A Dialogue with an Anti-Iran Cheerleader


A Dialogue with an Anti-Iran Cheerleader
by No Fear

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : PAYANDEH IRAN !


Anti-Iranian cheerleader : You Can't say that !

Me : why?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Because you are an islamo-facsists , rapist, pedophile and shepeshoo !

Me : Thank you. There are millions like me in Iran.

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : You are all being paid. Paid agents !

Me : All millions of us?  Thats a bold statement. any proof?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Yes ! I have proof ! They were giving sundis at the pro government rallies !

Me : So we all came out because of sundis?  Does accepting sundis in the heat of summer make me a paid agent?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Yes ! because you are dumb too !

Me : How so?  We have achieved and contributed greatly in our science and research programs . we can't be that dumb.

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Achievement my ass !  Shah had better achievements than you retards !!

Me : But Shah hired foreigners to run our key industries like oil and military. Today we do it by our selves.

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : What you call achievement is the natural progress of any country !!

Me : But some other programs like satelite launch rockets can't be natural progress. Only a few country possess that technology.

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Those programs has nothing to with IR ! Its the genius of Iranian scientists who are against IR !

Me : But these are government funded programs, and our scientists are kidnapped or assassinated by Mosad , our enemy.

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Israel and US are not our enemy ! IR is our enemy !

Me: But they want to attack Iran, doesn't  that make them our enemy?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : IR is not IRAN ! Let them attack and remove IR !

Me : But , how do you seperate IR from Iran when the bombs start dropping?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : There is always a price to pay for democracy !  IR must go violently !

Me : You sound a lot like a neocon hawk to me. Are you really Iranian ?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : Yes i am !  Not like a shepeshoo like you !!

Me : Would it make it easier for you if i wear a suit and a tie and shave " seh tigeh" ?

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : No !  We have to eliminate you from our history ! All of you with 1400 years of it !

Me : ( speechless )

Anti-Iranian cheerleader : LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY ! PAYANDEH IRAN !

Me : ????


PS: special thanks to Sargord pirouz for coining the term Anti Iranian cheerleaders





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What I seriously dont

by shahanshahesmail on

What I seriously dont understand though is how people like no fear , sargord piruz and so on can continue to debate with these people.

I debate a few comments with the anti iri cheerleaders and then feel like the urge to get a gun and blow my brains out , I dont know how you guys can manage.

I was gonna choke on my drink when I saw the comment that khomeini was a baathist .


excellent stuff

by shahanshahesmail on

unfortunately here these warped views they have are taken seriously by padishahis and anti-islams.

though fortunately that means they wont ever get their hands in iran again.

No Fear

Thank you for the read

by No Fear on

Many of these lines are actually not my lines and i came up with it after reading your reasonable replies to the cheerleaders.

Thank you for being real , even if we have different views.



very funny!

by Q on

There is a question, that I have had for a while which this blog highlights.

where is IRI getting SO DAMN MANY agents ?

Think about it.

Millions in Iran, willing to spend days chest beating and supporting the government. Millions of women wearing head-to-toe black chadors when a light scarf will be sufficient to stay legal. Millions supporting Khomeini, voting, etc.

At the same time outside the country, even after 31 years of "rape, murder, torture, etc." which surely has all the "real Iranians" ready to start a revolution tomorrow morning, even after all this time, there are so many agents in North America too!

Think about how dedicated these agents must be. Unlike the ones in Iran who are just "idiot Muslims running after juice and bread", how can we have so many educated multilingual Iranians willing to be agents? and... for money!!!

I mean, if we just make a semi-comprehensive list of everyone who is called an "agent", we will probably have most Iranians in America: All the reformists, green supporters, most poeple on all websites that have free forums, Jahanshah Javid, Trita Parsi, Reza Aslan, all of NIAC, CASMI, AIC, anti war Iranians...

I mean, how much money can IRI be spending undetected in North America? It must be in the Billions!

Of course if your ego is so large to think anyone gives a rat's ass about the "opinions" of your fake avatar on the Internet, you would naturally think IRI would spend billions to silence you.

And if your respect for Iran and Iranians is so low that you think this many of them would dedicate their lives to an ideology for money or juice then your simply anti Iranian by definition.

If this many people can be baught what chance is there of any democracy in the future?


Well, I do agree that

by Bavafa on

Well, I do agree that unfortunately there are a number of folks (here on IC and else where) that are against IRI, but lack any logic, civility or skill to debate. They beat the drum of democracy but their first strategy is to shut up their opposition.

Having said that, their ignorance, illogical, rude and incivility should not be taken as a sample for most opposition to IRI and more importantly, be judged as since they are rude and illogical therefore IRI [regime] is friendly and logical.


Jolly Me

به یهودستان خوش آمدید - میگن کفترت خروس خونده

Jolly Me



هنوزتو را عرب نخوندن

این را دست داشته باشه قبل از اینکه همه بلاگ تو محو کنند



Niloufar Parsi

well put

by Niloufar Parsi on

pretty much summarises many debates here!


Sargord Pirouz

I have to tell you, No Fear,

by Sargord Pirouz on

I have to tell you, No Fear, I didn't vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the last election. (I voted along the socio-economic lines of my neighborhood: Shemiran.) But seeing Mahmoud's performance the past few days in New York, all I can say is the right man won.

God bless Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And God bless independent Islamic Republic of Iran. 



by iranvataneman on

Nice input, they are all like that, no surprises there. They have no logic, they simply lack it. They are still in "lala" land, and don't want to admit that the IRI is better off without these trash. This is why the trash live in the diaspora, and continue barking like dogs against the IRI, which was elected in 1979 in a democratic fashion. They can yap their mouths all night long, but the fact of the matter is, the people of Iran are damn proud of their govt. and Islam is their culture, to deny Islam in Iran, is like denying a body of water around an island.

Let them live in ignorance, they want to impose their views on others.


Nice post bro, keep up the great work.