"The Glass House" and Omid Mehr Rehab Center

"The Glass House" and Omid Mehr Rehab Center
by Nkminea
Inside Iran 

'The Glass House' is a documentary about four brave girls in Iran. CNN's Asieh Namdar reports






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Praise to all brave women in oppressed areas of the planet!

by SGT Me (not verified) on

History proves that when a country is at war its cultural development slows down and is more easily influenced by neighboring countries. When Christianity was younger, the nations following its beliefs committed crimes against nature and human rights far worse than those committed by Islam. But during times of peace and prosperity, their inhabitants became more educated. They realized on their own that they where solely responsible for the treatment they received by those in power and their religion was created by men in order to control the weaker minds of the masses. Brave thinkers of the past made painful sacrifices in order to make subtle but important changes in their society. For example: Jesus tried to get rid of the extremism in his society by making changes to his religion. He tried to replace the laws of The Books of The Prophets with only one law, which was to love each other as you love yourself. He was not responsible for the chaotic adulteration of his teachings by men who survived him. But the western world became extremist and then SLOWLY more liberal on ITS OWN. We cannot try to force a belief system on anyone through violence; we have to let them grow on their own. If we do what we did in Iraq with Iran, we will spread extremism.
If you love your country, don't ask others to fight for it when you don't even have the courage to stay in it and influence others to think the way you think. Do you think it is with ease and without fear and pain that we fight our wars? I am sick of risking my life in Iraq trying to carry out a flawed plan to bring peace to the Middle East, when the local inhabitants are too afraid to use the tactics we teach them to defend themselves. I saw too many Iraqi Army and Police hide without firing one shot in order to aid the Americans beside them in a heated firefight. Do you think that fleeing your country in some way adds to the number of educated people in it? You are only aiding in the spread of extremism. Stay and teach, fight, or help the resistance in some way. If you flee, get some type of knowledge so that you can go back and fight. Or enjoy the freedom that my friends died for while you gather funds that will be used to aid in the fight against injustice. The extremists are being brave enough to do all these things. Are you going to let them win?