Who are the "Conservatives"?


Who are the "Conservatives"?
by No Fear

I get discouraged when debating with other posters who know very little about Iran's internal politics. Therefore, I decided to put together an introduction to the conservative camp ( principlists ) so we could use this blog with your contribution for future references.

Soon we will be witnessing our parliamentary election. The current parliament is dominated by the conservatives who replaced a reformist dominant parliament in the previous election. But in our current parliament, the conservative camps have been competing with each other and despite the image that i have posted with this blog, they are not unified. Infact, new alliances between some conservatists and reformists have created a new majority in the parliament to counter bills introduced by the administration of Dr. Ahmadinejad. lets look at the main players;

1- Ahmadinejad's Camp.  This group of MPs support the policies of our current administration. I can't pin them to a specific political group as a whole, since they are not under a specific platform. They are united in their support of Ahmadinejad and Esfandyar Rahim Mashaie. Read articles by Ali Akbar Javanfekr, Ehsan Jahandideh, Jafar Behdad and Mohammad hassan Salehi if you want to know more about their political outlook. Raja News usually reflects the opinions of this group of conservatives.

2- The traditional conservatives. This group are closer to the " Islamic Revolution's founding principles ". They possess revolutionary attributes and they are considered " anti Ahmadinejad". They displayed some of the strongest oppositions to block certain bills in the parliament but they have not been entirely successful to unite all conservatives against Ahmadinejad. Notable personalities ( possible future candidates ) from this camp are Larijani, Mohsen Rezaie and Mohammad Bagher Ghalibof. These conservatives also enjoy the support of other powerful groups such as :

//motalefe-party.com/ ( Motalefe )

//www.radiofarda.com/content/o2_conservative_warned_ahmadinjad/1794972.html ( Jebhe peyrovan khate emam )

//www.rohaniatmobarez.com/Portal/Home/ ( Rohaniyoon e mobarez )

Many newspapers in Iran reflect the views of this camp but Resaalat newspaper stands out. To be more familiar with this group political outlook read articles from Roholamini ( whose son was in Kahrizak ), Amirali Amiri, Hossein Entezami, Reza Moghaddasi and Mohsen Ahmadi.

3- The mild conservatives.  I just made this name up since i don't know what to call them. This group is closer to Ahmadinejad but it also criticizes some of Ahmadinejad's policies. They are supporters of "Gholam ali Hadade Adel" who is a very smart politician ( strong possibility for presidential candidacy to unite the conservative camp ). Some of the political groups which support this camp are;

//isargaran.org/  ( Jamiyate Isargaran )

//www.rahee.ir/ ( Jamiyate Rahpoyane Engelabe Islami )

Along with the Ahmadinejad's camp, this camp is also introducing new personalities in our politics and if you want to learn more about their ideology follow articles by Bijan Moghaddam, Ali Darabi and Alireza Zakani.

4- The Last conservative group are personalities who define themselves to be beyond any political party and defend the "essence" and values of conservatism as a revolutionary duty. These are mostly elder clergies who initially supported Ahmadinejad in the past but now due to the " Mashaie" factor, are becoming critics of the administration. The Fars news agency has become the organ which publishes their views and notable writers are people like hamid reza moghaddamfar.

There you have it to the best of my knowledge.

As you see, our complex politics is far from being black or white. A person who supports Ahmadinejad's policy, can not be considered a Larijani supporter as well. I have also provided you with links to follow related events and news first hand from the related organ without reading second or third hand news articles from other agencies. Go to the source for your news. If you see their is a problem between two factions, go and read both versions from their sites to get a better understanding.




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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


IR believes in one thing: Rob and Rape. That is the only thing they know. They could not give a damn about Achamaneshi or Sassanids. They just want to steal and rape. Steal from people and rape anyone who speaks out.

This system deserves one thing: regime change. It tests my opposition to death penalty to utmost. If there is anyone deserving of hell it is those criminals who run Iran.Their days are numbered either by Iranian people or others.

It boils my blood to hear "No Fear" shamelessly promote this farce of a government. I would make a better dictator than these idiots and dare say so would you. How stupid do they think we are to actually take this complete shit seriously.

If this is "esteglal" then count me out.

If these people represent religion then I am an atheist.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This whole

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


thing is a bad joke. IR is about as representative as Saddam's Iraq. When I see these graphs I want to throw up. What kind of idiot will take this seriously? Fesenjoon is absolutely right. This is a joke on the Iranian people.

One way or another this is going away. It will either be internal or external but it will be gone. The whole Islamist "parliament"; "president" and "Velayat" are and offense to sanity. They are all unified under "rob and rape" flag os Islamism.

Mardom Mazloom

A good summary

by Mardom Mazloom on

About the different conservative camps in No Fear's internal politics:

شغال, برادر سگ زرد

No Fear

A good related article.

by No Fear on

About the different conservative camps in our internal politics.

The view is expressed from a site close to the Ahmadinejad camp.


PS: replace the word "khavas" in the article with " traditional conservatives ".

No Fear


by No Fear on

Are you suggesting we copy and adopt the US constitutional rights as our own?

I don't have a problem with parliamentary powers and i don't want them to be limited or overwritten by amendments or any other types of force applied by a single elected ( or non elected ) body. The situation in Iran is very similar to a minority parliamentary government.

The timing of the judiciary to hand down two death sentences shows the decisive nature of the traditional conservatives headed by the Larijani brothers. Many of the reformist prisoners have been freed ( to exert pressure on Ahmadinejad's administration ), but they are making a point about terrorism in our country. Lets not forget that we just lost two of our nuclear scientist to one of these three mercenaries ; MKO ( MEK ), Kurdish seperatist groups like PJAK or Jundollah. ( Most likely MKO since they have been spying on our facilities for a while ). Ofcourse, the Judiciary is making a point.

Many conservative camps shares this sort of decisiveness when dealing with national interests. Its different than the hippy go happy reformist approaach to international politics.


IRI believes Achaemenids were Jewish

by Fesenjoon on

There are no factions. These are all color flavors of the Hezb of Jomhuri Eslami.

The existence of "Parliament" is kos-sher in Iran. Youre either with the system, or else youre Zionist and Jewish and evil. What exists is only the Hezb of Velayat Faghih. The rest of the universe is Jewish, even our own past kings:


"Paliament"? "Elections" in Iran? LOL

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Who are you trying to kid  with this nonsense  sun shine?

boro baba jamesh kon, khejalat ham khoob cheesieh.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Communists, Greens, .....run in US elections everytime

by MM on

I do not agree with your premise.  Anyone can run in any elections in the US, as long as they meet the age (and citizenship in case of the president) requirement.  And, although the presidents are required to take the oath of the office of the presidency, they can petition amendments to change the constitution.  But, the people of the US believe in the constitution and THE people will boo them out of running for the office in the preliminary votes, and NOT an unelected religious body that does not know a thing about politics.

Secondly, it has taken 31 years, time has run out and the neverland looks more promising than what we have in Iran.  The IRI system even goes after the families and the lawyers of those she does not like.



As the sign in one crowd said "Oh God, if these are your people, take me to hell"

No Fear


by No Fear on

The reformists have their own organs, websites and newspapers. Many of them are active within Iran and have not been banned.

Can you atleast agree with me that Ahmadinejad's strongest opponents in our politics, have been given a chance and means to speak up their mind and be active?

No Fear


by No Fear on

I don't think the selection before election is the best possible practice either, but similar screenings also happens in democratic societies. The presidential candidates must be fit to uphold the constitution. Remember, if there is a problem with the constitution, that is not the president's problem. In order to change our constitutional laws, we need to elect the right people in our parliament which candidates go to a more easier screening filter.

Keep in mind that when the majority of the eligible voters turnout in an election ( even with screened candidates ), that speaks volume for validating the results. If the elections were buycotted ( the three decades solution which the opposition propose ), then you have a very valid point. But Iranians are showing up at the polls and they are voting with or without you.

Just imagine if the millions of Iranians who are living abroad , instead of signing meaningless letters to irrelevent organizations, had cast their votes in the previous election, they could have effectively changed the course of our history.

Listen, i hope you are mature enough to realize changes in our country doesn't happen like flicking a light switch ON, unless you are an anarchist revolutionary. There are many ways to be effective in our politics. There isn't a direct flight to your desired promise land. This is a multiple stop journey. Those looking to catch a direct flight, end up in Neverland.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

How about allowing more reformist in becoming a candidate, without any support from any media, and see the result.

How about allowing whomever wants to run to run? Why should anyone be disqualified. Isn't that the voters job? They decide who is in and who is out. As for VF that is a total joke which permanently destroys any legitimacy of IR.


No Fear, We understand

by MM on

No Fear,

We understand your arguments.  However, there are two inherent flaws in the way the IRI's election system works, which in effect nullifies the electoral system and makes IRI a Theocratic Dictatorship.

1. The Guardian Council approves a fraction of candidates, be it the city council, MPs or the presidency.  So, the elections become basically a matter of selection of Mullah's choices for Iranians.

2. All laws have to conform to Shari'a and all laws are subject to VF's approval/disapproval.  As a result, the president becomes a puppet of the Mullahs.

No Fear

Reformists had their chances

by No Fear on

Its up to the Guardian council to allow more reformists candidate to get pass the screening filter. Interestingly, of the six judges on this council, three were elected by the parliament last year and all three belong to the reform camp.

Besides, Ayat. Janati has also left the council. The guardian council is now officially a reform council and it will most likely disqualify people like Mashaie or other modern conservatives for the upcoming election.

Don't you ever think that reformists never had a chance. Infact, they were probabely the only government that had everything in their favour since the parliament was also dominated by reform candidate when they were in power. Did they change any laws? hell no. They had a perfect opportunity and they choked. They were also horrible in our foreign policy. What did they accomplish afterall?



They are all the same

by afshinazad on

all of them are from same ideology and have a same goal, in summary they are all enemies of Iran and Iranian period. 


Great, thanks

by Abarmard on

How about allowing more reformist in becoming a candidate, without any support from any media, and see the result.

Mardom Mazloom

In sum:

by Mardom Mazloom on

سگ زرد، ‏برادر شغال


Window dressing

by comrade on



It looks like a post Christmas sale for knock off politics, like fake Gucci bags, or something like that. Drawing a  bar chart does not either explain or solve the IRI's politics. Look out at your competitors' window decoration: It says

R E F E R E N D U M    and look how busy they are.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.