yet still, two days later a woman is found alive under the rubble!

So, Mr. Farhad Daneshjoo, a supposed man of science and engineering, instead of your bogus condolences message, why don’t you tell us, in your university-educated and scientific expertise, what is the likelihood of an earthquake event of the same magnitude as the one in Azerbaijan happening in Kerman in the next ten years?  How many structures will collapse as a result of poor engineering and construction practices?  Come on, Mr. Daneshjoo!  These are the areas of your scientific and engineering expertise, not writing poetic condolence essays.  What types of buildings will collapse in Lurestan or Baluchistan during a major earthquake event?  What is the number one cause of structural failure of buildings in Iran?  Quickly!   Before you prepare another worthless sheet of poetry-filled condolences, in an Iranian city populated by a million people, how many of them would most likely die if ten percent of the buildings in that city collapse catastrophically?

The following is my translation of Farhad Daneshjoo’s condolences message [source].

The message of the President of the Islamic Azad University is as follows:

In His name, which existence and non-existence of humans and the world, has meaning because of Him.

O God, all the disorders, you yourself bring to order!

O Hoopoe of the eastern wind!  I shall send you to Sheba [source] / look from where to where I shall send you!

It’s a pity a bird like you, in the dust bin of sorrow / from here, I shall send you to the nest of devotion

For the sake of love, in the near and far phase / I shall see you clear and send you prayer

So that your army of sorrow, shall not destroy the place of heart  / your dear life, I shall send you to the sustenance

Come with me my valet that the unseen orator, told the good news / be patient with the pain that I shall send you medicine [poem by Hafez] [source] [source]

Living in loving unity and integration, is our humanity and Islamic duty.

People who do not care and are distracted and scattered, not only are not good Muslims but also are not useful to their own pain.

Division and indifference is life’s branch-eating larva and this termite of division and struggle that from within weakens and empties and collapses the floating body of the tree of life.

The benevolent fervor of Islam will never tolerate ill-behavior in any time and land and in any place that there is no knowledge of empathy and cooperation, in reality no knowledge of Islam and people of Islam.

Anyone who wakes up in the morning but does not have the will in his head to conduct the affairs of the Muslims in fact is neither awake nor a Muslim.

Such a person is not even a resident of the Islamic geographical territories, and is not even a Muslim!

Hey people / who are sitting on the shore, happy and cheerful

someone in the sea, is losing life (Nima

Being stricken by earthquake, is a flip on everyone's life and world!

No disaster and calamity, is just for others.

The wheels of fortune, have many such plays, these are all the tides of the world.

The stormy sea has no jocosity with anyone.

These upheavals and turning upside down, are over-reaching means and measures, for understanding humans’ essence.  For those trapped in the calamity, and for those who are witnesses to the calamity and conflict.

The world, is a reflection of my and your mind and tongue and hands.

How well the old farmer said, with the boy, O the lighted!  Other than the killed, shall not reap.

The world has not been given to us for dreaming.

The world has been given to us for seeing well and this plagued calamity that has now inundated our fellows and compatriots and companions with horrible earthquakes, is not just an ordinary earthquake, but are pages from the life’s chronicle, which as the result of it the scourged sufferers, in front of our eyes and attention and our decisions are leafing through the pages.

And is it possible not to see the world well, not wanting good for the others, but from the Benevolent God, expect to want goodness for us?

Let us appreciate this lesson and the great class: O the one whose hand can reach, do something  / before from you do not come none

Being indifferent to the well-being of this and that, is exactly like being unintended, cannot exist, yet do nothing.  Cannot exist, but be a stone ...

Cannot exist, but be indifferent.  Being useless, is the same as not being.

Existence, is loving and having equity and extending kindness and being useful.

It was the beneficent God who created the humans and would it be it possible to be a human but not have the Beneficent God’s kindnesses?!

Our Koran, is the book of the kindnesses of Hazrat Rahman [source].  Koran is not given to us just for reading and kissing.

Koran is the guide for benefaction and being good and doing good

Let us also use this version sometimes.

And now the eyes of our innocent earthquake-stricken sisters and brothers and children are upon us.

Now I shall not say whom you sit with and what to drink  / since you know it yourself if you are shrewd and wise.


End of message


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by yolanda on

I read in the news this morning that there was a 6.3 earthquake in Indonesia on Saturday (8/18) that injured 3 people, but no fatalities have been reported!


Iran had similar magnitude of earthquakes, but over 300 people died and 3000 got injured!

I am speechless!


So much nonsense is coming out of Iran of IR

by Mehrban on

that I have a hard time processing this much garbage and forming opinions about them.  I am impressed by the ones (such as MPD) who can still read through BS, translate it, analyze it, etc.  

Thank you MPD, You are a better human than I.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Thank you your passionate and heartfelt commentary that I read both last night and today! You have spoken something that is forbidden to say in Iran. As you know, IRI just jailed a poet for being critical of IRI's handling of the earthquakes. Farhad's condolences message sounded like written by the president of a seminay! He keeps mentioning Islam, muslims, and Koran. I could "barely" connect this line to science:

O God, all the disorders, you yourself bring to order!

The words order/disorder reminds me of the word "entropy"! That is the best I can do!

This line is really offensive:

be patient with the pain

He pretty much asks people to shut up, stop whining, and stop criticizing the slow rescue operation! I really don't see IRI race against the clock to dig for more survivors. That is absolutely the saddest part! Khamenei's visit to the stricken area won't help either! We need somone at the ground zero of the earthquakes digging through the rubble for trapped people!

The aftershocks have not stopped yet, this dude started to lecture people:

Anyone who wakes up in the morning but does not have the will in his head to conduct the affairs of the Muslims in fact is neither awake nor a Muslim.

Such a person is not even a resident of the Islamic geographical territories, and is not even a Muslim!

OMG! He sounds like an akhoond scolding people!

This condolences message does not comfort the earthquake victims, but mullahs love to hear!

Khamenei mentioned "unity" also this morning, I know he is afraid of protests and riots!

Nazy Kaviani

Laughing stock of a nation...

by Nazy Kaviani on

This guy is such a disgrace. People have been laughing about this letter for a good 48 hours now. What a lunatic.

MPD, the part of this piece that is your writing is pure brilliance. It has so much passion, wisdom, and rage weaving through it. I read it twice. It's really touching and effective.

Thank you.


MPD, Thanks for Great blog

by Azarbanoo on

Farhad Daneshjoo, his siblings & rest of these anti- Iranian, criminal Islamists are RETARDED>