Prison Letter, Don't Delay!


Prison Letter, Don't Delay!
by Multiple Personality Disorder

This poem is based on a letter written by Isa Saharkhiz to Ahmad Shaheed, United Nations Human Rights Special Rapporteur, urging him to travel to Iran and inspect Iranian prisons.  See Persian to English translation of the letter here >>>  







Prison Letter, Don't Delay!

Hearing news of your pending arrival,
encourages me,
and many others.

Because, we hope,
our stories, to the world will be told,
how tragic,
and vile are the evils in this world,
echoing my voice of innocence,
and many more.

You, the honorable man,

What goes on today,
is crimes against humanity,
nothing short of acts of inhumanity,
not only inflicted on us,
but even on many hardened criminals,
nothing short of tragedy.

Unfortunate death!
Death of hunger, of beating, and brutality.
What have you heard!
Details of what transgressions you’re aware of,
of earlier deaths?

Certainly, you know I am ill.
You know of lack of treatment,
or even a hospital bed.
No, no, no...
No need to mention it in detail.

purpose of this letter is for our stories to be told,
of impending horrors and despair.

Because today,
it is obvious to me,
and many more,
strategy of Evil is to kill,
quietly, gradually, slowly.
Kill those who dare to tell.
Evil lurks,
deliberately, decisively, hell bound on destruction and death.
Planning on murdering us in dark cells.

Because, Evil is scared of us alive,
even behind bars and walls.

In the name of humanity,
in the name of responsibility,
do whatever is in your ability,
use them all,
until the world knows of these despicable acts,
knows of what goes on behind these walls.

I hope,
You’d be mindful of precious time,
and know any delay,
would mean nothing,
except for more of us to die,
behind these dark walls.

I expect of you,
come see us soon, whithout wait.
Don’t delay!

If Evil forbids your trip,
on its own,
it implies,
His rule is based on nothing but lies.


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by yolanda on

Hi! Radius,

      I am saddened to hear that IRI added 6 more months to Bahareh's sentence! IRI is really hard to please! They put people in jail without justification, and then the inmates are not allowed to reveal how they feel about the imprisonment.......political prisoners are both mentally and physically abused.....they have to keep quiet about their ordeal and accept the injustice! It is just pure tyranny!!!!

     I am not sure if Bahareh is back to jail, but I saw the 3rd Amin and Bahareh reunion photo on Amin's facebook!

     Thank you for translating Isa's letter into German! I hope the UN rapporteur will do something for the jailed Iranians. So far he has done squat for Iranians. I checked UN's website for Ahmad Shaheed, there is no info on this guy! I guess he has not officially assumed his duty! It is sad that Isa's heart-wrenching letter has not generated any responses from the people who can get political prisoners out of jail!

Guess what? IRI bans UN rapporteur from entering Iran, but she wanted UN to investigate the assassination of the nuclear scientist!


Bahareh Hedayat released on bail

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Yolanda,

thanks for your contributions to the rosetta stone website . Your consistent encouragement helped a lot. The link to the site at happened without me doing anything. Good to know that our activities developed a sort of autonomous life.

For me, who does not know all the facettes of the IRI oppression system, it is still very difficult to judge what the activities like ours can do to help the prisoners. I became aware of the issue with a hebrew translation and its potential bad impact on the prisoners fate, for instance, only after a comment here at IC. 

Yesterday I even read somewhere, that Bahareh, even being released on bail now, was sentenced to an additonal 6 month in prison with the accusation of "smuggling information out of the prison".  Does this refer to her letter to Amin ?  I could imagine that the IRI hard-liners always got mad seeing that the inhuman treatments of the prisoners can not be kept secret.  I so much would like to hear from one of the prisoners how they judge our activities. My first intuitive thought was that the worst thing that could happen to them would be the feeling of being forgotten. This is based on a little bit of own experience. But how can we be sure, that our publicity campaign for the prisoners does not worsen their situation. 


greetings   Radius



by yolanda on

Hi! Radius,

   I saw your "rosetta stone" link posted on right side of Payvand! Thank you! It is cool!

Thank you for posting the Chinese and French versions of Isa's letter! I visited the Rosetta stone site and realized so many versions of prison letters have been posted there. Since you and MPD started the translation campaign, Bahareh was allowed to be out of jail for some religious holiday! I saw 2 reunion photos posted in Amin Ahmadian's webpage. Over 1000 readers "liked" the timeless photos. I am not sure if Bahareh is back to jail? Isa, for some unknown reason, was not allowed the temporary release. I was wondering if IRI is mad that Isa wrote to the UN special rapporteur, so they took away his parole to punish him for writing the scathing letter?

JJ did a lot of work to publicize the dire condition of political prisoners of Iran.....thank your guys for the effort!




Rosetta-Stone translation of Isa Saharkhiz' Letter

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Yolanda and Esther,

Thanks for the great translations you did. I only found them accidentally today here at IC. I put them on the Evin-Rosetta Website right away (for Bahareh Hedayat's letter we have collected meanwhile 14 different versions/languages.

The website is also featured now on Payvand.  I hope that people stay active in spreading the voices of the prisoners. 


Greetings  Radius



by yolanda on

Thank you, SK, for the update!

Wow! Bahareh is temporarily released! I am happy for her and other people!



by yolanda on

Hi! Esther,

   Long time no hear! Thank you for taking your time to translate this powerful poem! I hope you have a lot of blessings!

Soosan Khanoom

Latest news on the release of some prisoners in Iran

by Soosan Khanoom on

" The Kaleme website reports that Behzad Nabavi, Feizollah Arabsorkhi and Abdollah Ramazanzadeh, all senior members of Iranian reformist groups, were released on bail.

These reformists figures were all arrested following the protests that sprang up in 2009 to dispute the re-election of Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, which the opposition claims was fraudulent. Nabavi, Arabsorkhi and Ramazanzadeh have been sentenced to prison terms of five to six years for “activities against national security and propaganda against the regime.”

Kaleme reports that jailed student activists Bahareh Hedayat and Mehdieh Golroo were also temporarily released on bail. Opposition sites report their bail as $700,000 for Hedayat and $150,000 for Golroo.

Hedayat is serving nine and a half years in prison for “activities against the regime, insulting officials and activities against national security.” Golroo was sentenced to two years in prison for similar charges.

Media reports also indicate that recently jailed sports journalist Maryam Majd has been released. She was detained in late June just before her planned departure for Germany to cover the women’s World Cup of Soccer.

None of the political prisoners at Rejaishahr Prison in Karaj has been given a furlough for this holiday."

Some Iranian political prisoners granted temporary leave | Radiozamaneh





Version française

by Esther on


I like your prison letter poetry project (and everyone else's
translation projects!).  I was "encouraged" to try to translate your
version into French (open to correction by a more native speaker).

* * *

Les nouvelles de votre arrivée imminente
et encouragent beaucoup des autres aussi.

Parce que nous espérons
que nos histoires seront racontées à tout le monde –
que les maux du monde
sont tragiques,
et exécrables –
en répercutant ma voix d’innocence
et celles de beaucoup des autres.

Vous, l’homme honorable,

Ce qui se passe aujourd’hui
c’est des crimes contre l’humanité
tout à fait des actes d’inhumanité
infligées non seulement à nous
mais même à beaucoup des criminels endurcis,
tout à fait la tragédie.

Morte malheureuse!
Morte de faim, de raclée et de brutalité
Qu’est-ce que vous avez entendu!
Les détails de quelles transgressions connaissez-vous,
de mortes antérieures?

Evidemment, vous savez que je suis malade.
Vous savez qu’il n’y a pas de traitement
même pas un lit d’hôpital.
Non, non, non …
Ce n’est pas la peine de le mentionner en détail.

la raison d’être de cette lettre est pour que nos histoires soient racontées,
nos histoires des horreurs imminentes, de désespoir.

Parce qu’aujourd’hui,
il m’est évident
et il est évident à beaucoup des autres,
la stratégie du mal est de tuer,
doucement, peu à peu, lentement.
Tuer ceux qui osent à raconter.
Le mal menace,
sciemment, résolument, detérminé à faire la destruction et la morte.
En s’attendant à nous assassiner dans des cellules sombres.

Parce que le mal a peur de nous en vie,
même derrière les barreaux et les murs.

Au nom de l’humanité
au nom de la responsabilité
faisez jusqu’à la limite de votre capacité
employez tout
jusqu’à ce que le monde connaisse ces bassesses,
ce qui se passe derrière ces murs.

que vous êtes conscient du temps précieux
et que vous savez que tout délai
ne veut rien dire
sauf que plus de nous mourrons
derrière ces murs sombres.

je m’attend
à ce que vous viendriez nous voir bientôt, sans délai.
N’attendez pas!

Si le mal interdit votre voyage
ça laisse entend
sa domination n’est basée que sur des mensonges.



by yolanda on

Isa's letter to UN rapporteur in traditional Chinese:




我叫伊薩薩哈克(Isa Saharkhiz), 是2009年選舉之後被捕的政治犯之一. 當我服完一半徒刑後,沒有被允許行使我休假就醫的合法權益。




您可能聽說過豪達薩泊爾的慘死. 他絕食後,被監獄官員毆打。在此之前,你一定聽說過穆赫辛多麥志的死亡。



他們已經作出了決定用無聲的死毀滅我們. 因為他們害怕我們在鐵窗和高牆背後的生存。






Isa's letter to UN rapporteur in simplifed Chinese:



我叫伊萨萨哈克(Isa Saharkhiz), 是2009年选举之后被捕的政治犯之一. 当我服完一半徒刑后,没有被允许行使我休假就医的合法权益。




您可能听说过豪达萨泊尔的惨死. 他绝食后,被监狱官员殴打。在此之前,你一定听说过穆赫辛多麦志的死亡。



他们已经作出了决定用无声的死毁灭我们. 因为他们害怕我们在铁窗和高墙背后的生存。







by yolanda on

Diane Sawyer interviewed Isa's son, Mehdi Saharkhiz, a year ago. He talked about his dad in jail at the end of the video:


Mehdi Saharkhiz talked about his dad on VOA:


Anahid Hojjati

Great poem.

by Anahid Hojjati on

This is excellent, so now the cause of political prisoners in Iran can be advanced every time any one reads this poem.  Thanks.


Wonderful poem

by divaneh on

Dear MPD, thanks for sharing this excellent poem. You have very faithfully contained the whole content of Isa's heart wrenching letter in this poem.


Rosetta-Stone of voices from prison

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear all,

Recently we started the rosetta-stone project to collect multi-lingual translations of Bahareh Hedayat's letter from Evin. I will extent this project now and included the letter/poem by Isa Saharkhiz to the rosetta-stone website hoping that those brave
people who already translated Bahareh's letter will support us again.

Greetings   Michael

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

It brought tears to my eyes. Isa Saharkhiz is a very brave man. Thank you for helping his voice be heard by many around the world. I hope for a day when there will be no political prisoners in the world, particularly in Iran.



by yolanda on

Wow! MPD,

     What a great poem! It is meaningful & passionate and it rhymes so well! I felt like I was reading the lyrics of a rap song! Seriously! Political & social justice rap!

Your blog was playing hide and seek with me. I was on my old computer and I saw your blog with some links, so I decided to switch to my newer and faster the time I got on my better computer, your blog dropped off the featured list already. It is so weird!

I found Ahmed Shaheed's page on facebook. His page was set up by an political organisation in Dubai is probably set up by Iranians in UAE. I found an e-mail address there, so I have e-mailed him Isa's letter in English. I hope that I am not the only person who has e-mailed him Isa's letter. I hope this rapporteur will make an effort to do something for the Iranians who live under tyranny!

There is an Isa page on facebook, but it is not very active. Last post was written a year ago. It is sad that not enough people are pulling for him.

Thank you, MPD, for pulling for him. It is sad that IRI and NIAC are making such a big noise about MEK's delisting, while Bahareh, Nasrin, Majid Tavakoli, and Isa got neglected!

I hope all the political prisoners can be released soon and be reunited with their loved ones. I can never forget this video that Sakineh's lawyer reunited with his beautiful wife and daughter in Norway after being forced to flee the motherland!


I keep visualizing the moment that Nasrin reunites with his wonderful hubby; Bahareh reunites with Amin and starts a family.......that will be so sweet......

Thank you for your timely poem! You are awesome!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"His rule is based on nothing but lies."

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on