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Noosh Afarin
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سخنان خمینی جنایتکار که هیچگاه پخش نشد


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Burn in Hell

by iroooni on

You son of a bitch.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Yeah, just as I remembered him,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

...an idiot!

Noosh Afarin


Noosh Afarin



ممنون از لطف و وقت  تک تک شما برای توضیحاتتون. من چندین بار به این کلیپ گوش کردم و با خودم فکر میکردم که؛ اگربه گفته این وحشی (به امر رسول الله ٧٠٠ نفر را به علت نداشتن تربیت اسلامی، گردن زدنند)....پس کشتن چند میلیون برای این ادمکشان حرفه ای با مجوز (رسول الله ) کار شاقی نبود، و نیست. (خفه کردن و منحل کردن تمام گروهها...) به سادگی وضو گرفتن بود.. .... به گفته ی او: و از این به بعد این نباید چیز بشد....ما میخایم اسلام را طرح ( چیز بکنیم). حتی گوش کردن به این شیطان صفت تهوع اور است













Omid Jan,

by Kaveh Parsa on

Just wanted to correct something you said and then eleborate on another part of your post. Your memory of sorod Ey-Iran being broadcast for the first time is incorrect. Although not the national anthem, this Anthem (considered a 2nd national anthem) was always played on TV and radio prior to the revolution. After the fall of the old regime and until the new national anthem was composed & chosen, Ey-Iran was used as a temporary unofficial national anthem, which might be what you were trying to say.

A far as people being happy in the first few months, I think people were fooling themselves from day 1. On the day after the victory of the revolutionary forces, mass arrests, trials and executions of the former regime's officials started. There was not even the pretence of due process or justice. Dr Yazdi (our very own reformist) who is complaining about the show trials today was one of the 3 judges who presided on the first such trial. As everyone knows the 4 generals were tried on live TV by Mr Yazdi and were executed the same night on the roof of the Alavi School. It has been said that khomeini used their blood for vozoyeh khoon after wards to perform his evening prayer!!

That was the time for the good people of Iran to stand up and be counted rather than think that what was being perpetrated in their name was against only a small segment of the population and will not engulf them later. In just under 6 months over 600 civil & military officials of every rank were executed in Tehran alone. Figures for out side Tehran have never been collated for those 6 months as they were not announced, but HR groups estimate the total of those executed/disappeared at around 6000. Thousands more were jailed and tortured.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

Well, our good people did nothing then and as the Islamic justice engulfed each and every segment of Iranian society (leftists, MKO, intellectuals, nationalists, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, Bahais, reformists, women, students and even the clergy) they kept doing nothing. Evil has triumphed for now in our "marze por gohar".

The children of those good people who were happy those first few months must now pay an enormous price to overcome the evil that their parents allowed to triumph.


omid behrooz

People had no idea....

by omid behrooz on

JJ is right, and I heard the original speech on TV. Most Iranians did not know Khomeini in the beginning, and had no idea how organized and calculative this small bunch of Islamist Revolutionaries was, and what a liar they were!

From Neauphle-le-chateau, France; Khomeini appointed Bazargan as his prime minister. Unlike Khomeini, Bazargan was a well-known melli figure, close friend of Mossadegh, Dean of Tehran University Engineering School, who had been in prison for years. Bazargan selected a group of highly educated and experienced Iranians in his cabinet. 

For the first time, soroude Ey Iran was broadcast from TV and radio. Pahlavi St. was named Mossadegh St. Iranian Minister of Oil was selected as chief of OPEC, in the first meeting. When reporters and women asked Khomeini, in France and later in Iran, about hejab, he said it is not compulsory, and Iranian women are free to decide for themselves.

Most people were happy in the first few months of the revolution, until the hostage taking started. Bazargan was against it, but Khomeini who had used him in the beginning, replaced him and his cabinet with his group of Islamist revolutionaries, and announced compulsory hejab for women. He extended the killings and intimidation of people and various political groups, while engaging in the war with Iraq.

He extended the war for eight years, during which he got rid of all opposition groups, forced people to keep quiet, by telling them that his priority is war! He lied, cheated, and used Iranians to get the power!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Noosh Afarin, this speech by Khomeini was aimed at further radicalizing the policies of the government, which Khomeini thought was too slow in changing the policies of the old regime. He didn't care about freedom and individual rights. He cared about the rapid implementation of Islamic laws.

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Vaakonesh Mardoom?

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Not much, unfotunately...... Iranians at the time were stunned and disoriented by how they got so screwed by the Islamic revolutionaries and The war with Iraq. Some decided to focus on enemy outside, some were happy with their choice and situation in Iran and the rest waiting for others to lengesh koon...

Few tried to fight for IRAN and Iranian Freedom in Neghab underground organization (Nejate-Ghiame-Bozorge-Iran) responsible for the nationalistic uprising of July 10 1980 against the tyranny of Khomeini's regime. 

Toof be gooreh aan Khomeini Jalaad va hamrahanesh...

I hope one day before I die, to get to see my beloved country Iran and Iranian nation FREE ...

Haala keh pashmaam yeh khorde reekhteh, all I can say and do at this moment is, Peace and Love in Iran and on earth...

PS. JJ, despite your collaboration with that regime in the begining of the revolution, I personally forgave you because you repented and your current efforts to help Iran and Iranians in a positive way this time... and the fact that you have my information doesn't bother me! I know how to protect myself with my true information and against any possible harm ... I have been trained properly !

God bless and Free Iran and Iranians.

Noosh Afarin

ممنون اقای جاوید.

Noosh Afarin



 واکنش مردم چی بود؟



Jahanshah Javid

I remember it

by Jahanshah Javid on

This speech was shown on Iranian TV. I remember it. It was around summer 1980 or 1981, if I'm not mistaken. In any case, it was definitely released to the public.