Women without men

Noosh Afarin
by Noosh Afarin

 Iranian video artist Shirin Neshat has made her first feature film about women’s lack of freedom and growing political involvement in 1953 Iran, but she said the story had strong parallels with the situation today. Neshat’s “Women Without Men” is in competition at the Venice film festival. It chronicles the intertwining lives of four women from different walks of life at the time of the US and British-backed coup which deposed the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh and reinstated Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi to power.


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Noosh Afarin

خانم یولاندا؛

Noosh Afarin


ممنون از کامنت شما و خوشحالم که مورد توجه تون قرار گرفت.

من هم امیدوارم که نتیجهء خوبی در بر داشته باشه.







What a red carpet moment....

by yolanda on

What a red carpet moment for the movie delegation! What a cool video! It was a very touching and poignant moment when they flashed the "V" sign.

Thank you soooo much for keeping us posted!

I hope they make it big!!!!!!!!!