Wild Animals


Wild Animals
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Abū Sīnā, the jewel of Persia in medicine and many other fields of knowledge, astronomy, chemistry, geology, paleontology, mathematics, physics, poetry, psychology, just to name a few, is turning in his grave as you read these words.  I have no doubt about it.  But, the best of his contribution was teaching science in academic centers some 9-10 centuries ago.  He is turning in his grave because the land that he lived in, the place that he so passionately worked hard to advance, by spread of scientific concepts, is now amputating limbs as a source of punishment.

The official website for the Public Relations Office of the Khuzestan Court House has reported that the amputation sentence of a man has been carried out already in the Karoun Prison in the province capital city of Ahvaz.  This is the fifth case of amputation in the city of Ahvaz during the last 12 months.  It is hard to believe, yet we must believe and accept that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a barbaric regime, that in the twenty-first century, where most civilized nations in the world try their best to save a limb, the so called compassionate Islamic regime in Iran does its cruelest to get rid of one. 

It was only two days ago that Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, one of the sources of emulation in Qom, was exclaiming that the world must be shown that Islam is not a religion of violence.  The man who believes in certain circumstances death by stoning could be replaced by other methods of punishment (be mindful that he is not condemning stoning all together), the man who has objections over women attending soccer matches in stadiums, and the man who recently declared that temporary marriage is one of the most progressive commandments of Islam, now wants the world to know that Islam is not a religion of violencebesyar khob, but what the hell does he mean by violence!  Isn't cutting off someone's limb an act of violence?  Didn't they drag the poor man to the butcher shop and chopped his hand off, or foot, or whatever it was that they chopped off.  Didn’t he scream bloody murder before, during, and after they chopped off his limb?  Where is Makarem Shirazi to scream bloody murder that this in not Islam and the real Islam is not a religion of violence?  I'll tell you in a minute that this act of amputation (chopping off) is no different than a man being attacked by a wild animal, but first, are we supposed to believe that the meaningless words of those cruel religious men in Qom have more meaning than the lifeless limbs of a man.  Do these religious sources of emulation in Qom think the world is blind to their cruelty?

In 1997, left arms of two Taiwanese men were reattached after 7 hours of microsurgery.  In 2007, the left arm of a Taiwanese veterinarian was severed by a Nile crocodile (a wild animal) in a zoo (where wild animals are kept).  The arm was reattached again after 5 hours of surgery.  The Taiwanese are reattaching limbs, while IRI is removing them.  Maybe the Taiwanese could teach the IRI what they must do to make Islam not a religion of violence.  Maybe Abū Sīnā will stop turning in his grave then.  Maybe one day we'll keep all wild animals in zoos where they belong. 


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Anahid Hojjati

Thanks MPD for writing about this barbaric punishment

by Anahid Hojjati on


Thanks for writing more about this amputation punishment.  I sometimes wonder why people in Iran are not more vocal about objecting to these barbaric acts.  I think it is maybe the story of the frog that was boiled gradually and unfortunately Iranians in some cases are becoming like that since you don't see the level of objection such inhumane acts should cause.


Little to do with the Book

by Rea on

But lot to do with power hungry clerics.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

      Your blog is sad......I read the amputation news 2 days ago.....I was very shocked.....actually I had a blackout in my brain....I only remember the dude was sentenced with arm amputation, but I did not remember reading that the sentence has been carried out.......I was thinking that sentence may not get carried out.....'cause it will hurt IRI's image.....I was curious if the anesthetic will be adminstered during the amputation procedure? Can the dude keep the severed limp? I thought about the re-attachment operation, too........after I read your blog and realized the amputation has been carried out...so all my wishful thinking has been shattered!...and it is not an isolated punishment...they did the butchering multiple times before.......it is just mind-boggling.....I wonder what other cruel and unsual punishment will shock me in the future....

     Your blog epitomizes the irony in Iran.....you mentioned the great Avicenna and IRI human-body butchers in your blog.... Iranian people are great, but IRI regime is messed-up...

Thank you for exposing IRI's animalistic nature!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I think this is insulting to animals

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on



Splendid article

by divaneh on

Thank you for the good blog MPD Jaan. It is written with great passion and you have done a fantastic job of transferring that to the reader. I wonder if any of known defenders of the barbaric rules who leave comment after comment about real understanding of Islam would care to drop a comment here and explain the real reason for an state cutting body parts in the 21st century. Between their empty words and hard evidence, the second wins.