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O’ God!
Her heart won’t brighten
Nor would it fill with affection

Prayed you might find a way
A way you found,
she won’t become a wayfarer

I was at fault
God!  Forgive my sin,
for which she won’t agree to return

Forgiveness and respect are children of love
Alack!  For me she did not fall in love

Love sprouts flower from thorn
her tongue’s thorn,
flower will not

My bloody heart, I laid at her steps
She walked on it, she didn’t care

She won’t see burning pain in my heart
She won’t tender to my zest, and my sight

I have no ability to stay anymore
O’ God!
Forgive me!
She didn't grow into a wife


Original Farsi poem by  The Prince

Blog Image by Vincent van Gogh, Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat


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by Latina on

Very interesting poem! :o)



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

      Last night I used Google translator to translate the original poem after reading your post in Prince's blog.......but the only thing I coud understand is the last line: Las Vegas 9/1/2005...

Thank you for translating this sad and heartfelt poem!

The touchingly sad part is that:

My bloody heart, I laid at her steps
She walked on it, she didn’t care


I believe that things can improve........like I am reading "The Good daughter".........I read a lot of sad stuff on Wednesday and Thursday.....it was depressing......it talks about this girl got engaged at 11/12.....got married to a sadist at 13........and then got divorced at 14......but after her dad took her back.....things improved gradually.....I had an absolutely great time reading the chapter "In Shorab's house" .........this divorced 14 year old was tutored by an army of her cousins in Algebra, English, French, and Chemistry.....her dad took her to different restaurants to spend time with her.........and encouraged her to get a good education....they knew there is a possiblility that she may never re-marry again......she worked/studied very hard to stand up again! It was very brave! I think anyone can draw inspiration from this girl!

Thank you for your blog!


Thank you MPD

by Souri on

Lovely translation. I will share both versions with my friends.

The Prince

Thank you

by The Prince on

Gives me a different feeling when I read it in English! thanks again