More Pressure against Debra Cagan Needed

by nmilaninia

The NY Times has recently published an article entitlted "Coalition of the Reluctant" in which they outline Debra Cagan. Of relevance to us Iranian-Americans is the following:

"The Pentagon denied the [Caga's remark "I hate all Iranians"]. Alasdair McDonnell, a Social Democratic and Labor M.P. who was present, told me: “I won’t confirm or deny she said that. She might nuke me in the middle of the night. She’s not somebody I’d want to tangle with.

Bernard Jenkin, a Conservative who was also present, said “Cagan is straightforward, and if you’re politically disposed to be put out by her, you would be.” He himself was not."

Over 300 people have now signed a petition asking for her resignation. While I think the petition is persuasive and should be signed, I encourage more of you to put pressure on the government through the letter campaign NIAC has initiated.

As NIAC already reports, these efforts by Iranian-Americans has persuaded at least one Congressman, Mike Honda from San Jose, to seek clarification from the State Department concerning these statements.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that if we as Iranian-Americans don't do anything no one will, and I encourage any one of you to contact me personally in order to coordinate some form of campaign against Cagan. The more we allow individuals in office who are prejudice towards Iranians, the more we open ourselves up to discrimination.


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Kaveh Nouraee

Why Is Anyone Really Bothering With Her?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yes, this gender non-specific creature said some pretty ugly things. Yes, she is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, and on and on and on.



So what?



First of all, it doesn't mean a thing. Her opinion about us? Who cares? It's what you answer to that matters. After saying what she said about Iranians to the British MPs, do you honestly think she gives a damn about anyone's reaction? Don't fool yourselves into believing she is intimidated by a potential backlash.



"Listen maddam. Vee don't like vaat you said about Iranian peoples to these British peoples. Vee vant you out of job. Agly betch."



Oh yeah, THAT'S the ticket.




Our homeland is being run into the ground. The economy is in the gutter, inflation is higher than the front row at a Pink Floyd concert and pretty soon they are going to start hanging people for double parking their Paykan, because they've benn getting away with hanging people for other B.S. matter? And why is that? Because we are too busy being offended by what Debra Cagan said about Iranians.



I think it's past the time we become offended by what the IRI is DOING to Iranians.




Besides, 15 months from now she will be unemployed anyway.


Just signed the petition....thanks

by mani 11 (not verified) on

Just signed the petition....thanks


Thank you Mr. Milaninia

by Al Moshtagh (not verified) on

I just signed the petition.




by kamran (not verified) on

I was being sarcastic. Have you ever heard of the expression "don't believe anything until it has been officially denied?" It was a common attitude in the 60's where government infiltration in anti-war groups was quite real.

However, I couldn't help noticing you could not produce any answer to my question. If all the attacks on these groups are like yours, then perhaps my sarcasm has more truth than you implied.


Logic to end all logics

by Wonderer (not verified) on

There are some logics that leave one flabbergasted, such that since NIAC & CASMII are denounced by many they must be doing something right and their opposition is centrally organized and financed. By that logic the Islamic Republic is doing a fantastic job in Iran, since many Iranians are opposing it both inside and outside Iran.



by kamran (not verified) on

if it's so easily observable, would you mind pointing out an instance of antisemetism by these groups? You must have many examples if they are so easy to discern.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of instances of people accusing them of being pro-IRI or antisemetic. I don't know the individuals in those groups, but they are denounced so viciously and unfairly that I know it has to be a funded and organized attack which makes me think they are doing something right.


A nobody in search of the right dildo

by Kamangir on

This poor woman, hasn't found the right dildo yet. Sexually unsatified, not loved, what results do you expect?



Easily observable to discerning eyes

by Wonderer (not verified) on

I did not make a blanket statement about all NIAC & CASMII supporters, rather MOST of them. I posed that rhetorical question since the ones I’ve met and also read their comments here and there have all, in varying degree, these two traits in common, rabid anti-Semitism and all label unbelievers in their ways, warmongers. This phenomenon is easily observable to discerning eyes.


Question for Wonderer

by kamran (not verified) on

you say NIAC and CASMII are "labeling their opponents warmongers", is that a something like labeling your opponent "IRI supporter" and "antisemetic"? Or is that totally different?


NIAC is funded by IRI

by Hasan Etemadi (not verified) on

IRI funds NIAC with tons of money, and people who work there want to keep their job, Milaninia as well gets
a portion of the money. wonderful.
Is there a job vacancy there? it looks like a very
easy,steady, stable and hasslefree job. I like it.


anti-Semitic outlook

by Wonderer (not verified) on

Why is it that most supporters of NIAC & CASMII have similar bigoted, anti-Semitic outlook and at times the same vocabulary and diction as the Islamic Republic? And their tactic of labeling all their opponents amongst other things, warmongers, mirrors that of Islamic Republic too. One could be anti-war and at the same time wish to see the back of Mullahs before they get Iran into a ruinous war as they surely are headed that way full speed.


I Just Signed The Petition

by Mehdi on

Mr. N. Milaninia, thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. Obviously Debra Cagan is a dispicable idiot and probably completely insane to make such an assanine general statement about a whole race of people. It only tells me that she is full of hatred and such people hate life, including their own miserable life. How can someone hate a whole nation? Only a psychotic could! We should make no mistake about it. It is very dangerous to allow such morons to be anywhere near a position of power. Finding such an idiot in that position only tells me of the level of intelligence in the whole administration system, which is scarey. Thanks again for your prompt warning.



You are on the right track here...

by Q on

I laugh when I hear conspiracy theorists and character assassins attack NIAC.


No one hated NIAC more than I did. For YEARS AND YEARS they refused to take a position against the war with Iran. In fact on this critical issue that is indeed THE most important issue affecting the life and the future of Iran, they were just wishy washy middle-of-the-roaders, afraid to piss off anybody by taking a real position. I and others pressured them to change and I am glad they did.


Finally, only about a year and half ago, they started confronting the warmongers in Washington and standng up for what every Iranian wants: No War! But in the last few weeks in this site, I am beginning to understand why they took so long. A bunch of narrow-minded people actually support war and they are loud about it. How can you call yourself Iranian and support people like Cagan, a Christian supremacist foot soldier for the neocons? 


It is the beauty of

by Midwesty on

It is the beauty of superposition principle to keep correlated factors separated to solve them independently. Let’s keep things simple. Ms. Cagan has stated her hatred towards ALL Iranians. Thanks to her frankness her statement is clear and does not require a PhD in law or philosophy to be interpreted. She didn’t want to discriminate against Iranians so she hated us equally. Good for her. For my fellow Iranians, this hatred goes towards all of you including but not limited to the ones that were maliciously brought the flag, the lighter fluid and lit the match, as well as the ones that desperately tried to put the fire out by blowing at it or spiting on it. We all know that if her statement was not too general and too public from a public figure, we’ve either never heard about it or we’ve have long forgotten the damn thing. What she’s said is emotional from a figure that people have trusted to be logical at difficult moments. It makes it even more critical that this figure is in the defense department so her emotions can easily translate to action in various forms and shapes. The weblog entry of Mr. Milaninia is in the direct response to a direct issue. Where the heck the flag burning issue comes in play? So if you think the flag burning phenomenon is related to hating all Iranians, why don’t you try to burn the Iranian flag in response? Eye for an eye, however it is ridiculously ironic that westerners still think that Iranians need to be thought a lesson for the flag burning after imposing 30 years of punishment in various forms and shapes upon their nation and people across the world. 



by sima hoveida marashi (not verified) on

The author before anything is after nothing but a name
for himself, he is young and flamboyant, and unaware
of his stupidity. He may as well have a share in
the petition web site and wants to drag traffic to it
and make some money, as if these petitions have
ever done anything useful, except selling google ads
and making money for the owners.


Let's put pressure on this

by Reza Shaheh Sabegh! (not verified) on

I think it's time to put pressure both on Debbi who is out of control and keeps commenting and at the same time put pressure on Cagan.

Dual pressure. The question is what kind of pressure are we thinking about?

Let's burn the British flag for a change, after all they are the one running the shows in Iran anyway.


Let's forgive her she is

by Anonymous34 (not verified) on

Let's forgive her she is just so hot


Semsarian, please don't do

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Semsarian, please don't do this. Here you go again with "Have you given some thoughts of what your impoliteness my affect the result of the argument against you?" Gee, no I've never thought about it that way. Thanks for your insightful and valuable words of wisdom. Your preaching is annoying, I didn't preach to you, so why are you doing it to me?

Please stop over simplifying the issue to serve your purpose, it's more complicated than that. There are multiple hidden agendas on this thread, taking the focus away from the main issue of what this young man is trying to accomplish. Now, if you or any other true red blooded Iranian really care about our country men/women and our heritage, you too will quickly point out the idiots and put a stop to their moronic strategies...regardless of tone or language.

With that, I wish you a happy weekend. I have a delicious Mexican meal and a cold pitcher of margarita with my name on it.



Death to Islam and Death to the Islamic Republic

by Death to Islam (not verified) on

Death to Islam and Death to the Islamic Republic
Death to Islam and Death to the Islamic Republic
Death to Islam and Death to the Islamic Republic
Death to Islam and Death to the Islamic Republic


Point taken

by Tonya (not verified) on

And agreed to to an extent.  By no means am I condoning any anti-ANYTHING.  I don't like the anti-American sentiments anymore than you do.  So because of a general intolerance of anti-anything, I find myself stepping outside my comfort zone a little and saying that I don't think what is obviously being said both here and in Iran justifies what is clearly inappropriate comments by Cagan.  I totally understand that the old adage "two wrongs don't make a right" is a little naive.  Truly, I do.  But you gotta start somewhere, right?  And we, the US, is on the verge of aggression that serves NO purpose.  So... like I told my son when he was younger, don't use the old "he did it first" as an excuse to follow suit.  I've never made a secret of my personal reasons for empathy towards Iran.  Doesn't mean for a second that I would betray my own beliefs in MY country.  I just want us all to get  Another comment to follow but I wanted to address our misunderstanding first.


RE: is it me...?

by Bijani (not verified) on

yup, it's you.


is it me...?

by NotSoAnonymous (not verified) on

Is it me or it seems to be a fact that all those who raise concern about executions in Iran (Mostly unsavvory chracters) are those who have no problem with military attack on Iran which would amounts to thousands of death and destruction?

That includes all the peace loving, civilized Europeans too. Among them mr. Sarkozy (Likely derivative from Sarcoma a lethal form of cancer!).

If you are gonna reply please use another gimmik rather than calling me a mullas agent!

Not that I condone indiscriminate excution of wet and dry or suppresing of people's freeodm?!


RE: Dear Semsarian, please don't

by Semsarian (not verified) on

Have you given some thoughts of what your impoliteness my affect the result of the argument against you?
That's the technique they play against you, they
try to lure you into that position and prove their point. What I am saying is by being impolite you help nobody other than your opponent. It simply doesn't prove your point, other than ruining your image against others. Manners are very important in a discussion, acting like a jerk will simply opens
the ground for your opponent and reaffirms their
They give you a bait and you simply play your role and bite the bait and that's what they exactly want.
But lets agree to disagree.


This is important

by N diggity (not verified) on

If any of us said "I hate all Blacks/Jews/Asians" at our jobs, our employer (except GW Bush) would fire us. This is about being fair and that is why she should not get away with this. Also, it's silly to ask us to ignore it because there are bigger issues. This is still important, and though it may not be the priority, it's important.


The mullahs have

by Who really hates all Iranians (not verified) on

The mullahs have demonstrated again and again that they hate all Iranians. In fact, they have been raping Iranians on the daily basis and no one among you idiots object to that!? And yet, you get all worked up on a comment made by some no name in the DoD.

You idiots need to sort your priorities.


Dear Semsarian, please don't

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Dear Semsarian, please don't be condescending towards me "Please think about what I just said". You are not talking to a child.

It's exactly that attitude of "If you don't like their behavior I guess you should refrain from being like them, let them be the impolite one" that I don't agree with. I believe in exposing their charade in a manner that will get the point across and leave no room for spin on their behalf. In this case, many posters attempted to reason with little miss Debbie, but she belligerently/selfishly continued to avoid the main issue and hijacked the good deed that our friend Neema is attempting to accomplish in order to further her own hidden agenda. That’s where I came in!

My friend, you have your way and I have mine. I give respect to those who reciprocate.



by Peter (not verified) on

I know what you are saying, but the line you mentioned that she crossed has being crisscrossed since 28 years ago, the point is Iranian government has done similar or even worse too, it's been an ongoing ping-pong game for years. Iran calls US the great satan, US calls iran a terrorist state, iranians burn the US flag, she hates them, now all of a sudden somebody says "hmm... lets sign a petition", duh... as if they were alseep all these years, as if something has changed over night and iranian government is now as pure as a white blanket, it's a tit for tat game, or it's like watching your parents fight, instead of condemning one and being silent about the other, we should encourage them talk and discuss the matter in a civilized matter.
hope you get my point.


we must control our impulses

by one (not verified) on

we must control our impulses to hate.
America is destined to become hate free.
so lets work for our destiny.


RE: Ok now I got it...

by Ali Ziaii (not verified) on

NotSoAnonymous, it's funny how you defend of being impolite, you go man... keep being impolite and let see how others will respond, good luck with that.



by Tonya (not verified) on

Don't you dare imply that I don't have feelings for our flag.  I'll assume you didn't read my post carefully.  I have tremendous feelings about our flag.  I hang it proudly.  I love my country and would support it against any aggressor, both foreign and domestic.  Any of that sound familiar to you?  Like or dislike what I say, it doesn't change the facts.  The fact remains that it's your OPINION (and your right to that opinion) that it's "generally" considered an act of hatred.  So what.  I hate a lot of words... words that are used here...but that sure doesn't make it illegal.  I see disrespect every single day when I read the paper or listen to the news or go to the schools.  There is a line and Cagan crossed it.  Period.