Rally at UN: NO to Ahmadinjad! YES to Human Rights!

Rally at UN: NO to Ahmadinjad! YES to Human Rights!
by Noosh Afarin

Join us in New York City, September 23rd and 24th, as we raise our Voices for Iran and declare to the international community that Ahmadinejad does not represent the Iranian people. We demand the international community support human rights for the Iranian people and reject the policies of military aggression and economic starvation.

Say no to torture, killings, and rape. Say yes to freedom of speech, assembly. End the show trials. Free all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and hold the real criminals accountable. Remember Neda and Sohrab, and all the victims of state violence. Oppose war and economic sanctions. Shame Ahmadinejad.


*Wed. Sept. 23rd, 2:30pm to 6:30pm: Rally at the UN building (47th between 1st & 2nd Ave)

*Wed. Sept. 23rd, 7:30pm to 8:30pm: outdoor film & cultural event (location TBA)

*Thursday. Sept 24th: March with the GREEN SCROLL (location and time TBA)

*Thursday. Sept 24th: Music for Iran, social event fundraiser (location and time TBA)

We aim to have the single biggest international action ever in support of Iranian rights in one location. We encourage everyone to come to New York City September 23rd and 24th. Together we can send a message that is heard loud and clear!

Join us as we stand in solidarity with the movement for human rights, civil rights and rule of law in Iran.

Protests will include day events outside the UN building in New York and evening events in public parks. Exact times and locations to be determined.

Participants include: Denis Halliday, Kiosk, Fatemeh Haghighatjou, Masih Ali Nejad and more…

For more information go to //voices4iran.org/


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dear capt_ayhab

by benross on

Sorry for the late response. I just noticed it now. BTW, is there a way to be notified about new postings in selected subjects?

Common cause is eradication of Islamic Hokoomat, isn't it? 

As I said, I don't think there is a common cause. But to answer your question, not really it is not. To me, it's replacing it with a well defined alternative.

Let me answer your question differently. Why should you ask me whether the common cause is eradication of Islamic Hokoomat or not, if it is so 'common'?

Of-course Islamic regime must go. But do we all understand the same thing from this goal? To me, a major component of this eradication is the eradication of political Islam. You can't be part of this fight if you are using a political Islam discourse in your fight. I do understand what is the limitations of resistance inside Iran. But should we cry allaho-akbar in London too? Should we carry a flag with the colour of political Islam? They are those who say we should and they do it. There are others who say we shouldn't and they don't do.

If we were targeting IRI instead of Ahmadinejad, we were forced to confront political Islam and its political discourse. But of-course this doesn't do the business of some, because they have a day of 'Ghods' to organize.

Carry on. I stick with my freedom.


Dear benross

by capt_ayhab on

You noted[The problem is that I don't agree with the premise. There is no common cause.]

Common cause is eradication of Islamic Hokomat, isn't it?



common cause

by benross on

I believe that unity for the common cause at this particular point in the history should  take precedence to ones own personal political affiliation

The problem is that I don't agree with the premise. There is no common cause. I personally don't have any particular animosity -not any more than for any other IRI goons such as Rafsanjani who is supposedly on the other camp- toward Ahmadinejad. I do respect Moosavi for what he did after the election not before. And it doesn't change my political stance toward him and his ideas. And I don't see this particularly a historic event. It could have been, if we were all aiming IRI for the occasion. But as it stands now this gathering doesn't have much substance other than going there and showing that Ahmadinejad is not one of us. That's good enough, but I wouldn't call it an important point in history or even a 'common cause'. Targeting Ahmadinejad is not my cause. Targeting regime is.

Even if there was a common cause taking precedence over political affiliations, this kind of compromises usually come through discussion among different parties involved. Seeing an invitation for a gathering asking me not to bring my flag is not quite the same thing don't you think?


Mr/Ms benross

by capt_ayhab on

You are absolutely entitled to your freedom and choice, and I mind you what I noted has nothing to do with denying anyone's right to choose.

I believe that unity for the common cause at this particular point in the history should  take precedence to ones own personal political affiliation. We at diaspora are merely followers of brave Iranian women and men who have stood in face of theocracy and tyranny.

Mr./Ms vildsemose, I second that motion, nicely put, Sun and Lion on tri-color flag is NOT Pahlavi flag but Persian flag.



One flag, one voice

by benross on

Eventually we'll come to that. But right now, I have serious problem taking the flag that Moosavi picked for me.

I will take the green in solidarity with Iranian resistance inside, but being outside, I won't let anybody to intrude my freedom. That unity that compromises my freedom doesn't worth it. My freedom first, unity next. 


در حالیکه

Kaveh Parsa

جمهوری اسلامی نشان شیر و خورشید را به عنوان نماد تاریخی ایران قبول دارد چرا ما باید کاسه داغتر از آش باشیم. خوب اگر این نشان بدبخت و یتیم متعلق به نظام پیشین است پس چرا جمهوری اسلامی با وجود جایگزین کردن نشان حلال احمر به جای نشان شیر و خورشید سرخ، هنوز حق استفاده مجدد از ان را به عنوان نماد تاریخی ایران  و بر اصول تعلق تاریخی (historical entitlement) برای خود حفظ کرده است.



 شما موضوع


 شما موضوع قدمت و اهمیت پرچم شیرو خورشید را به همه تکرار نمیکنید (نمی‌کنیم)؟ که این پرچم ربطی‌ به پهلوی ندارد. مشکل ما طبق معمول جهل/نادانیست. حتما میدانید که چند وقت پیش مجلس اسلامی گذاشتن ۲ شیر سر در مجلس را تائید کار که دو باره نصب کنند ( البته هنوز نصب نشده ولی‌ مجلس موافقت کرده. شیر‌های که در روز‌های اول انقلاب پائین کشیده شدند ) ولی‌ این زبان نفهم‌ها هم، متوجه شدند که شیرو خورشید ربطی‌ به رژیم سابق ندارد ( رجوع شود به تا ریخ مجلس

Excellent point. I do think that many Iranians in Iran and even in the US are aware that the lion and sun flag dates back to 2500 years of history of us Iranians and has nothing to do with the Pahlavi's regime. Many probably within the Green movement still decry Pahlavi meddling withodut knowing the history of the flag.

Education is a must.

But I do agree that for the purpose of unity and until everyone is infomred and educated about their founding father's flag, we should avoid creating unnecessary division.

Perhaps when more people learn about their flag and its history, they will show less sensitivity about it.


UNITY - One flag, One voice

by capt_ayhab on


Unity against the common enemy of the nation, Islamic Republic and theocracy.

Please people lets stop bickering about an emblem. Yes it is ONE of the symbols of our heritage, but the most important issue is to demonstrate solidarity, unity and resolve.

Mr Kadivar, being the strongest of supporters of Lion and Sun flag is willing to set aside his personal agenda for the common cause of the nation. We all can learn form this gentleman.

All these argument can be resolved once IR criminals are taken down, and down shall they go.



Darius Kadivar

On the Flag Issue Two Examples ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Two examples ( Russia and Poland) that Show that the Restoration of the National Flag ( which in both cases happened to be Royal Symbols) Did NOT lead to the Restoration of the Monarchy ( Since Both countries adopted a Secular Republic as a system of government after their Velvet Revolution) but were simply considered as the eternal symbol of unity that bonded the people together in their cause for Freedom and in declaring their national Pride as a Nation:

RUSSIA (1991) 

1) On August 22 the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR by its Decision No.1627/1-1 declared the historical Russian white-blue-red national flag ( Dating from the Tzar Reign prior to the communist Era)  the official national flag of Russia, instead of the Soviet red flag.

The Standard of the President of the Russian Federation Is :



POLAND ( After Solidarsoc Victory)

The Republic of Poland's Flag is actually the Royal Flag Prior to the Communist Regime. It Display's the Eagle with a CROWN on top. Yet Poland Remains a Republic Today: 


As You can See Neither of these People Had a Problem in acknowledging their Own Identity.

In Conclusion:

We Iranians who happen to have a nation with a much longer history than the countries cited above better either Get a Cure of Alzheimers or Schizophrenia or Stop Talking Crap in Regard to our National Symbols which the Young should be a minimum educated about without feeling Guilty !

My Humble BUT FIRM Opinion,



babak pirouzian

Dear Noush Afarin....

by babak pirouzian on

        You said:    "..اما نباید خواست ایرانیان را در ایران ناا دیده گرفت و آرمان خود را در اولویت قرار دهیم.." 

ما دقیقا آرمان ایرانیان را در ایران نمیدانیم، ولی‌ اینرا می‌دانیم که اگر پرچم شیرو خورشید داشته باشند ، به لا فاصله تکه تکه میشوند. این را می‌دانیم که داشتن رنگ سبز هم ممنوع شده، گفتن الله اکبر هم قدغن شده، گفتن یا حسین هم جرم است، رفتن سر قبر خمینی هم ممکن نیست. این را میشود تصور کرد که اگر آزاد بودند، شاید پرچم شیرو خورشید را هم حمل میکردند.

ولی‌ موضوع اینست که چرا حالا که ما آزادی داریم آن کاری که دوست داریم را انجام ندهیم؟

چرا شما و سازمان شما موضوع قدمت و اهمیت پرچم شیرو خورشید را به همه تکرار نمیکنید (نمی‌کنیم)؟ که این پرچم ربطی‌ به پهلوی ندارد. مشکل ما طبق معمول جهل/نادانیست. حتما میدانید که چند وقت پیش مجلس اسلامی گذاشتن ۲ شیر سر در مجلس را تائید کار که دو باره نصب کنند ( البته هنوز نصب نشده ولی‌ مجلس موافقت کرده. شیر‌های که در روز‌های اول انقلاب پائین کشیده شدند ) ولی‌ این زبان نفهم‌ها هم، متوجه شدند که شیرو خورشید ربطی‌ به رژیم سابق ندارد ( رجوع شود به تا ریخ مجلس ۱۹۰۶)     

جنبش سبز یک حرکت است و رنگ این حرکت سبز است، ولی‌ پرچم ملی‌ ایران ۳ رنگ با علامت شیرو خورشید است، مگر آنکه با یک رفراندوم عوض شود، اگر به دموکراسی معتقد باشیم.

ما با رژیم اسلامی تعارف نداریم، اگر کسی‌ هم با پرچم سرخ با علامت داس چکش هم بیاید باید او را بپذیریم، باز میگویم اگر واقعا به دموکراسی معتقدیم.

فراموش نکنید که کروبی، موسوی، همه و همه به قانون اساسی‌ اسلامی بار‌ها گفتند که معتقدند، آیا این یک تاکتیک است و یا خیر، آینده معلوم می‌کند. آیا ما هم به قانون اساسی‌ جمهوری اسلامی معتقدیم؟ امید وارم این سوال جواب پرچم را بدهد.  

مثالی بزنم: شما به علّت عجله به دنبال ماشین آمبولانس به سرعت حرکت می‌کنید، ولی‌ قصد شما رفتن به بیمارستان نیست، هدف شما اینست که زود تر به مقصد برسید، در یک زمانی‌ شما راه خودرا از آمبولنس جدا خواهید کرد و این وسیله شما را زودتر به مقصد رسانده، ایرانیان هم هدفشان رسیدن به یک رهبر معظم دیگر نیست، و یک قانون اساسی‌ آبکی‌ اسلامی دیگر نمیخواهند ، هدف برچیدن حکومت ظلم، دیکتاتوری، بی‌ عدالتی، داشتن برابری بین زن و مرد و همهٔ اقوام و اقلیت‌ها و شفافیت در همه امور است.

هیچ کس انتظار این قیام به این زودی را نداشت، زمانی‌ که خودی‌ها با هم به جنگ افتادند ، آن‌ها که سال‌ها در انتظار این فرصت بودند هم براه افتند و دنبال این آمبولانس برای رسیدن به مقصد، هر چه سریع تر حرکت کردند.

بنابر این چه بخواهیم و چه نه مردم ایران دیگر از خطهای قرمز گذاشتند، و مطالبات خیلی‌ بیشتری را دارند  و آنها را خواهند گرفت.         

عملی‌ که از لوس انجلس فیلم گرفته شده بسیار بچگانه و تاسف بار است، و مطمئن هستم که کسانی‌ که اینکار را کردند خوش حال نیستند ، ولی‌ باید دید چرا این کار شد، که تکرار نشود. ممکن است آنهارا در راه پیمایی راه نادا دند؟ و به آنها و پرچم توهین کردند؟ در هر صورت کار درستی‌ نبود.

دوستی‌ از ونکوور اطلاع داد که متاسفانه در یک روز ۲ تظاهرات مختلف، در دو مکان مختلف، ایرانیان دور هم گرد آمدند، چرا که گروه سبز به آنها اجازه ورود پرچم داران شیرو خورشید را نداد. آیا این درست است؟ آیا این برداشت از آزادی، و دمکراکیست که ما سنگ آنرا در یک کشور آزاد به سینه می‌زنیم و میخواهیم در ایران جدید از آن حفاظت کنیم؟

ما هیچ وقت قول‌های خمینی و بقیه دروغ گو‌های رژیم که از اول انقلاب تا بحال گفتند را فراموش نخواهیم کرد،‌ها لا چرا به همین افراد باید گوش دهیم؟ ، آنهایی که حاضر نیستند حتا تحمل یک پرچم ملی‌ که قرنها سابقه دارد را در یک گرد هما ای بخاطر یک پارچگی و اتحاد قبول کنند؟   بخاطر داشته باشید که در روز راه پیما‌ای شما، دو یا سه گروه دیگر هم فعالیت دارند، چرا باید این همه چند دستگی باشد؟ آیا اینست آنچه که ما میخواهیم به عنوان آزادی در ایران داشته باشیم؟

خمینی هیچ وقت بدون اتحاد چپ، راست، وسط ،مذهبی‌، بی‌ دین، زنان و غیره ، موفق نمی‌شد ، ما هم اگر اتحاد نداشته باشیم موفق نخواهیم شد، اگر هم شویم، دو ران پس از موفقیت از امروز هم بد تر خواهد بود.

 Sorry for my bad Farsi/Persian typing, I am in learning process... It will be better soon,    

Noosh Afarin

دوستان ممنون از کامنتهای تک تک شماها

Noosh Afarin



 که با دید احترام به محتوای این بلاگ گذاشتید و سپاسگزارم از نظر، پیشنهاد و  بینشتان. متاسفانه دو کامنت را که سو استفاده از لغت( آزادی بیان یا آزادی ابراز عقیده ) شده بود،  را از ادمین خواستم  تا انها به زبالدانی تحویل دهد. موردی که بد نیست به ان نگاهی بکنیم این استکه؛ نباید دهن گشادی ( توهین و استفاده از لغات خارج از محدوه )را نشانه ازادی بیان و عقیده دانست.

در اخر هر گونه نظر، پیشنهاد و نگرانی دارید، لطفاً با دست اندرکاران سازمان دانشجویان نیویورک تماس بگیرید.

PHONE: 646-784-3153

General Info: voices4iran@gmail.com







Noosh Afarin

اقای مسعود

Noosh Afarin



مردم در مقابل یو اِن  برای اعتراض به حق مردم ایران که  پایمال شد جمع میشوند.
احمدی نژاد نماینده دولتی است که دستانش به خون ملت ایران آغشته است. و امریکا با دادن ویزا به این جنایتکار  این کشتار را مشروعیت بخشیده. برای «بزرگمردان قدرت» جان از کف رفته نسلی که اینده ساز ایران است، مهم نیست ... بیزنس و معاملات مالی دو کشور  نقش بسزائی را برای فروش ازادی دارد و  جنبش آزادیخواهانه و دمکراسی مردم  «جهان سوم» هم  قیمتی دارد، که میتوان بر سر ان چانه زد. .....
 و ایادی رژیم ملایان در خارج از کشور می خواهند برای خود اعتبار و آبرو ایجاد کنند. بنابر این؛ ما هم به استقبال انها میرویم،  و با حضور خود  این جنایتکاران را در مقابل جهانیان بی ابرو تر میکنیم، وبه رسمیت شناخته نشدن احمدی نژاد را بعنوان رئیس جمهور و یا نمایندۀ مردم ایران،  به گوش دنیا  میرسانیم.









The Key to success is

by masoudA on

to undesrtand Green movement and the Shir o Khorshid flag have nothing to disagree on as long as the fight is to change the Regime.   You will be surprised - majority of the Greens want the end of the theocracy too.  

But here is the most importsnt point.   Let's say we go in front of UN all with Green or purple flags - or all with Shiro Khorshid flags..... - what is the meassage we are giving ?  is it anything other than:
Hey UN we don't want the Islamic republic but we don't know what to do?   I hear some are planning to show up with Reza Pahlavi photos - what is the message there?   Hey world we want you to insert a new King for us?  same is with bringing Rajavi photos....  I think our mewssage needs to be specific.   We must make specific demands to UN, Obama,......... For example: UN or USA must not accept the Islamic Republic as a legitimate memeber or Government.    That is a demand. 

Noosh Afarin

هفت شهر عشق را عطار گشت، ما هنوز اندر خم یک پرچمیم.

Noosh Afarin


 بیکفایتی حکومت ایران را ظرف چندین قرن میتوان دید... اگر به دنیا بعد از جنگ جهانی دوم نگاه کنیم، می بینیم که کشورهاییکه در دوران جنگ صدمه فراوان دیدنند، جزء پیشرفته ترین کشورها ی امروز هستند، ولی ما هنوز در جنگ فرسایشی با حکومتگران مستبد و دیکتاتور خود، و هنوز هم بدنبال هویت ایرانی خود با دولتمندانمان در جنگیم.
 حكومت ملایان منفور و نظام «ولایت و قيح»که يكی از ان چندین منفور حكومت و نظامیست که تاريخ ایران به خود دیده است, و به امید اینکه اخرین حکومت  مردم فریب ایران باشد.  تنها راه ازاد کردن ملت و ايران و سقوط نظام  با دستان فرزندان ايران زمين درون مرز امکان پذیر است.  نظام ترس و وحشتی از نسلی که در دوره خودشان پرورش یافته، دارد، كه امروز تمام تجمعات خودش را هم یک به یک كنسل ميكند،  و بیشتر ایرانیان به اميد ان روزی هستند كه خود نظام هم از ريشه و بن كنسل شود. بنابر این باید ایرانیان درون مرز را صد در صدحمایت کرد.( بدون چون وچرا). من به هیچ وجه پایبنده پرچمی نیستم، مهم حرکتیست که در ایران اغاز شده و مانند نهالی تازه پا گرفته احتیاج به نگهداری دارد  که تا رشد خود را سیر کرده و به شگوفائی برسد.  من با جان و دل دنباله رو انها هستم، انها در مقابل خشونت  ایستاده اند. انها دید دنیا   را نسبت به ایرانیان  عوض کرد نند. انها افتخاری را که با حرکت غیر مسلحانه خود در مقابل اتش دولت برای ایران  و ایرانیان به هدیه اوردنند، حتی جشن گران ٢٥٠٠ ساله ی شاهنشاهی برای ایران به ارمغان  نیاورد.
 امیدوارم روزی برسد که احزاب هر کدام پرچم خود را داشته باشند و به دنیا نشان دهیم که میتوانیم در کنار پرچمهای مختلف با هم کنار بیایم. ولی [ امروز مشگل نباید پرچمی باشد که بیش از ٣٠ سال است که مورد استفاده دولتمندان حکومت فعلی نبوده) و حتی نسل جوان غیر ایرانی که با سازمانهای نقض حقوق بشر دنیا همکاری دارنند، پرچم شیرو خورشید نشان را نمیشناسند. پا فشاری« گروه کوچکی در مورد پرچم »، که تعدادشان بسیارکم است، سوال بر انگیز است.

خانواده های ایرانی تا ١٥ سال پیش چمدانهایشان را بسته در کمد اماده داشتند  تا عید نوروز به ایران  برگردنند... و این هر سال تکرار میشد تا اینکه چمدانها را باز کردنند و قبول کردنند که باید صبر کرد...امروز فهمیدن همان افراد برایم بیش از گذشته سختتر شده.
هفت شهر عشق را عطارد گشت، ما هنوز اندر خم یک پرچمیم.








Noosh Afarin

American Dream گرامی؛

Noosh Afarin


من شما را به خوبی درک میکنم و خواسته و ارزوی من هم ایرانیست که حکومتش با مذهبش اغشته نباشد، من هم ایرانی میخواهم بدور از حکومتی دیکتاتور پادشاهی ملایان و یا غیره... من به هیچ مذهبی وابستگی ندارم  و اصلا مذهب را  باور ندارم، (اما، این شرح حال من است)، نه چندین میلیونی که مذهب برایشان نقش اساسی در زندگی را ایفا میکند. من  بدنبال موسوی و کروبی و غیره نیستم و با کل سیستم و صدها موردش مشکل و مخالفت دارم.

در لینک ذیل میتوانید نظر من را قبل از انتخابات ملاحظه کنید.

اما نباید خواست ایرانیان را در ایران نادیده گرفت و ارمان خود را در الویت قرار دهیم، ما تعدادی که در دنیا پراگنده هستیم، همدل و همصدا در مورد عوض شدن حکومت نظر میدهم، در صورتیکه  عوض شدن یک حکومت دیکتاتوری به این راحتی که ما در جای امن نشسته ایم و میخواهیم حکومت  دیگری را جانشین حکومت فعلی بکنیم نیست.  ایرانیان داخل کشور طور دیگری به حرکت خود نگاه میکنند، که به نظرمن؛ انها بیشتر واقع بینانه و بسیار درست و شمرده تر  از ما با  این مسئله مهم برخورد میکنند.
متاسفانه من شاهد بر خوردهای تند چند گروه با دانشجویان بودم، و این فقط در شهر لوس انجلس نیست،  بلکه در نیویورک و حتی در روپا نیز دیده و شنیده شده. جای تاسف است که «گروه بسیار کوچکی» با دیگران نمی خواهند هم پای باشند و سازخود را میزنند. و در تظاهرات مرگ بر موسوی میگویند... تا جاییکه من اطلاع دارم و افرادی را که میشناسم، از موسوی بتی نساخته اند، انها فقط و فقط دنباله رو حرکت ایرانیان داخل کشور بوده و ان عزیزان را صد در صد حمایت میکنند.

در مورد دوستتان (خشایار )، بسیار متاسفم، چنین برخوردی واقعاً ضرورتی ندارد. در ایران، دشمن سینه و سر هموطنان ما را نشانه میگیرد، و ما در خارج از ایران  بر سر پرچم میجنگیم.

 من هم چون شما ارزو ی اینکه ایران یک کشور دمکرات باشد را دارم. به امید روزی که داشتن حکومت مردمی ارزوی ما نباشد...

ویدئو ذیل گویای نداشتن همبستگی مابین  ایرانیان خارج از کشور است. ولطفاً کامنتها را بخوانید.








by benross on

There are those who may listen to you and for the sake of the unity will not bring their flag. This is their choice. And you are right, there are others who have vested interest in bringing one. This is not because of some devious intention to break the unity. But because they deeply believe that being denied their flag will void any element of 'unity' in the content that would unify them. Those on the other hand, who deny others their flags, have a 'vested interest' in doing so. You seem to lean on their vested interest and this is your prerogative.

If this was a child game, you could suggest no green flag nor Iran flag nothing, everybody happy! But unfortunately we are no longer children.

babak pirouzian

Chaves, Assad, Hezbollah ( leave us alone ...inshallah)

by babak pirouzian on

do not forget placards for above subjects in NY rally.

 some suggestions for placards:

Chaves, Assad Hessbollah "Do not ask for more money"

"We have more poeple under poverty line than yours"

"35% under poverty line"

"we have more unemployed than you have"

"Iranian money for Iranian people"

Please contribute and add your talent  for more and  better slogans... 



by faryarm on

My point is that we should rise above all of what is the cause of disunity.

It's that simple, but perhaps not easy for those with entrenched ideas and vested interests, what ever they might be. I may love and respect the Shir Khorshid Flag as one that is identified with Iran, going back well before Pahlavis and the revolution, but as an example, not willing to make a flag stand between another who has the same purpose. I may disagree, but agree to disagree for the sake of unity and and the cause of Human Rights.

My faith is in the youth as the vanguards of any hope for Iran; their rejection of dogma, ritual, corruption and those who only have their own interests in mind; whether in or outside Iran.




by faryarm on

my point is that we should rise above all of what is the cause of disunity.



Jahanshah Rashidian

Unity vs. IRI

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Gathering in NY to express objection against AN is in general necessary, even if IRI fake opposition participate. 

Demonstrators must feel free to express their minds,  to carry their flags, and to speak out their slogans.

Good luck! I am too far to join you.



by benross on

I think you missed a point. Your message should be addressed to those who deny others to bring their flags and means of expression.


I believe its Called "Unity in Diversity"

by faryarm on

Please forgive the long post. 

The Consensus we are looking for ;

I believe its Called "Unity in Diversity"

With no intent to preach, and as a a statement of a little known fact to most Iranians,  Ironically Unity In Diversity is an idea that was brought to Iranians first in the 19th century, but rejected by backward Shia establishment leading to the last 160 years of rejection and persecution of progressive social and spiritual ideas that could and should have propelled Iran and Iranians ahead of Europe and the west, at a time when Iran had sunk to the lowest level as a bankrupt backward society. 

"Unity in Diversity" is said to mean "Acceptance and Integration in an Era of Intolerance and Fragmentation"

Unity In Diversity: The Bahai Concept As an ever-advancing civilization unfolds, the "borrowing" of Bahá'í ideas and concepts may appear to be the same or similar in words, but meanings may be much different. Take for instance the adoption by United Future World Currency's of "unityin diversity" — a Bahá'í principle espoused by Bahá'u'lláh Himself. By noting what the Bahá'í concept of unity in diversity means, I am not opposing or endorsing United Future World Currency's use of it and/or that organization. Here is what the UFWC says about the new coin -- that has "unity indiversity" imprinted on it -- that recently was displayed in Europe at the Group of Eight Summit: "... In this program, currency yet again assumes the principle goal which it has had since its invention centuries ago: to facilitate and codify human commercial and social exchange. "And become a form of pure 'communication' between different peoples — a communication of ideas, ideals, information and culture. "This constitutes progress, development and well-being." Such communication will inherently fail without a strong commitment to spiritual fundamentals. Shoghi Effendi is often credited with enunciating the first use of the concept with the words "unity in diversity." However, in a 1995 letter to the National Spiritual Assemblies of the Bahá’ís, the Universal House of Justice noted in The Prosperity of Humankind that the concept of unity in diversity has been an integral part of the Faith since its inception:

"In a letter addressed to Queen Victoria over a century ago, ... Bahá’u’lláh compared the world to the human body.

"... Human society is composed not of a mass of merely differentiated cells but of associations of individuals, each one of whom is endowed with intelligence and will; nevertheless, the modes of operation that characterize man’s biological nature illustrate fundamental principles of existence.

"Chief among these is that of unity in diversity.

"Paradoxically, it is precisely the wholeness and complexity of the order constituting the human body — and the perfect integration into it of the body’s cells — that permit the full realization of the distinctive capacities inherent in each of these component elements.

"No cell lives apart from the body, whether in contributing to its functioning or in deriving its share from the well-being of the whole. The physical well-being thus achieved finds its purpose in making possible the expression of human consciousness; that is to say, the purpose of biological development transcends the mere existence of the body and its parts."

"... What the peoples of the world are today experiencing, Bahá’u’lláh said, is their collective coming- of-age, and it is through this emerging maturity of the race that the principle of unity in diversity will find full expression.

"From its earliest beginnings in the consolidation of family life, the process of social organization has successively moved from the simple structures of clan and tribe, through multitudinous forms of urban society, to the eventual emergence of the nation-state, each stage opening up a wealth of new opportunities for the exercise of human capacity.

"... Laying the groundwork for global civilization calls for the creation of laws and institutions that are universal in both character and authority. The effort can begin only when the concept of the oneness of humanity has been wholeheartedly embraced by those in whose hands the responsibility for decision-making rests, and when the related principles are propagated through both educational systems and the media of mass communication.

"Once this threshold is crossed, a process will have been set in motion through which the peoples of the world can be drawn into the task of formulating common goals and committing themselves to their attainment.

"Only so fundamental a reorientation can protect them, too, from the age-old demons of ethnic and religious strife. Only through the dawning consciousness that they constitute a single people will the inhabitants of the planet be enabled to turn away from the patterns of conflict that have dominated social organization in the past and begin to learn the ways of collaboration and conciliation.

"'The well-being of mankind,' Bahá’u’lláh writes, 'its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.'" 


 courtesy: //www.dayspringsofglory.blogspot.com/ 


Where could we have been if we had been allowed top be exposed these ideas over 160 years ago.





A striking Unity underlies

by vildemose on

A striking Unity underlies the diversity of life itself through evolution. If we can't grasp this fundamental concept then we might as well call it quits right now.



Bring Whatever flag you want, the more the better

by eroonman on

Let's face it, if we all unite under one banner, we are stifling the very voice we are protesting the right to have!

It is critical that the concept of differing Iranian opinions that can still agree on standing against oppression, be opened up. We need to be free to consider all sorts of alternatives.

The idea that unity can only be achieved through stifling our differences, is dictatorial in it's own right.

However, having a different opinion whether Shahi or Chappi or Vassatti, comes with the added responsibility and maturity to put aside those differences when it comes to standing unified against the most common and obvious foe, namely the youknowwhos.

It is completely possible to retain our different opinions, have a healthy debate and still change the Iranian world.

Contrary to the popular belief, that Iranians must be force-led, we can in fact exist and even thrive with more than just one form of leadership option.

This is what every single democratic nation does today, democrats, socialists, and monarchists, work healthily side by side for the ultimate common good.

We can do the same, inclusion of all the others will show a far stronger force of unity, than self censoring flag designs right now.


UNITY is The Noble Cause

by faryarm on

If We are to ever succeed as a Nation, we must have a clear goal.

Without coming together ( or learning to) with all our differences and diversity of views we will continue to regress, continue to be ruled by ignorance and never again achieve our former ancient  glory as a Light to the world.


"Consider: Unity is necessary to existence. Love is the very cause of life; on the other hand, separation brings death. In the world of material creation, for instance, all things owe their actual life to unity. The elements which compose wood, mineral, or stone, are held together by the law of attraction. If this law should cease for one moment to operate these elements would not hold together, they would fall apart, and the object would in that particular form cease to exist. The law of attraction has brought together certain elements in the form of this beautiful flower, but when that attraction is withdrawn from this centre the flower will decompose, and, as a flower, cease to exist. So it is with the great body of humanity. The wonderful Law of Attraction, Harmony and Unity, holds together this marvellous Creation. As with the whole, so with the parts; whether a flower or a human body, when the attracting principle is withdrawn from it, the flower or the man dies. It is therefore clear that attraction, harmony, unity and Love, are the cause of life, whereas repulsion, discord, hatred and separation bring death. We have seen that whatever brings division into the world of existence causes death. Likewise in the world of the spirit does the same law operate."   AB Paris Talks 1911 //reference.bahai.org/en/t/ab/PT/pt-43.html 



"No" to Islamic Republic, "Yes" to Democracy, Human rights,.....

by Mehrban on

Frankly, the banner although graphicly well done leaves a lot ambiguous.   Your question is a legitimate one DK.   I see many ambiguous slogans speeches and writtings that beat about the bush about Democracy.   One other item is the canned use of the "Rule of Law".  In my mind the logical question is which law?  The law of the Islamic Republic? Sharia law?  The law of Jungle? Which law?   Rule of which "Law" are you advocating?  I will support you in the rule of democratic laws.


PS.   Going to New York to just say "NO" to Ahamdinejad (as suggested in the banner) seems hardly worthwhile. 

Darius Kadivar

Why Did You Drop the Word "Democracy" in Your Banner ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Is that the Say that the Regime in Iran is De Facto a Democracy ? ...

Why Entertain the Ambiguity ?

I understand that we are demonstrating for Human Rights, But Aren't We ALSO Demonstrating for Democracy ?

This is Simply a Question, No Aggresivity Intended !




Do not Forget

by masoudA on

A Plackard in English with your message.    Bring whatever flag you wish - but that is not enough you need to bring a message.  


noble cause?

by benross on

What nobel cause? This is all posturing. A call for human rights without saying a word about its obvious contradiction with IRI is hypocrisy pure and simple.

We will protest, brandishing our Shir-o-Khorshid flag for Iran and green flag for the resistance inside Iran. We cut the middleman. We can do it because we are outside of the country and we are free. And we are using our freedom. That's a noble cause.


Don't underestimate the power of unity.

by faryarm on

Dear Friends

Please Don't underestimate the power of unity.

The Unity of our purpose for gaining Human Rights in Iran is more important than the Egos, vested interests, and all Right/Wrong arguments that always derail a noble cause.