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I read an IRNA report about President Ahmadinejad's party in his hotel last night, in which the report says 3,000 people were in attendance.  Reading this report on Islamic Republic News Agency site made me want to share it with you.  I read a lot of reports on Iran's state-owned media.  The overtly flattering and flowery report about this event is a surprise, even for IRNA.  I have translated a couple of paragraphs of the report: 

"Guests were so immersed in their beloved President's heartwarming words, sweetening their mouths with smiles and applause in reaction to Mr. Ahmadinejad's words, they paid no attention to the feast at their tables."

"The warm and emotional rapport between Mr. Ahmadinejad and Iranians residing in the US was so intense, the security police were watching in awe, touched to the point of perhaps forgetting their mission during those moments.  Perhaps they were envious, thinking why they had never enjoyed such an atmosphere with their own President, having never tasted the sweet taste of their government officials' closeness to people."

What do you think?

Here's the link:


And here are some excerpts of the report in Farsi.

"در ابتداي اين مراسم باشکوه صف چند صد متري در سه رديف از مشتاقان احمدي نژاد در راهروهاي هتل بسيار بزرگ محل استقرار رييس جمهوري تشکيل شده بود و همه براي ديدار احمدي نژاد لحظه شماري مي کردند."

"در حين مراسم وقتي رييس جمهوري درحال عکس گرفتن و احوالپرسي با ايرانيان بود، چهره اي آشنا توجه همه به ويژه تيم رسانه اي را به خود جلب کرد و خبرنگاران که انتظار ديدن اين چهره را دراين مراسم نداشتند، کاملا غافلگير شدند. اين چهره کسي جز سيد مجتبي ثمره هاشمي مشاور ارشد احمدي نژاد نبود. حضور وي در اين مراسم انرژي و نشاط مضاعفي به حاضرين بخشيد. راستي احمدي نژاد امروز هم بي نامه نماند و تعداد زيادي از افراد حاضر در جلسه نامه هايشان را مستقيما به دست رييس جمهوري رساندند."

"دوستي که دو سه سال است در نيويورک اقامت دارد، چيز جالبي در باره تيم حفاظت احمدي نژاد گفت. او گفت که سطح تيم حفاظت احمدي نژاد در نيويورک نسبت به تمام روساي جمهوري ديگر کشورها که همه ساله در نيويورک حضور مي يابند، بالاتر است و در واقع سطح و شدت تدابير امنيتي و حفاظتي براي حفاظت از رييس جمهوري ايران به همان اندازه است که براي بوش اتخاذ مي شود. " 


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did someone take pictures?

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I would love to see who these 3000 people are? I like to have their pictures, someone should be making records of people who are plundering the nation, being islamo-fascists while taking advantage of living in the west. We need to be like these fascists in order to win the war against them. Do as they do, identify them, and go after them when the time comes.


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