The Hojatiyeh Association


The Hojatiyeh Association
by No Fear

(This is a basic introduction to Hojatiyeh which i have put together for IC members. If you wish to expand on any point, please feel free to share and discuss as i have access to good sources on the subject. This for now, is to test the water.) 

The Hojatiyeh association was founded in 1953 by Sheikh Mahmoud Zakerzadeh Toula'ie (aka Halabi). Halabi was a famous mullah in Mashad during Dr. Mossadeq era. He was defeated in the local election to become a member of parliament and subsequently, he left politic and migrated to Tehran to establish Hojatiyeh.

The association's primary goal was to confront Bahaism. The association also received support from many shi'ite Ayatollahs like Bourojerdi and Khoie. This association was banned after Ayatollah Khomeini accused them of treason 24 years ago. The main problem between Hojatiyeh and Khomeinism was because Hojatiyeh does not believe in an Islamic Government before the coming of the 12th Imam, Mahdi.

Hojatiyeh association was strongly opposed to the formation of an Islamic government and the participation of clergies in politics. This is mentioned in the founding principles of the association. They reasoned by a hadith ( religious quote ) from Imam Sadeq that a pure and just government can only exist when the 12th imam is present.

They also believed that " Jihad " and struggle during the time when the 12th imam is hidden, is useless. They argued during the hidden period, the only thing that a muslim should do is to "wait" for the coming of Mahdi. Any struggle against injustice and imperialism is useless since Quran has clearly stated that muslims should not weaken themselves.

Evidently, it is very clear why such association would be banned by Ayatollah Khomeini.

This association main decision makers were sheikh Halabi, Haj seyyed reza Rasol, Seyed Hassan Sajadi, and Haj mohammad Taghi Tajer. They oversaw the activities of subcommittees responsible for surveillance, foreign policy, conferences and guidance.

After the revolution, the association declared that it will participate in politics in order to help the revolution, but in reality, this never happened. Some of the members of Hojatiyeh displayed interests in finding positions in ministry of intelligence and Education, but they encountered strong opposition from the islamists like Ayatollah Jannati who said;

آیت‌الله جنتی نیز در خطبه‌های نمازجمعه مورخ 9/7/1361 در این‌باره گفت: «علت اصرار شما دایر بر این‌که در مراکز اطلاعاتی نفوذ کنید و اطلاعاتی جمع‌آوری نمایید برای چیست؟ به چه مناسبت شما می‌خواهید در قسمت فرهنگی فعالیت نمایید یا سیاسی؟ دلیل این‌که اطلاعات جمع‌آوری شده را به مراکز بهره‌وری و به ارگان‌های انقلابی نمی‌دهید چیست؟ ... مگر سپاه یا ارگان‌های مشابه نباید دارای آن اطلاعات باشند تا ضدانقلاب را پی‌گیری نمایند. چرا با سپاه به صورت کامل همکاری ندارید؟ آیا شما به خودتان اجازه می‌دهید از امکانات دولتی استفاده کنید و در رابطه با این استفاده مجوز قانونی و شرعی دارید یا نه؟»

As the disagreements grew between Hojatiyeh and others, Ayatollah Khomeini intervened and said;

امام‌خمینی (ره) در روز سه‌شنبه 26 تیرماه 1362 در سخنانی فرمودند: «یک دسته دیگر هم که تزشان این است که بگذارید که معصیت زیاد شود تا حضرت صاحب بیاید. حضرت صاحب مگر برای چی می‌آید؟ حضرت صاحب می‌آید معصیت را بردارد.
ما معصیت می‌کنیم که او بیاید؟ این اعوجاجات را بردارید، این دسته‌بندی‌ها را برای خاطر خدا، اگر مسلمانید، و برای خاطر کشورتان، اگر ملی هستید، این دسته‌بندی‌ها را بردارید. در این موجی که الآن این ملت را به پیش می‌برد، در این موج خودتان را وارد کنید و برخلاف این موج حرکت نکنید که دست و
پای‌تان خواهد شکست.»

After what Khomeini said, many assumed Khomeini's refrence was to the Hojatiyeh association. The association immediately declared that it will cease all its activities.


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by Aryana-Vaeja on

I think we do. There is a lot of interesting angles here to explore. Do you know of any attempts in the past 30 years to write an impartial and independent academic study of the Hojjatiyeh? If not, why not? Is it an issue of accessibility to sources and archival material? Would the regime not be forthcoming in giving access to potential researchers? How many of the original players are still alive? Would their families be willing to talk and be interviewed? Would they allow access to private papers and correspondences from the era?

With a decent proposal, I'm sure there would be all kinds of university foundations who would fund a research project such as this. A Ph.D dissertation on the Hojjatiyeh could literally make someone's academic career in Iranian or Islamic studies. It would also once and for all remove the shroud of enigma over what this organization was actually about, what it really believed and what the exact nature of its activities were and what its true legacy really is.

Hey, if the money is there, I am willing to do it :)

Thanks for the quote by Soroush.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9

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While i found a few quotes from some scholars who claim Hojatiyeh society believed in " Ijtehad " ( without offering proof ), I can't conclusively say they did or didn't. Their founding guideline which i have posted here, doesn't mention anything about a " Mojtahed". But the spirit of their guideline seems to support your arguement.

However, this society enjoyed the support of many Marja'e Tagleed ( Mojtahed) when it was founded.

We need to dig deeper.


No Fear

متن کامل اساسنامه انجمن حجتيه

No Fear

مقدمه: به منظور فعاليت‌هاي علمي و آموزشي و خدمات مفيد اجتماعي، با الهام از تعاليم عاليه اسلام و مذهب شيعه جعفري براي پرورش استعداد و تربيت انسان‌هاي لايق و كاردان و مقيد به تقوي و ايمان و اصلاح جهات مادي و معنوي جامعه، مؤسسه‌اي به نام (انجمن خيريه حجتيه مهدويه) به قصد صد در صد غيرانتفاعي به شرح زير تأسيس مي‌شود.

فصل يكم: اسم، موضوع، هدف، مركز و مدت و دارايي

ماده اول: اسم مؤسسه (انجمن خيريه حجتيه مهدويه ) است كه اين اساسنامه به اختصار انجمن ناميده مي‌شود.

ماده دوم: موضوع و هدف: منظور از تشكيل انجمن، اجراي اموري است كه ذيلا شرح داده مي‌شود:

تبليغ دين اسلام و مذهب جعفري و دفاع علمي از آن با رعايت مقتضيات زمان به روش‌هاي مختلف زير:

1ـ تشكيل كنفرانس‌ها و سمينارهاي علمي و ديني در نقاط مختلف كشور با رعايت مقررات عمومي

2ـ چاپ و پخش جزوات و نشريه‌هاي علمي و ديني با رعايت قوانين مطبوعاتي كشور

3ـ تأسيس كلا‌سهاي تعليم و تدريس اخلاقي و معارف اسلامي با رعايت مقررات عمومي

4ـ ايجاد كتابخانه و قرائت‌خانه و اماكن ورزشي با رعايت قوانين مربوطه

5ـ انجام امور خيريه عمومي و مساعدت فرهنگي مؤسسات اسلامي و اخذ تماس با مجامع مشابه بين‌المللي با نظر مقامات ذي‌صلاحيت

6ـ تدارك جلسات آموزشي به منظور تربيت افراد براي مناظرات و مباحثات علمي، ادبي و مذهبي در محافل اسلامي با رعايت مقررات

7ـ تأسيس هر نوع مؤسسه فرهنگي نظير دبستان، دبيرستان، مدارس عاليه و پرورشگاه با رعايت قوانين

8ـ ايجاد هر نوع مراكز درماني نظير بيمارستان و درمانگاه با رعايت مقررات وزارت بهداري

9ـ تبصره

تبصره 1ـ موضوع و هدف انجمن، ثابت و تا زمان ظهور حضرت بقيه‌الله امام زمان «ارواحنا فداه» لايتغير خواهد بود اما برنامه‌هاي آن با توجه به شرايط زمان و نياز جامعه، مي‌تواند بر اساس حفظ هدف ملي و رعايت مقررات اين اساسنامه تغيير و يا تعميم شود.

تبصره 2ـ انجمن به هيچ‌وجه در امور سياسي مداخله نخواهد داشت و نيز مسؤوليت هرنوع دخالتي را كه در زمينه‌هاي سياسي از طرف افراد منتسب به انجمن صورت گيرد، بر عهده نخواهد داشت.

ماده 3ـ مراكز انجمن در تهران است و صندوق پستي شماره… براي مكاتبات آن در اختيار مي‌باشد. در صورت اقتضا هيأت مؤسس مي‌تواند با نظر مقامات ذي‌صلاحيت، نماينده گروه يا شعب انجمن را در تهران يا ديگر نقاط، اعم از داخل يا خارج كشور داير نمايد و افراد نيكوكار را به نمايندگي انجمن براي اجراي اهداف اساسنامه به خدمت دعوت كند.

No Fear

عبدالکريم سروش و انجمن حجتیه

No Fear

به گفته سروش :  "انجمن مهدويّه حجّتيه, نامبردارترين گروه قبل از انقلاب بود که با انديشه مهدويت نرد عشق مي‌باخت و اعضاي آن سلوک فردي و سياسي خود را بر آن استوار کرده بودند. اينان به گفته آيت‌الله خميني, معتقد بودند که تباهي و ستم بايد چندان فزوني گيرد که ظهور امام غائب را ايجاب و تسريع کند. پيداست که از  اين انديشه, چه رويکردي به قدرت و سياست برخواهد خاست و باري هر چه از آن برآيد, قطعاًً سياستي دموکراتيک نخواهد بود. ناگفته نگذاريم که اعضاي انجمن حجّتيه, به شدت و نفرت, از آن اتهام بيزاري مي‌جويند و آن را دروغي برساخته دشمنان مي‌شمارند. شايد صحيح‌تر آن باشد که مهدويت‌گرايان حجّتيه را در امر سياست, مردمي بي‌عمل و کناره‌گير بشماريم که با همه حکومت‌ها مي‌سازندو به معاش خود مي‌پردازند تا پايان زمان در رسد و مهدي موعود نقاب از چهره براندازد. نيک روشن است که در شکم اين بي‌عملي سياسي هم طفل دموکراسي پرورده نخواهد شد. "  //


Halabi's neo-Akhbarism?

by Aryana-Vaeja on

On one level you can look at Halabi's statements that got him accused as being muted criticisms of the na'ib al-khass (special deputyship) doctrine that empowers the 'ulama as quasi-gates (abwab)  to the absent Imam. This doctrine in its fully developed form is the basis of the Usuli position on unfettered ijtihad, and it later leads to the formation of the institution of the marja' taqlid (source of emulation) during the 19th century. If you look at the Hojjatiyeh's emphasis on empowering the common believer's knowledge of the sources of her/his religion, you can make an implied argument that this is a form of neo-Akhbarism because it is surreptitiously attempting to chip away at the exclusive interpretative power of the trained mujtahid by universalizing the function of ijtihad more and more and so diffusing the function of ijtihad beyond just clerical experts. In essence this is a classic attempt to, at least theoretically, make only the sources and the Hidden Imam the believer's sole sources of authority and emulation rather than any ecclesiastical establishment, and this is definitely a form of neo-Akhbarism. I believe Halabi's accusers saw this as well which is why they made the accusation.

BTW what is the basis of Abdolkarim Soroush's animosity to the Hojjatiyyeh? His articulated positions in his published works on this have been rather contradictory.

@Roozbeh: history is documented not erased just because you happen to dislike the subject of this history. Friend or villian, you don't just forget any aspect of history and force everyone else to do as well. Erasing the collective memory is what fascists and stalinists do. The true history of the Hojjatiyeh Society needs to be carefully documented and analyzed by historians because this society thrived at one time in Iran and enjoyed support amongst some important religious cross-sections of Iranian society and, more importantly, aspects of the history of this society are presently shrouded in mystery, intrigue and polemic no thanks to its Khomeinist and Bahai enemies. I don't have much regard for the Hojjatiyeh either, but my personal opinions and views of it are irrelevent, because simultaneously I do want to see a comprehensive analytical academic treatment of it someday soon to find out what was really going on.

@Rosie, shut-up!


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by No Fear on

Whether the 12th Imam is in a well or not is irrelevent.  You can not question other people's belief. What should concern you is their methods which they practice their religion. Does it interfere with politics? Does it interfere with rights and freedoms? Does it interfere with people's daily life?

Based on my research, Hojatiyeh was a very passive and non political society. They did not believe in any confrontations or any revolutionary methods. Compare that to what Khomeinism did to Iran and you get a better idea of how deep this well is.



by Rosie. on

aryana and no fear together...this is a conversation i wouldn't want to miss... :oP

No Fear


by No Fear on

Good observations. The accusation that Halabi believed in Akhbari ideology is unproven and not likely. His belief in the " seperation of politic and religion " is enough to make any revolutionary brand of Islam to oppose him harshly.

Unless you can shed some new light over this issue.

To other readers;

Akhbari Vs. Usulis

The Akhbārīs are Twelver Shī‘a Muslims who reject the use of reasoning in deriving verdicts, and believe only the Qur'an, aḥadīth, (prophetic sayings and recorded opinions of the Imāms) and consensus should be used as sources to derive verdicts (fatwas).

Usulis are the majority Twelver Shi'a Muslim group. They differ from their now much smaller rival Akhbari group in favoring the use of ijtihad i.e. reasoning in the creation of new rules of fiqh; in assessing hadith to exclude traditions they believe unreliable; in considering it obligatory to obey a mujtahid when seeking to determine Islamically correct behavior.


Never seizes to amaze me

by Cost-of-Progress on

how polluted we Iranians have become after 14 centuries of the islamic mess.

...the coming of the 12th emam....a stolen ideology from Chrisitianity, and equally baseless, but  the manner in which the 12th emam "disappeared" is a bit embrassing, I mean the well thing. Couldn't the designers of Islam and shiaism think of better means for him to "disappear"? Perhaps from a mountain top or something like that? The answer is no because being from the deserts of Arabia,  the sacred nature of water to them made them think of a well as adivine place to 'disappear".

However, I do hope that this Hojatieh clan gets more power for if they wait for the coming of Mehdi before trying to grab power, may be, just may be by then we Iranians will wake up and reject the notion of Islam as the only means to salvation.






Crazy Ideology of some rejects within a rejected ideology.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Apart from crazed anti_bahais or ever obsessed with "progressive wing of islamist regime" Tudeh party, the rest of us simply dont care about this crap of Hojatieh , itself part of larger crap of Terrorist islamist ideology!

Fact is The entire Islamist regime and their ideology was thrashed and rejected loud and clear by the Iranian masses on the glorious Uprising of the Ashura, last year. Why should we ever bother to learn and understand these mentally challenged, hateful hojjatieh individuals who've made it their life mission to persecute their own Bahai compatriots due to their religious belief's? 

 Now lets talk about less ridiculous stuff, like this  islamist flying boat or the first islamist terrorist in space by 2030 or ahmad bi_mokhs's 15 year old niece achieving nuclear fusion in her ameh's ashpaz khooneh whilst cooking a ghormeh sabzi! 


Michael Fischer & Mehdi Abedi

by Aryana-Vaeja on

Devote a good portion of an entire chapter in their Debating Muslims: Cultural Dialogues in Postmodernity and Tradition discussing the Hojjatiyeh. They especially detail the conflict with Khomeini and the events leading up to and after the society's disbanding. This is why the Baha'i accusation that the regime is infiltrated by the Hojjatiyeh makes no sense. These people were dyed in the wool ultra-orthodox Shi'ite traditionalists and found the whole idea of Islamic government and the VF completely abhorent to their literalist Shi'ite piety. In fact an accusation some of the 'ulama made of Halabi was that he was a neo-Akhbari, which is not entirely without foundation because he had apparently once expressed the view that some of the 'ulama had derogated too much power  to themselves and that some of this power was illegitimate because  it ventured too close to the authority that is supposed to belong to the Hidden Imam.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9

No Fear


by No Fear on

Good questions.

Here is a link to blogs by Hossein Pajohesh. He could be a (former)member due to his devotion to sheikh Halabi.

Go down to number 7 and read. The rest of the article is also interesting to read.


No Fear


by No Fear on

I am not familiar with Banisadr article on Hojatiyeh. Perhaps you could fill us in on it. The list of members that he claims to have is very interesting to see.

I am not an expert on Hojatiyeh, infact i need your help here.

Hoshang Targol

حالا این شد

Hoshang Targol

حالا این شد جوان "پر واهمه" نسبتا خوش قول ! شکل و شمایلش  هم بسیار خوب و مناسب است. ________________________________________________________________  حالا یه مقدار جدی ( اتل متل  تسمیه ، جلسه دیگه رسمیه ) به قول بنی صدر و خیلی کسان دیگر ، اکنون اهرم های قدرت در ایران در دست انجمن است  ( بندی صدر یه لیست بلند بالا از اسامی این افراد هم در "انقلاب اسلامی در هجرت" چاپ کرده بود ، غلط نکنم حدودای پارسال./  یک) نظارت در مورد هژمونی کنونی  انجمن چیست؟ ایا مقاله ذکر شده بنی صدر را خوانده اید؟ و آیا میتوانی هر وقت فرصت کردی اون رو هم اینجا بیاری؟ ( جوان  اون آواتار تو  هم عوض کن ، که دیگه یک مجادله  حرفه ای بشه ).


no Fear - do the members still believe in original guidelines?

by MM on

What are their thoughts on VF, opposing Bahaism....etc, now?

Are they followers of the jailed Ay. Boroujerdi?

Thanks for the info.

No Fear

(Update) انجمن حجتیه درخواست مجوز فعالیت رسمی کرد

No Fear