by Multiple Personality Disorder


Don't ban the books
Read them
Put them away
Don't burn them
Just look at them and look the other way
Without them tyranny will flourish everyday

We're "not quite Pakistan" yet
But, at this rate, one day we will,
I bet
We still live in the old village way
Thousands of men full of shame
Ali, Ali
They claim
Thousands of them organized,
to make a man chastised

We're "not quite Pakistan" yet
But at this rate Mohammed Zia
will become the law
I bet

We're not quite Afghanistan yet
But, at this rate we will one day, I bet
Don't ban the books
Don't burn them
Read them
Put them away

What did this boy of seven knew of life?
Did he commit zina with your wife?
Did he kill your brother with a knife?
Hanged from a tree in Afghanistan
Eleven years short of becoming a man
Hanged from a tree
Butchered meat for everyone to see

Accused of being a spy!

Go little boy

Go play with your toy
This world, shameless men will destroy
Go play with your toy little boy
Go play in the sky


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by Latina on

How sad that a child's life should be taken away.



Truly a SHAME!

by Majid on

Hanging, hanging, Shooting and..............more hanging, and that's what they're good at and good for while operating from their rat hole!

Hanging life and hanging hope............:-(



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

     To me, IRI is very brutal to its people......I recall AN said that Taliban is very brutal to the Afghan people....AN is right this time....I wonder if it is a world record to have a seven year old is sad that the brutality did not get stopped!

Thank you for heart-wrenching poem!


Darius Kadivar

FYI/Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan...(NYTimes/PhotoEssay)

by Darius Kadivar on

at the Time of Zahir Shah :

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan...

Record stores, Mad Men furniture, and pencil skirts -- when Kabul had rock 'n' roll, not rockets

Nazy Kaviani

The zealots' unbelievable cruelty

by Nazy Kaviani on

This is so sad, MPD. A seven-year-old boy executed for espionage. Just when I think nothing can be worse than the stuff I read in the news, there is a piece of news which is even worse than the last. I can see how this has affected and moved you. I can also see and share your fear for Iran's future in the hands of those who hold guns in one hand and a Qoran in the other, completely disregarding the basic requirements for using both.

Thank you for sharing your poignant poem. I am certain that kid is playing in heaven now.