In My Throat


Multiple Personality Disorder
by Multiple Personality Disorder

In my Throat

That good mood and smell of incense and smoke
and your Woody Allen's DVD in my throat

That mellow music and full lips
peach skin and your silicone breasts in my throat

This night and dinner and robe
Shamloo's poem, wine and your glass in my throat

That Sushi and mobile phone and your mouse doll
and the car that you are in it in my throat

That Beethoven's CD and your painting with dung, and
That modern dance and walking like a fashion model

That foreign accent and unread books
That way of saying mommy and daddy in my throat

That trip of yours abroad in my throat
That ghetto city and not seeing you in my throat
That closing your eyes to everything in my throat

Of your friendship with all those famous people
Of your pictures in Dubai, Malaysia with cocktail and swimsuit

Of intellectual “Spin the Bottle” game and “Key Party
Of the Sepid Poetry emerging from Acid and LSD

Of your repulsion of Aghasi and Javad Yasari
Of your getting doggy feeling off of Pavarotti's voice

Of your dusty piano in the house
Of the hanged guitar in the kitchen

Of your meditation class and empty flirt in yoga
Of your disgust of Shahin and Bega Mega song

Of your grimace to Gilaks and Turks and Kurds
You’re the only Iranian, the rest are provincial

You eat Beef Stroganoff, I eat Kaleh-Pacheh
Your way of touching lips is kissing, for us it’s smooching

I am infused with the masses who are poor and destitute
I am the voice of villages, this itself is for me prestigious

My voice is not a voice, it’s a vomiting trumpet
Not elegy, not whining; it’s the sadness of yearning for the garden

You are blind, can't see how heavy this load is
One day I’ll have enough of this, will say goodbye



Translator: MPD

Key words: English Translation, Shahin Najafi, too halgham, In My Throat, تو حلقم, شاهین نجفی, ترجمه انگلیسی




تو حلقم
خواننده شاهین نجفی

اون مود خوب و بوی عود و دود
و دی وی دی وودی آلنت تو حلقم

اون موزیک ملو و لب جلو
پوست هولو سینه ی سیلیکونیت تو حلقم

این شب و شام و ربدشامبر
و شعر شاملو شراب و جامت تو حقلم

اون سوشی و گوشی و موشی عروسکت
و ماشینی که توشی تو حلقم

اون سی دی بتهوون و نقاشیت با پهنو
اون رقص مدرن و راه رفتن مث یه فشنو

اون لهجه ی خارجی و کتابای نخونده
اون ددی و مامی گفتنت تو حلقم

اون سفر خارجه رفتنت تو حلقم
اون پایین شهر و ندیدنت تو حلقم
اون رو همه چی چشم بستنت تو حلقم

از رفاقتت با همه ی آدم معروفا و
از عکسات تو دبی ،مالزی با ککتل و مایو

از بطری بازی روشنفکری و سوییچ پارتی
از شعر سپید ناشی از اسید و ال اس دی

از چندشت از آغاسی و جواد یساری
از حس گرفتن سگیت با صدای پاواروتی

از پیانوی خاک خوردت توی خونه
از گیتار آویزون توی آشپزخونه

از کلاس مدیتیشن و لاس خشکه تو یوگا
از انزجارت از شاهین و شعر بگا مگا

از دهن کجیت به گیلک و ترک و کردستانی
تو یکی ایرانی هستی بقیه شهرستانی

تو بیف استروگانف می خوری من کله پاچه
لب گرفتن تو بوسه، واسه ما همون ماچه

من قاطی خلقی ام که فقیر و آس و پاسه
من صدای دهاتم این خودش واسم کلاسه

صدای من صدا نیست این صور استفراغ
نه مرثیه نه ناله غم غربت باغه

تو کوری نمی بینی چقد سنگینه این بار
یه روزی کم میارم میگم خدانگه دار


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by yolanda on

OMG! I can't believe "painting with dung" is an art! You really need to bring air freshener to see the art! :O))

Multiple Personality Disorder

Painting with dung! What is it?

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I did some word search for "painting with dung", "painting", and "feces"; and some information came up.  This one is from Wikipedia:



Great translation MPD

by aynak on


I know you asked for a translation, and then rolled up your sleeves.   Actually, the translation highlights the weakness of the poetry, as words like "goftant" ya "khordant"  in Persian, undermine the you aspect, as the you is implied and not very heavy.   Of course the other form would be --to gofty--, ya "to Khordy".

In the above translation, this comes to surface very clearly.

There is a "you" and not "we" or "us".   Those are the bad guys.  (Effectively the girls, which are subject of Shaheen's scorn).

Then there is an "I" which is Shahenn, and "US" which are the good guys of course.

For  a verse by verse analysis of this song,  in Persian, please refer to:


Now that you did the English translation, may be once I get a chance I would do a translation of my writing as well.




by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Thank you for translating this colorful song lyrics! The embedded links help a lot! Mullahs probably don't feel comfortable with the "silicon breasts"!

I am just curious what "painting with dung" is?

Thank you for sharing!



by Truthseeker9 on

I'll have to forward to some non-Iranian friends to showcase our talent. 


MPD, Thanks a lot for

by Azarbanoo on

translation & posting the video.