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Take a look at the following videoclip and a related NPR story about it.  Longtime United Mine Workers President Richard Trumka, Secretary/Treasurer of the AFL-CIO union, is making a passionate speech in support of Senator Barack Obama.

Now, this the America I came to love and respect when I first came to this country as a young student in the late 1970's.  This is the passion and conviction that has been increasingly missing in Americans, especially during major elections, over the past two decade.  As Democrats stepped closer to the center, sounding and looking more and more like Republicans, the fire died down in their supporters.  As talk about "God" and "God's will" took over the dialogue of Republicans, the fire died in Republicans' speech and many of their followers fell silent.  The fire is back in both parties' supporters, as important and sensitive social and economic issues are contemplated and discussed by Americans--in this case, issue of race.  It is easy, once again, to fall in love with the America I first met in the 1970's.  If nothing else, this is what Barack Obama's candidacy has brought America, the fire that makes America so unique, so special.



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An anti-racist vote is as prejudicial as a racist vote

by Anonymous Analyst (not verified) on

Why should race be an issue at all? Barak Obama is winning for two reasons and two reasons only:

1. The alternative is McCain (too close to Geroge Bush),
2. He is Black (hence postiviely discriminated).

I feel sorry for America for having no third alternative.


This is quintessentially

by skatermom (not verified) on

This is quintessentially American! Dissent is patriotic and truly American! Love this man! Thanks News Goffer!!!


From this NG to another

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Thanks for posting this speech.


God Bless Him

by cyclicforward on


People like him are the ones who make America a great nation. We should bring the fundamentals back to the picture


What a great speech!!

by Anonymousity (not verified) on


ebi amirhosseini

NG aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

Thanks for sharing.



by IRANdokht on

That's such a wonderful speech! I heard bits of it in the NPR morning show, I am glad you posted it  NG jan! 

Bless the white man who speaks against racism, the man who fights for women's right and the rich Harvard lawyer who is looking out for the workers and the middle class.

Great clip! thanks so much!