Ziba Shirazi, "Tell Me Don't Go", (بگو نرو)


Multiple Personality Disorder
by Multiple Personality Disorder

I just found out that Ziba Shirazi (زیبا شیرازی), singer, songwriter, poet, and storyteller, will be at Back Stage at Central Stage on Friday, September 9th, in Richmond, California; in advance of her performance in Berkeley on Sunday.  Mansour Taeed will be having an up close and personal conversation with her on stage, and a Question and Answer session with the audience to follow.  I adore the way this lady performs, and I'll be having one hell of a time meeting her up close and listening to her conversation this Friday.

Below is my English translations of another one of her poems.  This one is call "بگو نرو", or "Tell me Don't Go".

O, yeah!  Before I forget, there is supposed to be a surprise performance this Friday.  Hummmmm!  I wonder what it is!

بگو نرو

اگه قهر کردم و گفتم
دارم از خونه میرم
بگو نرو
درو وا کردم و گفتم 
واسه همیشه میرم
بگو نرو
اگه گفتم دیگه دنبالم نیا 
گوشه کنار منو نپا
شب تا سحر چشام بیدار 
برو، تو خواب من نیا

بگو نرو 
پیشم بمون
دوست دارم اینو بدون
اگه ناز کردمو 
با عشوه صدات کردم
یه قطره اشک تو چشمام بود 
یواشکی نیگات کردم
یواشی رامو کج کردم 
یا جای منه یا تو
بداخلاقی و لج کردم 
که جونه منه یا تو
نیگاهی توی چشمام کن
منو عاشق فردام کن
یه جوری التماسم کن 
با گریه‌هات کبابم کن
آخه من رفتنی نیستم
بی تو موندنی نیستم
دلم بید و تو مثل باد
ولی لرزیدنی نیستم

Tell Me Don't Go

If I pouted and said, I've got to go,
If I pouted and said,
I'm leaving home,
tell me don't go
If I opened the door and said,
I'm leaving for good,
tell me don't go
If I said, don't come after me, no more,
don't come looking for me, no more!
From dusk to dawn, I stay up all night
Stay away!
Don't come to my dreams

Tell me don't go!
Stay with me
I love you; know it well
If I acted suave,
called you with allure,
if there was a drop of tear in my eye,
if I slyly looked your way,
slyly changed my way,
If I said, it's my way, not yours
If I acted stubborn and curt
If I said, it's my life, not yours,
look into my eyes,
make me love my morrow
Somehow, find it in your heart
Beg me to stay!
Burn me up with your tears,
because, I don't want to go
Without you I won't exist
I won't tremble, and yet,
my heart is like a willow tree,
and you're the wind


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I will definitely try to

by Luke_Mueller on

I will definitely try to attend this event.i have been following Ziba since the time when she was not so famous ,i even has some her old recording.it would be interesting to see the question answers session with the audience.looking forward for tell me don't go

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Multiple Personality Disorder

Thank you for the heads up about the rally in San Fransisco

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Please post more information about it here.  Is there a link?  I guess I could Google it.  Thanks,


We are looking forward to seeing her live on Sunday

by Bavafa on

But not before we join a peace rally in SF.  Hope to see many Iranian or otherwise friends at the peace rally.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    I visited her facebook again last nite. She posted your "Woman" translation blog link 3 times in her facebook. She said that "Woman" is her signature song (something like that) and she thanked "MPD" for translating it!

When she performed at Iranian.com's music festival 2 years ago, I was not an IC member yet......so I did not see her video until now!

  When you see her tonight, don't forget to tell her that you are "MPD".......actually you can translate your name "MPD" into Farsi....:O)) .....she will have a big laugh!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Yes, the 1st time I saw her was @ iranian.com concert 2 yrs ago

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Her music is jazz, but I am sure the lyrics sounds like country songs to you because with her poems she tells a story, like country music lyrics. 

I Google Searched but didn't find the written lyrics to the song you posted in your comment, and it is not in her website either, otherwise I might translate that one also.  I wrote it down myself though, with a couple of words missing.



by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    Thank you for the translation.....the lyrics really sounds like a country song to me.....her last song "Woman" sounds more on the tough side....this song sounds more on the vulnerable side.....I like the accompaniment of the song where piano and guitar have reached perfect harmony!

    I hope her concert is a success and you have a great time there!

I appreciate all your translation blogs or other blogs!


P.S. She perforned at Iranian.com music festival 2 years ago:


Maryam Hojjat

Nice Song

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for posting.

Anahid Hojjati

I agree with Azarin that

by Anahid Hojjati on

MPD should write more original blogs but then don't stop translation either, since they are good. I also agree with MPD that Ziba Shirazi's songs are not sad. They are uplifting.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

beautiful music and voice.  thanks for the upload.

Multiple Personality Disorder

OK, you got me,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



How about this comment for originality, and unique sense of humor?


And O!  By the way, what has happened to you lately?  Have you killed anyone else lately?  I mean in your novel.  I mean, have you had anyone else kill themselves lately in your first draft of your novel?  Good grief!  When is this novel going to be finished!

O!  And by they way, I don't think Ziba Shirazi's songs are sad at all.  I think they are very uplifting and empowering.

P.S. to those fozouls who don't know, Azarin is a very good friend of mine, and we have been teasing each other in this site for years.  But to be honest, of all the things I have done so far, writing original satire has been the most difficult one. 


Azarin Sadegh

I miss your original blogs!

by Azarin Sadegh on

My dear MPD, Although I enjoy your translations...but I truly miss your original blogs. Please take a one minute break and try to remember how fun you used to be.

May I ask you a favor? (Of course my request might seem as a selfish one! You have all the rights to refuse, and continue with your task of translating every sad poem in the world. I would totally understand...since sometimes - no matter how hard we try-- we can only be moved or inspired by sadness).

But if you write a new original blog filled with your unique sense of humor, then I might get motivated and I might try to write something funny too, since these days I am more and more sinking toward the bottom of the zone of "Ending the first draft of a novel" which is a dark place. Thanks!