Waves of Dreams

Waves of Dreams
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Waves of Dreams

I want love, but with tears and sigh I do not!
A strong bond, play of wind and straw not!
Bitter feeling of loneliness kills my soul!
I want love, in and out friendship I do not!
I do not tolerate dark and cold well,
Well!  I want blaze of sun, moonshine will not!
I want pure love, soft as silk, in the color of light
A bonfire of love, but misleading flame will not!
I want deep-rooted affection, free of limitation
A sweetheart and a companion, but confined to month and year I do not!
The way is unclear and I in search of a co-traveler
A co-traveler to the end, to the midway I do not!
Anything in this world can easily be passed by
Pass by troth and love, even for a short time I will not!
There is nothing in my body except waves of dreams
I want a "Star" love!
A resentful love I do not want!


Footnote: This is my translation of a poem by Mrs. Alikhani.  The original poem can be found here:



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Divaneh jon

by Souri on

You are so nice to wish me the good friends like this.

Ms Alikhani and I are registered at a page at face-book which named: del neveshteh haay delneshin......

usually we can't contact each other unless through the admin......

But I just posted MPD's translation of her poem, at that page in face- book.

Hope she will see it and appreciate.


I am sure she will be very pleased

by divaneh on

And Souri gets a new friend.


I don't know her personally

by Souri on

But will try to send it for her.

I believe she might appreciate it.

Personally I loved her poem and MPD's accurate translation.

Multiple Personality Disorder

I have not sent this translation to Mrs. Alikhani

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I am not a member of facebook.  If any one of you guys, if you are a member of facebook, if you would let her know, I appreciate it.

Thank you for reading.


Lovely Poem, Lovely Translation

by divaneh on

Thanks MPD Jaan for posting, I loved both versions. You are top. Have you sent it to Ms Alikhani yet?


The original poem in Farsi is here, Thanks MPD

by Souri on

موج موج آرزو

عشق ميخواهم ولي همراه اشك و آه نه!/

...رشتهء مستحكمي، بازي باد و كاه نه!

حس تنهايي تلخي، مي كشد روح مرا

عشق ميخواهم رفاقت گاه يا بيگاه نه!

طاقت تاريكي و سرما ندارم، زين سبب/

آفتابي گرم مي خواهم، فروغ ماه نه!/

عشق پاكي رنگ نور و نرم از جنس حرير/

عشق سوزاني ، ولي يك شعلهء گمراه نه!/

الفتي ديرينه ميخواهم رها از مرزها/

يار و همراهي، ولي در بُعد سال و ماه نه!/

جاده ناپيدا و من در جستجوي همسفر/

همسفر تا انتها، تا نيمه هاي راه نه!/

ميتوان از هرچه در دنيا به آساني گذشت/

از وفا و عشق حتي لحظه اي كوتاه نه!/

نيست چيزي در تنم جز موج موج آرزو/

عشق ميخواهم "ستاره"!/

حسرتي جانكاه نه!/

شاعر : خانم علیخانی



by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for the translation!
This poem really makes me think! This lady's poem summarizes the pure joy of love and also the pain and side-effects the love can bring if it does not go well or if love fades.......the poem is very beautiful and philosophical...I believe many people can relate to this poem.......so this poem has become song lyrics?.........if it is, I am not surprised, it is a high quality poem!  So I think this lady wants good love, or no love....she does not want anything in between...she does not tolerate mediocrity...I like her attitude!

Thank you for sharing!