Sign Language

Sign Language
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Sign Language

I averted my eyes
A nobody,
out on the road,
asking for help

I averted my eyes,
when he was not
With his fingers,
I heard him say,
to a man,
trapped behind the light,
“Food to eat
Roof over my head
Anything would help”
Moved his hands in the air

Light turned green
In the mirror,
I heard his fingers again

“Food to eat
Roof over my head
Anything would help,”
said to a man,
trapped behind the light
Moved his hands in the air
Gave him a good scare

A dollar here, a dollar there,
ten dollars at the most


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Anahid Hojjati

Nice poem MPD.

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks for sharing.



by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for this compassionate poem!

These are difficult times: we have shaky economy, dwindling state revenue, high unemployment, budget cut, high gas price, and potential war!

Your poem reminds me of the 2nd paragraph of this beautiful song:


P.S. My 1st job out of school, I had an Iranian colleague. He told me that Iranian "thumb up" is equivalent to American "middle finger"! I hope my memory is right! :O)


Very touching

by Souri on

Thank you dear MPD. It is a very heartfelt poem. Sometimes we are so much overwhelmed with the problems across the world that we don't see the misery just around the corner, in front of us. It is sad.