There you have it, God is doing it! (maybe)

There you have it, God is doing it!  (maybe)
by Multiple Personality Disorder

In search of reasons why within the last few days there have been several earthquakes in various locations in Iran, the first one, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in East Azerbaijan, and then a 3.8 magnitude earthquake in the eastern part of Tehran, and today, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in Bushehr, a southern port city, I have come upon this verse in Koran, which seems to pinpoint the reason for what is going on.  I say "seems" because, maybe God has nothing to do with the Minor, Light, Moderate, Strong, and Major earthquakes (magnitude 3 to 7.9), and only has His hands in the "Great" earthquakes (magnitude 8 or more).

When the ground shakes with its most severe earthquake [The Great Earthquake?], and the ground expels out its heavy burdens, including contents of graves,  and people cry out: “What is happening with the ground that makes it shake like this!”,
on that day, the ground shall reveal all its accounts, because God has inspired it to do so.

On that day, the people, like in scattered groups, shall come out of graves so their deeds shall be shown to them, so whoever has done good, as much as the weight of an iota, shall see it, and whoever has done evil, as much as the weight of an iota, shall also see it.

And also, do not forget that Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati himself said everything is in God's hand, everything including the price of chicken.

To prevent further occurrences of such horrible earthquakes, please, please pray harder [link].

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The English translation relies heavily on the available online Arabic, Farsi, and English text

Blog Image, credited to Arash Khamoushi, AP Photo/ISNA 


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by yolanda on


     I found the 2 places mentioning "earthquakes" in Koran. The interesting fact is that readers gave the verses 4 stars out of 5!


Here is the commentary:

"These tragedies (earthquakes) cannot be the work of the mechanical processes of the earth, but need a designer, and the designer is the Creator Himself. And they must have a purpose, and the purpose is punishment for the transgressors and the aggressors, trial for the pious and honest ones that are caught in the middle and a reminder for the survivors. Unless taken with this regard, humanity will never learn."

The section on Muslim scientists including Persian Mathematician Al-Khwarizmi received 5 stars out 5!


Apparently people are more interested in the real science!

Bible mentioned earthqaukes also, but they are not as explicit as in Koran:


I read this article last week explaining the twin earthquakes in Iran. It said it was caused by the convergence of Eurasian plate and Arabian plate:


Here is a photo of plate tectonics, the red dots are the seismically active areas:


Japan is on the "Ring of Fire", it has way more earthquakes than Iran. Iran should take measures and build more earthquake-resist homes!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Earthquakes, draughts and war: what else is new with poor Iran?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

هر چی‌ سنگه، واسه پای لنگه!