When will we ever stop assasinating?


When will we ever stop assasinating?
by Multiple Personality Disorder

When I was serving my compulsory military service in the Imperial Army of Mohammad Reza Shah before the Revolution, one day I had a close encounter with General Gholam Ali Oveissi.  I was in a line up in front of our regiment for him to review us and send us off to the Baluchistan Province.  He was walking with our regiment’s colonel and other officers when all of a sudden he stopped in from of me, only a couple of inches from my face, and engaged in a conversation with the officers about our move to Baluchistan.  At that point I had this uncontrollable urge to spit on his face.  There were anti monarchy sentiment all over the country back then and I was no immune to it.  We, some people, considered all members of Imperial Military to be traitors of the country.  This is when I knew as much as jack shit about politics.  I had heard some of Darush Eghbali's songs, a couple of books from Samad Behrangi, I had heard that Golsorkhi had balls, and some stories about of how SAVAK (Severely Asinine and Violent Asshole Killers) was torturing revolutionaries, and that was enough for me to have this convulsive urge to spit on him.

Fortunately for me, or him, they didn't stay in front of me for too long and moved on to review the rest of the regiment, and we marched, and he saluted, and we relocated to Baluchistan, eventually.  But the thought of having a chance to spit on a big shot man never skipped my mind for the next few years.  That day, and a few other days in my life, I also contemplated killing him at that moment, beside spitting of him.  I plotted it in my mind several times, before I knew better.  A few days before his visit, I would steal some bullets, load up my riffle, wait for him and shoot him while I had a chance.  After all, he eventually become to be infamously known as "...the Butcher of Tehran for a 1978 incident in which he ordered his troops to fire into a vast crowd of anti-Shah demonstrators, killing, by one count, more that 4,000 men, woman and children..."  That alone would justify killing him ahead of time, would it not?  If you had a chance to kill Adolf Hitler in 1920 would you do it?  Not that Oveissi was in the same rant as Hitler, but we all know what Hitler ended up doing, killing millions of people by the time he was done with this world.  If you had a chance before he became a mass murderer would you kill him?  Well, back in 1920 Hitler was just a soldier who had survived the First World War and there was no reason to kill him then, but who would've known what he would have become, back then!  Later, when it was known what he was capable of doing, there were seventeen planned assassination attempts on his life from 1939 to 1945, all of them unsuccessful, the most famous one was the unsuccessfull attempt by Claus Von Stauffenberg.

Well, as for Oveissi, after Shah lost his throne, he attempted to organize "...a professional army of Iranian counter-revolutionaries on the Iran-Turkey frontier, for eventual deployment in the a "liberation drive"...this force consisted of officers and men form elite divisions of the late Shah's military and was quartered in 22 makeshift barracks in eight Turkish villages and at five clandestine bases inside Iran."  Unfortunately for Oveissi, or for Iran, he died "...of a gunshot wound; in Paris.  Oveissi was strolling along the fashionable Rue de Passy with his brother and a family friend when a lone gunman walked up behind the men and fired a 9-mm pistol at pointblank range.  Both Oveissis died instantly...  Two groups, the Islamic Jihad and the Revolutionary Organization for liberation and Reform, claimed responsibility for the killing..."

On Saturday, an interim Friday Prayer Imam in the Iranian province of Kurdistan, in the city of Sanandaj was assassinated by three unidentified gunman.  Some people are ecstatic; some people denounce all kinds of violence.  I, myself, am so glad I didn't spit on, or kill, Oveissi.

Let's pray to God that this Imam was an Adolf Hitler in the making, otherwise another man has died again without a court, without a jury, without a sentence, without an appeal.  His death is final.


Footnote: Blog Image, IRAN. Sanandaj. March 1979. A man presumed to be supporter of the Khomeni regime, is taken away for questionning by kurdish militants in open revolt against the new Islamist government. 



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Multiple Personality Disorder

Shushtari, come down your high horse and try to read better

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Or, at least have some dignity to follow the thread, or at least have the courtesy to read a similar comment by another person just like yourself and my reply to it.  Read down below, for the betterment of your beloved country.



by shushtari on

that individuals like you have the gall to right this BS about a TRUE PATRIOT- long after the akhoonds' butchers murdered him in cold blood...

couple of lessons for you in history:

-first, the nonsense about him being the 'butcher of tehran'- it is a known fact that felestini assasins were among the protesters and started to shoot at the soldiers- that's when they opened fire- and the 4000 number of killed is also BS- you should also know that yasser arafat and his arab murderers also burned down cinema rex in abadan burning 450 men, women, children alive!!! all this was to foment hatred against the shah

-second, GEN OVEISSI was one the few men with the cojones to try to save iran....he knew that you had to exterminate these vultures before they took over iran- you see the results today- felestinis are still killing our people at the orders of khamenei

had they not murdered him or shahriar shafiq, we would not be here today-

the mullahs were peeing in their pants because of this brave man, they knew that he was a great threat to their bloody grip on power


so maybe you should have spit in his face back then, because you would have for sure had the taste slapped out of your mouth! 

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

The entire point of the blog was not to be judgmental about others, not to assassinate people without a proper court procedure, without a jury, and without a judgment.  So, it wouldn’t matter if Oveissi was responsible for killing of 4 people or 40,000 people, if he was a patriot or a traitor, he was assassinated without due process.  That was the point.  Also, the entire sentence that you are referring to is in quotation marks.  Here is the reference for it:


If the number is incorrect, please take it up with “TIME”.  Yes, it's true that the article is outdated, but that was the number that was believed to be true back then, and that was the number that was used to unjustly justify his assasination.

You also show your class by the type of things you write.  The feeling is mutual.


Let's have some truth.

by MRX1 on

I am going to spare you about General Oveisi's character and what a great  patriotic man he was.(his assination pretty much destoryed a real and genuine movement to liberate Iran from islamo facism)

 but you said:

"vast crowd of anti-Shah demonstrators, killing, by one count, more that 4,000 men, woman and children..."  you know when you make up a numbers, make it sound real will you? Emaedin Baghi who is a IRI lackey  looked into the TOTAL number of people that killed during the riots and even after fudging up the numbers he could barely  get it to thousend people, and yet some how 4000 people died? from what and whom? from the army that did not have permission to shoot? from the army whose soliders were not professional soldiers and most escaped the duties during those days?

So tired of people like you. Wish you did spit on his face, you would have shown your true class to every one! 



Thank you!!!!

by yolanda on

Thank you for the article.....Wow! What an experience!...................... I am speechless about the violence:

"...the Butcher of Tehran for a 1978 incident in which he ordered his
troops to fire into a vast crowd of anti-Shah demonstrators, killing,
by one count, more that 4,000 men, woman and children..."

It is sad!



Shazde Asdola Mirza

Very deep, very fair, very human - thanks for this post dear MPD

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


MPD: don't miss..

by Monda on

"The Baader Meinhof Komplex" in your area.

Enjoyed your well-researched blog.



by yolanda on

I watched a program on History channel 3-4 months ago, they said the word "Assassin" is from a Persian word "Hashshashin" meaning the hashish user & killer, I checked on Wikipedia right away at that time, it said the exact same thing.

     After I read this article, I checked the Wikipedia again just now, it said "assassin" has Arabic origin.



anyway, the words "assassin" and "assassination" have either Persian or Arabic roots.

Thanks for the article!



To kill or not to kill. That is NOT a question!

by Anonymouse on

Humans by nature are violent.  Scientists found this after examining chimpanzes who are supposed to have been our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago. Of course if you don't believe in evolution you can skip this comment!

In their studies they found that a chimpanze can one day simply wake up and for no apparent reason just kill another chimpanze.  Maybe the chimp had a bad dream the night before!

Humans are definately much more violent.  If you claim you'd kill someone "if you had a chance" and call it "justice" you probably have few screws loose. 

Everything is sacred.

Hamid Y. Javanbakht

Martial Arts

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

When people learn to solve their disputes through martial arts sparring duels.



by benross on

We end-up assassinating each-other physically after a long period of rehearsal of assassinating each-other by words, by thoughts, hatred, discrediting each-other before crediting anything. It will not end anytime soon but talking about it is a good start.