Haifan Baha'is name Apostates: Moojan Momen's 2007 article


Haifan Baha'is name Apostates: Moojan Momen's 2007 article
by NUR

Moojan Momen's "Marginality and Apostasy in the Baha'i Community," Religion 37 (2007), pp. 187-209.

(unreferreed version)


And see Pdf of referreed journal article, here.

 Yours truly is the apostate designated "BB," and characterized as,

"Another apostate, "BB", was born into an Iranian Baha'i family resident in Australia and had a marginal career on Talisman before resigning membership of the Baha'i community in 1996 stating he still believed in Baha'u'llah but did not accept the leadership of the Universal House of Justice. He then became involved in Sufism before announcing a messianic claim for himself and finally becoming a Babi - the religion that preceded the Baha'i Faith in Iran. There are still a few people who regard themselves as Babis and followers of Azal (1832-1912), who claimed to be the true successor of the Bab and opposed Baha'u'llah. These Azalis would however probably be somewhat bemused by BB's idiosyncratic mix of Neo-Platonism, Kabbala and Sufism. His main occupation now, however, seems to be inhabiting various marginal Baha'i e-mail lists and Usenet groups and issuing vitriolic denunciations of the Baha'i Faith as an evil "cult"."

Since the Haifan Baha'i organization practices pre-publication censorship of anything written and published by enrolled Haifan Baha'is, and since Ayat'ul-Baha' Moojan Momen is considered one of the official scholars of this organization (not to mention that his wife, Wendi Momen, has been serving on the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the UK on and off in excess of thirty years), the views expressed by Momen are indeed the official views of the UHJ itself. As we know the designation of 'apostate' and 'apostasy' (murtad) carries with it a sentence of death. In Iran the Baha'is claim that the regime harrasses them because they are deemed apostates. Here in broad daylight is the Haifan Baha'i organization itself practicing both takfir and declarations of apostasy against its ideological enemies, which it bewails regarding its own treatment by the mullahs of Iran. Birds of a feather flock together!

Yet another example of blatant Haifan Baha'i hypocrisy at work.



more from NUR

"Toleration" Baha'i style

by Nur-i-Azal on

"We have inherited a dangerous delusion from Christianity that
our individual conscience is supreme. This is not a Baha'i belief. In
the end, in the context of both our role in the community and our role
in the greater world, we must be prepared to sacrifice our personal
convictions or opinions. The belief that individual conscience is
supreme is equivalent to "taking partners with God" which is abhorrent
to the Teachings of the Faith



Ma'idih-i-Asmani, vol. 4,
page 355

by Wahid Azal (Jan. 7,


Chapter 11

The Critics of the Cause of God (munkirin-i-amru'llah)

The Ancient Beauty in the Tablet of Habib from
Maragha, which begins with "H B hear the call of God from the direction
of the throne by the protective signs/verses (bi-ayati
muhayyimin)..etc." they
[i.e. Husayn 'Ali Nuri] enunciate the command (mi-farmayand) [i.e.
By God,
the Truth, whomsoever criticizes it [
i.e. Baha'ism], [which
is] possessed of the manifest, the brilliant, the high and the
perspicuous excellence, it behoveth him to ask his mother
lahu bi-an yas'al min ummihi
about his origins [or
'state', i.e.'hal', meaning he should inquire his mother about his
legitimate conception – trans.
, for he
shall return to the nethermost hell
[asfal al-jahim]"…

In Promulgation of Universal Peace p. 322
the following is quoted by 'Abbas Effendi from a prayer by his father,
cf. THE BAHA'I FAITH AND ISLAM (ed.) Heshmat Moayyad (The Association
for Baha'i Studies: Ottawa, 1990), p.23


O God! Whomsoever
violates My Covenant, O God, humiliate him. Verily whosoever violates My
Covenant, erase and efface him.



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Baha'i Hezbollah, pt.1

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by Nur-i-Azal on


Khamenei follower

by sag koochooloo on

All religions are man made. And there is NO salvation for anyone, you are fooling yourself. The worms are gonna get you. At least the Bahais tolerate other religions and accept them, while your Theocracy arrests and threatens with execution non-believers. So to any fair minded person, Bahais are better than your IRI Theocracy garbage.


NUR or Nima, atleast one thing is becoming crystal clear

by i_support_khamenie on

The Bahai faith is being run like a cult.

No different than the Church of Scientology.

No matter how many "Tom Cruises" you find that are Bahais, that does not hide the facts.

Atleast with other faiths ie HInduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism And Xtianity, they were established centuries ago that make the origin of such faiths very murky and hard to know given the lack of historical texts and blending of oral and written sources. There was no such thing as an independent observer or an objective journalist back in those times to report the truth. Hence, you may expect people to hold true to any of those religions since they cannot honestly decipher whether they are divine or man made religions.

However, with Bahaism, Church of Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, Church of Latter Day Saints "Mormons", there is enough historical background and enough literature to show they were indeed man made faiths.

There is enough proof to conclude that the British Empire still in its imperialistic frame of mind with its occupation of India and other places had an interest in fostering the Bahai faith as a way to fight back against the shia ulema in Iran.

Clearly, to any fair minded individual these man made faiths are anything but divinely. The impetus behind their growth was fostered by groups and organizations with ulterior motives.

It is one thing to belief in the traditional religions and seek comfort in their teachings knowing that perhaps their is a "chance" that they were guided by God.

However, to exhaust one's energy and mind in promotion and belief in a man made faith is clearly a futile exercise unless an ulterior benefit is sought.

If you are going to belief in man made faith purely for its spiritual meaning, that is ok. For making money and ripping of your followers, I guess that is a form of business too.

But for salvation, NO. If you trust in a hereafter in whatever form and your purpose for believing in anything is salvation in the hereafter, I would advise you to stay clear from these man made faiths. You will be getting NO SALVATION. You might as well write your own bible and believe that you will attain SALVATION through it.


Documents from those that Nima Hazini aka Whaid Azal stole from

by sarbaz on

"mash_ghasem" <ghyath_abadi@yahoo.com> wrote in message

MG: Good info AB. Explains alot. Several questions! A) What is acronym AO
and other acronyms such as NSA and Paul used another one which I don't
remember? B) Who is starr*?

AB: AO is the Administrative Order. These are the organization folks of
the Baha'i religion.

AB: NSA is a National Spiritual Assembly, the part of the AO that is
headquarters for a national Baha'i community.

AB: I need an acronym to translate. I can't read Paul's mind at this

AB: Starr* taught Azal to use lots of handles, the sock puppet thing. I
think she was a Baha'i and quit a few years ago. When Nima was god, she was
co-god; I think she may have used the term Lordess, vice lardass. She wrote
a book and put Tahireh in the title. Nima was for her until he was Azal,
and was against her.

- All Bad

On Mar 3, 10:00 pm, "All Bad" <AllBad_notrea...@md.metrocast.net>
> "Ruhaniya" <wahidaza...@gmail.com> wrote in message
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> > Speaking of CON scales
> [Out with old con and in w/ Starr*'s version]
> Starr*: I am and have been an Australian Citizen since 1991 and have
> paid annual taxes from my company of approximately $50,000 per year
> for
> many years. So lets clear Nima's sick sick spin up. OTOH, Nima has
> never held a job except as the janitor for his parents apartments while
> collecting Oz study monies, therefore, he never paid ANY taxes because
> his income was too low. His parents were always looking for the rents
> he was supposed to have collected while manning the apartments (and
> even brought police with them to collect it while I was there)...so
> maybe there is money he hasn't claimed to the tax office. His two
> identity bankruptcy is another matter. At least I was smart enough not
> to give him any money except $60. I once wired to his account when he
> was destitude. Too bad Harry Duran and others got taken for ten
> thousand dollars each by him.
> >From what nima wrote it sounds like he fell out with his parents again
> and he is trying to get me to do his duty work by posting what he
> wrote about their money dealings.
> As far as I know the only money you (Nima) had was what your parents and
> the
> govenment gave/gives you, plus your two credit cards that are maxed out
> in the name of Nima Hazini and your other identity of Wahid Azal - so
> you had no money for me to ever get. In any case if it were true you'd
> have evidence - something that could never exist.
> Not so long ago there was a post about you (nemo) stealing money from one
> of Pat's family when you were visiting in America. It seems to be your
> pattern....Just as harry had said you did to him. So ripping off ideas
> and money is something you have always done long before I knew you; and
> then you turn around and accuse the person you stole from of doing it
> to you. I guess there are years and years of people saying this about
> you on these newsgroups. No wonder your mother told the police you are
> a meance to society and should be locked away (now that is something on
> police records that I know of).
> From:Susan Maneck
> Date Sun, Dec 8 2002 2:27 pm
> Dear Corax,
> <Does that answer your questions?>
> Well, I've got some more as I am just now beginning to put the pieces
> together. So you are the Ali Duran who was once a Babi? And were you
> then an Ismaeli or somethin? I remember some posts from you in regards to
> Nima's days as a Nimatullahi shaykh. Were you a part of that order too?
> Didn't you say
> that Nima ripped you off of a lot of money?
> What was that all about? At the time I think you had decided that all
> religion was bunk. Looks like you've been through a lot of changes.
> warmest,
> Susan Maneck
> Associate Professor of History
> Jackson State University//bahaistudies.net/susanmaneck/
> 27
> From: Corax - view profile
> Date: Mon, Dec 9 2002 12:19 am
> I posted the article to show that Nima's ideas are not uniquely his nor
> are they revealed by special dispensation to him but are in fact culled
> from other sources, most notably from Talisman and elsewhere. Nima did
> in past refer to "theophanocracy" as Culhane's idea when I first met him,
> how he can then make the audacious claim that Culhane ripped him off is
> puzzling especially since he claimed Culhane was his friend. Now the
> second
> letter of perdition, Culhane seems to have fallen far in Nima's
> estimation,
> just
> goes to show you how meaningful friendship is in Nima's emerald crimson
> Kitab.
> Of course resorting to ad hominems only weakens Nima's case - such as the
> appeal for you to have a black professor man make you a natural woman
> - the misogyny and racism of that statement was not lost on me and other
> readers of this list and betrays Nima's real attitudes towards women and
> Blacks. I wonder how the Maid of Heaven feels about that one, or Star*
> the champion of female liberation?
> Of course King Ricardo Cole must be laughing up his sleeve at all of
> this in his Ivory Tower of liberalist speculation, prime mischief
> maker that he is.
> Corax


Why do you guys even argue with an idiot like wahid?

by sarbaz on

This guy (Nur, Wahid Azal, Nima Hazini) has accomplished one thing and one thing only over the last 30-40 years and that is to be a complete LOSER and to drain his dads bank account while attacking every huamn being around him.
His problem isnt only with bahai's. He is mad at the bahai's because he was told not to do certain ANTI BAHAI things by the administration of the the bahai faith while still a bahai. He continued to these abnormal behaviors and got kicked out of their faith. NOW, OUT OF koon soozi, he has devoted his misrable life to attacking bahais around the globe.

what you all need to know is that he had just as many problems with NON-BAHAI's while in the US and was on the verge of getting his ASS kicked, if it wasnt for a few family members that came to his rescue.
He has always been wierd, loner, drug user, and abnormal. He has never had a girlfriend and continues to be a loser today.

He stole tens of thousands of dollars from his fathers tenants in Australia until his dad showed up with cops at the apartment complexes to collect the rent. At that time it became clear that Nima was collecting the rent from these tenants and never giving the money to his dad. (research this on the net and you will see all the Aussis who have complained openly about Nima and this matter).

Nima Hazini is a LOSER and will always be one. Dont waste y our time with him.


Sophia, Wahid is first digruntled and second a Bayani. Get it?




The Mysterious Power

by from the ken of men and angels (not verified) on

"There is a power in this Cause,
a mysterious power, far, far, far away
from the ken of men and angels.

That invisible power is the cause of all
these outward activities. It moves the hearts.
It rends the mountains.

It administers the complicated affairs of the Cause.
It inspires the friends.
It dashes into a thousand pieces all the forces
of opposition.
It creates new spiritual worlds.

This is a mystery of the Kingdom of Abha."

‘Abdu’l Baha.
- Star of the West(publication of the
early 20th Century American Baha'i Community),
Vol. 7, p. 34


shame on YOU Brendan Cook

by sophia on

Shame on YOU Brendan Cook!

You accuse Wahid of being a hate monger, yet your own record of hate mongering against ex-Baha’is is very extensive. You might want to refer to your final exchanged with “Brid” on “Ex-Bahai” a few years ago. You might also recall the fact that you committed an identity theft against Wahid on TRB (talk.religion.baha'i) in2005. Your continual denunciations of Frederick Glaysher demonstrates that you yourself are not exactly a beacon of love and peace, because every bona-fide critic of the Baha’I faith that has ever come around, and that has not engagedin the mind games of you liberal Baha’is, you have demonstrated hate towards.

Given your own track record there is no doubt in the minds of any impartial observer (as Fred Glaysher always liked to say), that you yourself are a troll batting for the Baha’i side.  What Wahid has done in exposing both the fundamentalist Haifan Baha’is, as well as you liberal Haifan Baha’is, as cultists of the same cloth,is a service to future posterity.

Since her expulsion, Alison Marshall and her husband have gone on to create a cult of personality around themselves. They regularly marginalize and ostracize all those who disagree with their methods, as they did with Larry Rowe in 2005.

Wahid Azal is not consumed by his ex-Baha’i identity becausehe is a Bayani. If you even had a notion regarding the history of Baha’i/Bayani relations, then you could identify the reasons by which someone like Wahid Azal or other Bayanis, like me, would justifiably go on the offensive against the official Baha’i establishment, given such history. So get off your high horse,and take the mote out of your own eye.

By the way, what is the root of the word “mote” in Latin?




by Badie (not verified) on

you make a big deal out of nothing man that's what your problem. Don’t be too obsessed. The more you write anti-Bahai the stronger the Faith will become haven’t you learned that yet. I am personally much much more devoted to my faith than ever since I got to know you. You go and practice yours and let the Baha’is do theirs. The Baha’is are not stupid if they feel injustice in their Faith Organization they will either leave or try to change it by themselves. You should spread love not hate just like Hazrateh Bab did. The reason I am a Baha’i is because I don’t see anything better even if your accusation is correct. Definitely, I don’t want to be like you and I don’t wish that for anyone neither! Do you understand what I am talking about? God forbid I would never do what you do no matter what. I rather be dead than be alive and become like you.


An X-Bahai response to NUR's similar anti-Baha'i comments

by Passer By (not verified) on


Brendan Cook, on December 20th, 2007 at 12:33 pm Said: (in reponse to NUR's comment above)

"The post above makes my point — or rather that of my more thoughtful friends — better than I ever could. Are Alison Marshall and Wahid Azal really ’six of one and half-a-dozen of the other’ as we say out West? Moojan says that in terms of their “obsessive hatred” of the AO, they are. But to me it seems like he’s linking people not only different, but opposite. He’s comparing someone devoted to a wise and loving exploration of Baha’u'llah’s legacy with an internet troll and he’s passed it off as scholarship.

And while we’re on the topic of “obsessive hatred”, you also said this:

“What I understood is not that these people are obsessively hating all the time, or that they have nothing else going on in their life except hating and attacking the Baha’i administration. It’s that when they do break away from their normal lives and look at the administration, they do so with a feeling of hatred.”

You have an interesting definition of “obsessive.” The word is derived from the Latin word for ’siege’ — it’s literally waiting outside a fortress night and day to attack people if they try to come out. ‘Obsession’ means that you think about something constantly, that you can’t think of anything else. That’s why we call it ‘Obsessive-Compulsive’ disorder when you feel the urge to do something again and again and again. ‘Obsession’ takes over someone’s life.

Now, you try to say that “obsessive hatred” only means that people hate when they’re not doing something else, that they have ‘normal’ lives where they’re thinking of other things. That’s not “obsessive hatred,” that’s just “hatred” plain and simple. And it’s not what Moojan meant. He suggests that Alison is as obsessed with attacking the Baha’i Faith as consumed by her ‘ex-Baha’i’ identity as Wahid Azal. And he’s wrong.

Am I mad? Not really. But Moojan should be embarrassed, would be for certain, if everyone actually got to know the people he talks about. They’d see pretty quickly through his claim that they’re all united in “obsessive hatred.”


NUR you hateful monger you !!! Shame on you !


The baha'i river called DENIAL

by NUR on

If my evidence doesn't match the analysis, how come other people agree with me on this case regarding Momen's apostasy article, FaryarM? Momen's article was responsed to by Denis MacEoin, Eric Stetson, K Paul Johnson and Dan Jensen?

What are you saying, that Momen never composed his apostasy article? It appears your brain doesn't match your lack of comprehension.

Wahid Azal




Yes, by me, and I meant every word of it! And I will do it again

by NUR on

...in a heart-beat! 

My mother, father and sisters aren't Baha'is. And cutting you fascist Haifan Baha'i cultists to size is about JUSTICE long overdue. The so-called innocents in Iran and Egypt have an option to 1) shut-up, 2) cut their ties with the organization and live their lives in peace where they are or 3) leave Iran or Egypt for safer pastures in the West. The uhj insists that these so-called innocents stay put and become persecution fodder for the mullahs that then the uhj itself  capitalizes on. If these so-called innocents are that stupid that they can't see that they are being used by a sinister, fascist organization not unlike the IRI or the Islamists of Egypt, then in their stupidity they deserve whatever comes their way. Call it a Karmic thing!

Bottom line, you are not an innocent if you are a member of the Haifan Baha'i administration or organization in any capacity, which ruthlessly persecutes its own dissidents and ideological detractors. You are a dangerous cultists and a fifth columnist member of a Stalinist cult in the same moral league as members of Jim Joes or al-Qaeda and similar groups.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, why don't you address the topic at hand, which is the hypocritical behavior of you Haifan Baha'is on the question of apostasy which you decry in the mullahs. Here is your organization designating apostates in broad daylight!

As for the Taheri letter, here it is below, and yes I forwarded a copy of it to the offices of the IRI UN delegation as well as to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canberra, Australia, not to mention all over the Persian language blogosphere out of Iran. You fascists left me no choice:



In reply please quote ref no:

3 April 2002

Mr Hamid Taheri
19 Dunbar Rd

[(08) 938-45246]

Dear Baha'i Friend,

The National Spiritual Assembly understands that you are involved in a weekly Iranian television programme in Perth, sponsored by an Iranian Muslim.

As you would undoubtedly be aware the House of Justice calls for
Baha'is to exercise great caution in their relations with the Iranian
community. The National Assembly has determined that your involvement in this programme is not wise. In the best interests of the Faith you should immediately cease your participation in this television programme.

Due to the need to protect the Faith in Australia the National
Assembly feels it necessary to warn you that failure to comply with
this instruction will result in the removal of your administrative
rights. The National Assembly looks forward to receiving confirmation that you have discontinued this activity.

We take this opportunity to recommend that you re-familiarize yourself with the guidance of the Universal House of Justice in its letter dated June 18, 1999. A copy of this letter is enclosed.

With loving Baha'i greetings,


Stephen Hall


Wahid Azal 


Thanks Passerby...His evidence is never linked to his analysis !




Thank you for one more proof

by Badi19 (not verified) on

Thank you dear.


NUR is this from you? is your mission and goal

by Passer By (not verified) on

in life a revenge no matter how many innocent people get killed in Iran and Egypt or elsewhere? Are (as you put it) your mother, father, sister, brother and other relatives are all charlatans and liars too?

"....I absolutely take responsibility for the publicization of the Taheri letters in Iran and its obtaining by the UN mission for Iran. I also take full responsibility for a copy of this thing ending
up in the hands of the Egyptian Supreme Court, which evidently influenced their deliberations. I take responsibility for blowing the lid off the global criminal connections and operations of this
organization. Furthermore, I am quite happy and willing to admit that indeed I for one am on precisely a Revenge (intiqam) Mission on behalf
of the All-High and the First Unity to wipe out Haifan Bahaism by any and all means necessary in order to allow the Truth to Rise once again. I fully and unequivocally admit that I detest, abhor, hate,
loathe and so happily excoriate with absolute vitriol this evil cult of darkness and consider myself to be an avowed enemy of everything it
is and everything it represents regarding itself; its books; its figures, everything. In such attitude I stand on the firm bedrock and foundation of the Logoic-Words of the Essence of the Seven Letters Himself and the sayings of the Imams regarding their enemies (i.e. wala'), viz. to love them [i.e. the bahaim] is to hate God and to hate them [i.e. the bahaim] is to love God because to Love the Truth is to shun the untruth and to Be the Light is to eviscerate the negation that is the inversion ofd the darkness . Bahaism as a whole is the cause of Ahriman. It is the Whore of Babylon. The reality of the Beast. Its profit was a charlatan and liar. His successors were all charlatans and liars. Its adherents are all charlatans and liars.

DEATH TO BAHAISM! La ilaha illa Allah!!"