Photophop: The Pepper Spraying Cop Meme

Photophop: The Pepper Spraying Cop Meme
by Multiple Personality Disorder

The Pepper Spraying Cop that mercilessly sprayed peaceful protesting UC Davis college students with pepper spray, got his own meme!

Visit this site for more Photophop pictures, also you can submit your own.  There is a photo editor tool in the blog that could be used for photoshopping pictures.



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by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Thank you for the artwork! I learned a new word "meme" here!

This spray is "spray of the century". There are a lot of "Spray" videos on you-tube:


Press TV has extensive coverage on this topic also, I am not surprised:


Thank you for the link! The photo of John McEnroe being sprayed is funny! Did you hear the UC Davis chancellor talking?


Someone needs to translate her speech from Greek English to American English!

Wishing you a great Thanksgivng Holiday!



by Disenchanted on


     These guys and their supervisors have to be fired from the force with no pension so they finally, finally realize they can't interfere with people's right to free speech!

    I am sick and tired of bunch of dogs/thugs, ignorant as they come, attacking innocent people in Cairo, NYC, UC Davis, Tehran and many other places just because someone told them so!


Eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray on national television.

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly: Eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray on national television.


Why This Is Important


Ms. Kelly, on November 21, you told Bill O'Reilly that pepper spray
(as used by Lt. John Pike to assault the UC Davis protestors) is "a food
product, essentially." That was, of course, ridiculous.

While you allowed that the spray was "abrasive and intrusive", you wondered if it had been diluted (reportedly, it hadn't).

To back up your claim that pepper spray is a food product, please
consume as much of it as was sprayed on each protestor's face, in one
sitting, on camera at Fox News. You may mix the spray with one serving
of food or drink, as I am not a sadist. Then, please relate the effects
to your audience.

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